Boom baptist Beattape 2010

Some Choice cutz on there!

Albert Jones Lost My Love
Chimes Off Beat
Experiments In Terror
Irie Shit
Pierre Bensusan Bamboule
Synth Game

BoomBaptist. I'm a Beat Fanatic member and have released a beat tape. I really just want people to hear my music. I have been making music for 13 years, am from Austin, Texas and love producing on the MPC/writing. I have worked with Nike on commercials and such artists as Large Pro, Termanology, Blackalicious, and more.



King Britt - Time to Move on

It seems to be a nice state of affairs right now with the beat scene.
more and more people moving towards what we have already solidified
as a movement with The Beat dimensions projects a forum for output,
there is still lots of room for individual play and improvements it's
just nice to know,more promoters are seeing the benefits of allowing
a space for people to grow and be taken seriously outside of their
bedroom studios/workspace environments and into arenas that hold people
that can actually focus on a performance of new fresh i hate to say it
what people are now incorporating it as Electronic music maybe just
took some folk to see that theres more fun outside of the 4x4 area
where people are actually tuning into live beat performances rather
than taking a handful of narcotics & plummeting into oblivion.

now heres a veteran of essential music making a statement recently
Sir King bitt

Notes from his Saturn sleeps site:

We’ll cut to the chase. Intricate Beauty is the final “conventional” dance album King Britt will ever make. And how fitting this final chapter also marks King’s first ever release on seminal house music label Nervous Records (in partnership with FiveSixMedia). This is the seal of quality. Don’t worry, though, King Britt’s not going anywhere as an artist. He’ll be concentrating on more experimental based music and searching for new avenues to help push the live electronic improvisational end of performance. But for now, you have a real treat to behold with the Intricate Beauty. Eleven tracks of soulful rhythms constructed and mixed together like a grand jigsaw puzzle. Quintessential King.

Beyond the album, this is a period of great change for King Britt. Not only is he working in anew studio but he’s also cleansed spiritually; something that has also enabled him to enter into a new creative space with his newest venture Saturn Never Sleeps with multimedia artist Rucyl.

Check Out saturn never sleeps

Favorite Flava Remixes Ubeat Records 2010

Ubeat Records is back into offering quality releases. Favorite Flava Remixes offer a diverse look into the production skills of several new production artists from varied parts of the globe, as well as the original production duo themselves.

Here are a couple of remixes off the upcomin Favorite Flava - "So Cruel RMXS"

So Cruel Rmxs (Kan Sano Remix)

So Cruel Rmxs (Sauce 81 Remix)


Free Album: Rockafella

<a href="http://rockafella.bandcamp.com/album/rockafella-3">Hola by R/O/C/K/A/F/E/L/L/A</a>

Onra - Long Distance 2010 Allcity

Onra - Long Distance - New Album (Teaser) from enozoib on Vimeo.

I'm proud to add that we were instrumental in discovering and releasing Onra along side byron Aquarius for the Big Payback's Now Classic Cosmic Travelling on Beat Dimensions in 2007 which even found Reggie B (Innate Crew) doing a vocal version which had been included on another compilation i put together which inspired even the name of the album New Worlds on Circulation Records Japan and i have continued to support him throughout his short but blossoming career. other compilations to check for Maverick Session 2 which will be out shortly on Ubeat records. thus far mans got a serious amount of talent in the studio and his music has a great timeless feel to it, choice chops everytime. Cop It Now!!

Bonus: Onra – “Long Distance” Feat. Olivier Daysoul [Right Click Save-As]


SMS UK x Southern Hospitality Present: G-Side ft. Nicole J King – ‘Get It’ (Produced By Hudson Mohawke)

Read & hear More Here

Get it G-Side & Hudson mohakwe

Sweatson Klank Aka Take - Incedibright

My Homie Take is ready to drop another album this year on
a very credible label Alpha Pup
home to Beat Dimensions Previous Participants (Nosaj Thing & Ras G)
Daedalus & Free The Robots and i'm actually looking forward to see
him like every year here in Munich where we'll no doubt get
our Weiss Bier On and he'll hopefully drop some more beat science.Congrats Sweatson!

Incredibright Right Click or XLR8R

EXPRESS FESTIVAL - Bologna 10th April 2010

Will be out in Italy (Bologna) Specifically Ripping up speakers
along side Beat Dimensions partner Cinnaman & James Blake

EXPRESS FESTIVAL: IDA Italy celebrates world champions Live with DRUGO & BIOSHI are SCRATCHBUSTERS (Ida World Champion 2009), MANDRAYQ (Ida World Vice Champion 2009) e 2PHAST (Beat The Beat Champion)
Live special guest CINNAMAN + JAY SCARLETT
Special djset TAYONE
Opening KPER (Rhythmn-Incursion)




Now-Again Records
Release date: May 4th
Available now at Stones Throw

It’s been a startling couple of years for instrumental beats of all persuasions: the likes of LA’s Brainfeeder crew and Glasgow’s LuckyMe collective have developed styles with a scope far beyond creating merely ‘instrumental hip hop’. Amongst all the hype and promotion, one of the music’s reclusive architects seems to have been mysteriously overlooked.

But Dimlite’s production was astounding from the start. His EPs of 2003 and debut album Runbox Weathers two years later revealed a Swiss producer beholden to no one, possessing a style as nuanced as his friend Prefuse 73 and yet enriched by a careworn romanticism and quirkiness that rewarded repeat listens and has, over time, made him something of a ‘producer’s producer’.

Another album, singles, remixes and side-projects followed, taking Dimlite’s sound further left, further into a singular world where soul music, latin rhythms, hiphop and more are reconstituted into dreamy, lovelorn beat constructions. And so he takes his place on Now-Again, home to a cadre of similarly singular spirits such as The Heliocentrics and The Whitefield Brothers, each bent on refracting music history through their own unique lenses.

And while copycat producers abound, Dimlite’s uniqueness is only throw into sharper relief. It’s clear the moment he sings, such as on EP highlight Elbow Flood or the astonishing (and miniature) closer, Can’t Get Used To Those. It’s apparent in every one of his strangely abrupt changes. It’s even in his song titles. Perhaps Prismic Tops will be the record that sparks a critical reappraisal of this gifted producer’s work. And if not, Now-Again Records is still proud to present this, the latest in a line of remarkable releases from a quiet pioneer.


Portformat - The Repeat Factor Remixes 2010

Bringing My Heeterz The Guys over at Tokyo Dawn bring consistancy
to the Market place with a serious selection of varied Gems!

Tokyo Dawn Records adds fourteen remixes ranging from dance to dub to Portformat's highly successful debut album 'The Repeat Factor'.
With over 25 top artists involved in the final production, the remixes reveal unusual angles to Portformat's original sound signature. Album vocalists such as Shuanise, Blaktroniks, Suzi Analogue, Dudley Perkins and Georgia Anne Muldrow shine in a new light and the beat architecture is taken to the next level for improved club pressure.

Enjoy these reinterpretations from standout producers of different genres such as Andreas Saag (Swell Session), Opolopo (Especial) and Resound (Metalheadz), from label mates such as Comfort Fit, Ronni Vindahl (Boom Clap Bachelors), Soulparlor, Swede:art and other highlight artists.

'The Repeat Factor' simply had to be repeated!



MIXXXXXX by Remedy

XXXXX by Remedy
+ XXXXX by Remedy
+ download link
+ myspace.com/remedize

Recorded with: 2 x Technics MK2 SL 1210 x Rane TTM56 x Serato x KP3
Genre: Electronica x Beats x Hip-hop x Dubstep
Quality: VBR kbps
Length: 54:12
Size: 77.4 MB

1. Dizz1 & Om’Mas Keith – We Go Ridin’
2. Cerebral Vortex & Erik L – Never Fall In Love
3. Lewis McCallum – First Date feat. Fran Kora
4. FS Green – Chancletas
5. Débruit – I’m Goin’ Wit’ You feat. Om’Mas Keith
6. Exile – Your Summer Song
7. JtotheC – Nono (Luigi YesYes Remix)
8. Hearin Aid – Higher!
9. fLako – Footprints
10. Kit Knows – The Up Wind feat. Roshin and D-Sisive
11. Débruit – Gros
12. Mux Mool – Ladies Know (Live Edit)
13. Jamie Lidell – A Little Bit Of Feel Good (Dorian Concept Remix)
14. Henning – Building Peaks
15. Grand Master Flash & The Furious Five – The Message (Datashat Remix)
16. Erykah Badu – Didn’t Cha Know (Biscope Boot)
17. Joya Mooi – When I Take Step Back (Dub Spensa Remix)
18. Orange Breakdown x Just Blaze – Lets Go In
19. Wu-Tang – Do It Big (Baobinga & I’d Remix)
20. Zed Bias – Neighbourhood 09 (Chimpo Remix)

XXXXX by Remedy  by  Remedy

FRET001: Backup remixes

When we were just thinking about getting ourselves together as a label we approached Greg Wizard and asked if we could do some remixes for their upcoming album. This is the result.

The tracks were never released but Greg kindly agreed to let us give them away. Go check out the original tune here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rd-pIoTohhE


<a href="http://shop.svetlanaindustries.com/album/fret001-backup-remixes">Luv 4 Music (1000names RMX) by Deekline &amp; Wizard by Svetlana Industries</a>


Flying Lotus ft Thom Yorke - And The World Laughs With You 2010

It's Out there....


YOGGYONE X Devonwho (Demo) Snips

YOGGYONE & Friends #5 with Devonwho (Demo)  by  EKLEKTIK RECORDS


An inventive showcase of what’s possible when armed with just a sampler, a few studio toys and a fertile imagination, Paul White & The Purple Brain is the intriguing sophomore album from South London producer Paul White – his first for Now-Again. This album will see release in early June.

A collaboration of sorts, the entire record is based around and inspired by the work of little-known Swedish psych-rock guru S.T. Mikael. Heavy on Eastern influences and otherworldly concerns, Mikael’s music ranges from searing electric guitar-led dirges to dreamlike ballads to ghostly atmospheric experiments and has been issued in tiny quantities since the 1990s on the Subliminal Sounds label.

Paul White & The Purple Brain is a remarkably diverse album that defies easy categorization. Which suits him and his “home” label One-Handed Music (in collaboration with whom Now-Again releases this album) just fine. Praised as someone who “embodies all that is good about a new generation of producers” (Dazed & Confused), Paul White has won over fans of left-leaning sounds and interesting hip-hop, including Diplo, Mary Anne Hobbs, Benji B and Gilles Peterson.

Download our first single from this album – “Ancient Treasure” – by clicking here.(Click Right To Save)

More from One Handed

Neon - Water Planet

For any infos or contacts :: veggielooper@gmail.com

Joob - Nebula E​.​P. 2010

<a href="http://joobkicksnare.bandcamp.com/album/nebula-e-p">Galactic Geek by Joob</a>


Ampsoul - Guest Mix Leonard Dstroy

Leonard dstroy part of the Deep Thinkers Collective
& Innate Sound crew along side Reggie B, Miles Bonny
& Daru all bring a fresh exciting sound to modern day soul
with a slice of electronica woven into it. part 1 guest mix
with part 2 coming soon plus interview with the maestro himself & Reggie
contributing. talking about his new Higher Vibrations Album Still Unreleased!

01. Dream Interlude - A-rec
02. Hot Boxing the Cockpit - Schlomo
03. Swet -A-rec
04. Dont Leave Me Alone -SwedeArt
05. Zoid - Kenlo Craqnuques
06. Hypnotized - Leonard Dstroy ft. Reggie B and Brother of Moses
07. Dreammyyyyy - Kelakovski
08. No. 19 - Hudson Mohawke
09. Fluence - Joob
10. Space Love - Cahoba
11. Jazz Unconditional - John Robinson
12. Dusty Star - Hi-Res / WTFIGOH - Flako ... Mashup
13. Superheroes (Afta-1 Remix) - Esthero
14. Somebody To Snuff! - Pudge
15. Da Rawkus (Sir Bang version) - J Dilla
16. Slept In - The Dene Road
17. Sleep Walking - Elaquent
18. Bedroom Eyes (Venitian Red) - Elaquent
19. On Each Ear & Over Each Eye - The Dene Road
20. Cry Now - Aeed
21. Theory In Practice - Elaquent ft. O-Phrap
22. OPR8R - Shape Of Broad Minds ft. Khujo Goodie
23. High Score - Elaquent
24. Pudgenisher - Pudge
25. You Wanna Take This - Kazi (Flako remix)
26. Wizard Swing Warriors - Benny B. Blanco
27. Massage Situation - Flying Lotus (DR+ remix)
28. Stickpeoples - Devonwho
29. Latiku - N6el
30. They Dont Know - Shape Of Broad Minds ft. Stacy Epps
31. Untitled - DR+ and Leonard Dstroy
32. One 2 - Leonard Dstroy
33. Synthasizey - Pudge ft. Kissey Asplund
34. Shoosh - Flako
35. Show Me - Declaime ft Hud Mo
36. AnitGravity - Schlomo
37. Lost Where I Belong (Flying Lotus edit) - Andreya Triana


Jus Like Music X Apple Juice Break present: Oscillations Part 1

Jus Like Music & Apple Juice Break present: Oscillations Part 1

Oscillations is a FREE digital compilation presented by Jus Like Music and Apple Juice Break designed to help spread the word of amazing music by amazing artists from the genres of hip-hop, electronica, neo-soul, dubstep and anywhere in betweeen! Featuring primarily exclusive, or at least previously unreleased material, each of the two parts contains around 20 tracks. The release will also come packaged with a pdf booklet full of info on the artists, plus a showcase of art by an array of incredibly talented visual artists.

Available as a free download via Bandcamp, we want to get this incredible music heard by many, many ears.

The release has been split into two parts with Part 1 officially dropping on Monday 29th March. Part 1 contains 20 solid tracks from the likes of Om Unit, Lunice, le N?KO, Paper Tiger, Dza, BUG, Ocuban and Jesse Futerman, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. We've uploaded a little taster teaser mix to Soundcloud which contains snippets of each track from Part 1 for you to check out and share...

<a href="http://juslikemusicrecords.bandcamp.com/album/jus-like-music-apple-juice-break-present-oscillations-part-1">Block by Jus Like Music Records</a>

Free Viral Track

Planet? + Qman1 - An Unusual Vibe

<a href="http://planetqman1.bandcamp.com/album/an-unusual-vibe">Lifted (Planet ? RMX) by Planet? &amp; Qman1</a>

This was a collaborative EP between Planet ? (Joshua Thigpen) and Qman1 (Quinton A Kilgoe II). Mostly an Electronic Vibe mixed with some Soul

Krystal Klear X Illum Sphere - Attack Of The Krystal Sphere Mix (mp3)

Hoya main man returns from RBMA to team up with fellow Manchester resident, and forthcoming Hoya:Hoya guest, Krystal Klear, for an uncharastically genre focused mix.
Eighty minutes of boogie and disco to prove the old stuff bangs just as much as the new shit.

Krystal Klear is at Hoya:Hoya

Krystal Klear X Illum Sphere - Attack Of The Krystal Sphere Mix (mp3)


KenLo Craqnuques x Error Broadcast

My Boy Kenlo who featured on our last Beat Dimensions Volume
has been picked up for another little series of beats
by Error Broadcast, look out for that.till then check the snips below°!

KenLo Craqnuques - L'Automne en Amour by Error Broadcast


FOOTclan BEATS vol. 1

<a href="http://footclanbeats.bandcamp.com/album/footclan-beats-vol-1">Beehive by footclan beats</a>

released 01 April 2010
The FOOTclan is:
Dan Matic



Pre-order for the J Dilla-Serato release (May 2010)

Serato and Stones Throw have teamed with the J Dilla Estate for the official J Dilla Serato release, Donut Shop. This is 2 discs with six J Dilla tracks, 2 sides with Serato Control Tone (for use with Serato Scratch Live DJ software), and 2 donut slipmats in a package designed by Studio No.1. This will be released May 10th (the day after Mother's day--what's up Ma Dukes?). Pre-order is available now.

The J Dilla tracks consist of three previously unreleased instrumentals selected by J.Rocc from the Dilla archives – “Safety Dance”, “Sycamore”, “Bars & Twists” – and three unreleased instrumental versions of Dilla's production for Mos Def, Q-Tip and Busta Rhymes, each remastered by Elysian Masters who mixed and mastered J Dilla's Donuts, The Shining and Ruff Draft albums.

Download a track from J Dilla Donut Shop:
J Dilla - “Safety Dance” (MP3)

Serato Scratch Live is the leading vinyl emulation software, used worldwide by professional and bedroom DJs alike. This is an officially licensed release of Pay Jay Productions, aka the J Dilla Estate, with Stones Throw and Serato.

Dilla x Nas = Dillmatic

If Only But lets just Imagine!



Ampsoul - Part 5

Bonobo - Prelude - Ninja Tunes

Flying Lotus - Mmmmmmmm - (Warp Promo)
Andreya Triana - Lost Where I Belong (Flying Lotus Remix) (Ninja Tune Promo)
Afrika Hi Tech - Too Late - (White)
Jahmiga - Whiskey (Version) - Jahmiga
Gorillaz - Broken - Virgin Records
Emanative - Find You - (Futuristica Promo)
Robert Koch Vs Cerebal Vortex - Vortex Cookies - Upmyalley
Fatima - Higher - (Eglo Promo)
Leonard Dstroy ft Reggie B - Tryin To Find out - (Test)
Leonard Dstroy - Sunset Maruis - (Test)
The Roots - Distortion To Static - Talkin Loud
Free The Robots - Inter Arma - Alpha Pup Records
Quadron - Unpatience - Plug Research
Georgia Anne Muldrow - Indeed
B.Bravo - Cascades - Frite Nite
Devonwho - Keep The Funk Alive
Bonobo - Kiara - Ninja Tunes
Su Kramer - Magic Dance - Telefunken
Busy - Bitfurcated Tongues - (Test)
Madlib - Street Hustler - Stonesthrow
Falty DL - Discoko - Rush Hour
Starkey - 11th Hour - Planet mu (Promo)
Jose James - Warrior (Sbtrkt Remix) - (White)

Ampsoul - Krystal Klear Guest Mix 2010

1.B B and Q Band - Genie

2.Krystal Klear - Throw It Away
3.Bobby Brown  - On Our Own
4.Dam Funk - Hood Pass Intact
5.Kleeer - Tonight
6.Krystal Klear - Boogie Wan
7.Krystal Klear - Never Thought You Would Go (Instrumental)
8.Krystal Klear - It's Been Too Long Await (Instrumental)
9.Father MC - Treat Em Like They Wanna Be Treated
10.Krystal Klear - Anteater
11.Keisha Jackson - Mama Told Me
12.Change - You Are My Melody
13.Touch Sensitive - Body Stop
14.Ulysses 82 - Don't Speak French
15.Krystal Klear - Tried For Your Love
16.Sharon Brown - Specialise In Love
17.Sharon Redd - Never Give You Up
18.James Pants - Rhythm Track Vol.1-9
19.Freddie Jackson - He'll Never Love You
20.B B And Q Band - Ricochet
21.First Touch - Pleasure For Your Treasure
22.Sharon Redd - Love How You Feel
23.The O'Jays - Put Our Heads Together
24.Daft Punk - Voyager
25.Krystal Klear - Persuaded Me


Ampsoul - Guest Mix Devonwho

A Little Mix From My Man devonwho
Hailing from Portland but back and forth
between Citys/beat jams he's one fourth of the
KlipMode Squad & releasing a Ep on
All City Right About now.
also check out:
Thumbtracks Remixes Vol. 1
Funraiser Vol​.​1: Thumbtracks

amp soul generation devonwho guestmix

samiyam - happiness togetherness
morpheground - half nerd half playa
flyamsam - the offbeat
telefon tel aviv - ttv
benito - r3 no no no
mindesign - sussex
morpheground - one less step
mindesign - dust knuckle
pudge - im just sayinagiiin
knxwledge - depikt
knxwledge x morpheground - knowground
fitz ambrose - bos$yaght
dibiase - let me love u
devonwho - adept
muun - sleople
elan - i can't breathe
esthero - super heroes (afta1 remix)
ms. one - 2 mc's feat. black milk & rapper big pooh
teebs - why like this_
karriem riggins - 12's in 8's
hudson mohawke - polkadot blues
pudge - somebody to snuff!
samiyam - oilslick
take - bee sting
black milk - dreams
dibiase - phantasy (devonwho remix)
mike slott - music's fun
reggie b - belief
suzi analogue - purejuice
devonwho - actriz
devonwho - ayapap (jackson conti loop)
devonwho - four three's
erik l - soul symphony
dibiase - cosmo boppin
alex b - show me
diverse - just biz (prod. by prefuse 73)
dimlite - as we arrive
dorian concept - the fucking formula
hi-res - socoldinthep
clouds - timekeeper (ras g remix)
dr. who dat - cosmic congo
fiyaman - gasmaskfugees
machinedrum - in the dust ft. jesse boykins III
aphex twin - fenix funk 5


Subeena 4 Ampsoul Radio

Subeena – Mix for Jay Scarlett – July ‘09

Falty DL – ‘Metacognist’ (Ramp Recordings)
Aardvarck – ‘Ghetto’ (Kindred Spirits)
Tiago – ‘Babel Fish’ (Beat Dimensions)
The Qemist feat. Wiley – ‘Dem Na Like Me’ (King Cannibal Remix)
Monster X – ‘Nucleus’ (Bedroom Research)
Subeena – ‘Picture’ (Unreleased)
Untold – ‘Just for you’ (Hotflush)
RSD – ‘Forward Youth’ (Tectonic)
Subeena – ‘Dereflex’ (Unreleased)
Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip – ‘Thou shalt always kill’ (Vaccine Remix) (Unreleased)
Slipdress – ‘SLPD’ (Unreleased)
Speedy J – ‘Bootes’ (Electric Deluxe)
Traject – ‘0718’ (Creative Space)
Cane – ‘Ynau’ (Creative Space)
Kanji Kinetic feat. Shiftee Moova – ‘Splatterbass’ (Unreleased)
Gunjack – ‘El Soplo del diablo’ (Bracket Remix) (forthcoming Consume records)
Zomby – ‘Aquafresh’ (Hyperdub)

Subeena – Mix for Jay Scarlett – July ‘09
A little mix from the minx herself been a little slow
on uploading it but still very relevant.



I​.​D. x Baobinga - Bass Music Sessions 2010

<a href="http://label.bassmusicblog.com/album/i-d-baobinga-bass-music-sessions">BackFoot by bass music</a>
DJ Support from the likes of 2562, Claude Von Stroke, Sinden, TRG, Buraka Som Sistema, Ginz, Untold, LVis1990, Jackmaster and plenty more - see individual track pages for details.

read all about the process of releasing this album, why we decided to do it like this and how we did it (in rather extensive detail), here: www.bassmusicblog.com/tag/diaryofafreealbum
released 01 March 2010
album artwork by Nic Hamilton - www.incnic.com.au

Allsorted Good Vol 1

Trying to classify this fresh imprint, voted "Best New Label" by Real Detroit Weekly and named by Fusicology as one of the top 3 "Labels On The Rise" in 2009, will have you looking just plain silly. No genres here, just Good Music.

The hearty menu of Assorted Good vol.1 should keep you full for quite a minute...


1. Pirahnahead ft Clara Hill - "Badly"
2. Exchange Bureau ft Salah Obeid - "The End of Me and You" [Daz-I-Kue remix]
3. Andy Toth & Billy Love - "Thrillseekers"
4. Blacktop ft Amalia - "Reversed"
5. Alton Miller - "Inner 8" [EXB chant mix]
6. iBex - "Phoenix"
7. Yaminah - "7 Days" [Pirahnahead mix]
8. Midnite Jackers - "If You Only Knew" [Pat Nice's no clue dub]
9. dial81 - "Funky Candidate" [FURS remix]
10. Fake Gold Chain aka Frankie Bank$ - "Detroit Is Bleeding"
11. Ro Spit – I Do Me (produced by Koen)
12. Snowman Jack presents Magestik Legend ft Genevieve - "Say Hey"
13. :brownstudy - "Do Gets Done"
14. Szymanski feat. Perilelle – Breathe New Life

Cop ASSORTED GOOD vol.1 NOW on Juno and Bagpak Music & Support Detroit

Purchase the full Assorted Good vol.1 compilation for 48 hours only March 9 & 10 and get 20% off using coupon code: EXB2010 at JunoDownload.com

Fusicology Exclusive FREEload!!

Limited time free download of Sweden's Opolopo remix of Track #4 "Reversed" Blacktop ft Amalia here! (Right Click to save)


Savath X Savalas The Predicate Dub Version 2010

Stonesthrow press:

We told you about this last fall. And it’s finally here – this new entry into the Savath and Savalas book – etched by a new production entity we know only as “The Predicate.” Packaged as a “mini-LP” in a thick “tip on” cardboard sleeve, this limited edition CD is available now on Stones Throw’s webstore and is out everywhere on Tuesday.

Who woulda thunk it – “Catalan-folk-psych with minimalist-electronic-sensibilities” re-imagined as an excursion in neo-dub? Not us, but La Llama: The Predicate Dub Version is doing it right about now.

MP3 Here (Right Click)


AEED X Broadcast Error - Sweet Boost

The man AEED has been locked in the studio since the acclaimed Synesthesia EP composing new beats and organizing big parties in Lugano.
We're still keeping you waiting for the long awaited 7" featuring Morpheground, Railster, fLako and AD Bourke, but today we're kind enough to give you this brand new beast called Sweet Boost. No need to say anything about this joint, just click and...BOOOM!

AEED - Sweet Boost by Error Broadcast

Previous Release
.03AEEDCry now
.04AEEDStrange Dreams
.05AEEDElephants Dance
.06AEEDMore Time
.07AEEDMorning Walk
.08AEEDInterstellar Travel
.09AEEDVelvet Night



Ampsoul - Flava of 80's Soul X Boogie Part 2

Frankie Beverley - Twilight Part 2
Convertion - Let's Do It
Cheryl Lynn - Encore
Dante - The Freak In Me
Slave - Just a Touch
Herbie Hancock - Stars In Your eyes
Royalle Delite - I'll Be A Freak For You
Paul laurence - There Aint Nothing like Ur loving
Ashford & Simpson - Out Of The world
Halequin 4's - Set It Off
Rochelle - My Magic Man
Sherrick - Just Call
Vicyi D - This Beat is Mine
Sharon Red - I'll Never Give You Up
First Touch - Let me Get Next To You
Montana Sextet - Heavy Vibes
Extra T's - ET Boogie
Curtis Hairston - I Want You (All Tonight)
Evelyn Champagne King - I'm In Love
Man Parrish - Hip Hop Be Bop (Don't Stop)
Change - Hold Tight
Wish - ft Fonda Rae - Touch me (All Night Long)
Willie Colon - Set Me On Fire

Ampsoul - Flava of 80's Soul X Boogie Part 4

Jeffree - Love Is Gonna Last
Shalamar - Sweeter As The days Go By
Juicy - Sugar Free
Mtume - Juicy Fruit
Viola Willis - Dare To Dream
Dennis Edwards - Don't Look Any Further
Carl Anderson - Buttercup
Controllers - Stay
Rene & Angela - Secret Rendezvous
Yasuko Agawa - L.A Night
Melissa Morgan - Fools Paradise
Bernard Wright - Who do You Love
Level 42 - Love Meeting love
Michael Jackson - I Can't Help It
Don Blackman - Heart's Desire
Wally Badarou - Chief Inspector
Light Of The World - London Town
Loose Ends - Hangin On A String
Pink Rhythm - Melodies Of Love
princess - say I'mYour Number One
Shot ft Kim Marsh - Main thing
Kleer - Tonight
Skipworth & Turner - Thinking about Your Love
Rene & Angela - I Love You More
Krystol - After The Dance Is Through
Fatback Band - the Girl Is Fine

Suff Daddy - Refills 2010

Free mixtape with 13 remixes and 2 original tracks. Tap the bottle with Suff Deezy as he chinks glasses with Biggie, SV, Erykah, Guilty, Phat Kat, Nitty, Dilla, Diamond D, Audio 88, Yassin, Morlockk Dilemma and Tha Alkaholiks. Plus two brandnew tracks with Fleur und Dilemma. For the intoxicated dummy in you! The Refills tape serves as an aperitif for the forthcoming Suff album "The Gin Diaries". Artwork by Herbert Elch. www.mpmsite.com

<a href="http://suffdaddy.bandcamp.com/album/suff-refills-2">Slum Village - Look Of Love Refill by Suff Daddy</a>


Ampsoul - Flava of Jazz Part 3

Gangstarr Intro - jazz thang - CBS Records

Bob james - Nautilus - Columbia Records
Laurent De Wilde - The Present - Nocturne 
Robert Glasper - Butterfly - Blue Note
Jose James - Velvet - (Emanative -Eastern Orbit Rework) - (White)
Portico Quartet - the Visitor - Real World Records
Last Electro Acoustic Space Jazz  Emsemble - Mystic Voyage - Stonesthrow
Quasimode - For Self defense - Sonar Kollektiv
Ty Ft Sarina Leah & Shaun Escoffery (Daz I kue remix) - BBE Promo
Cobble Jazz - Chance Dub - K7
Osborne - Wait A Minute (Arto mwambe Remix) - ghostly International
Freddie hubbard - Little Sunflower - Koch records
Christian Prommer - Strings Of Life - Sonar Kollectiv
Jazzanova What's you Number (Ian Pooley remix) - Compost
Flying Lotus - satelllliiiteee - Warp
Lewis McCullum - Unborn - (Promo)
Julian Dyne . Spirits - BBE


Philta - fire From The Sky - 2010

Time for this new crew from Austria taking over your speakerz! Domu chose Philta winner of Zed Bias’ Boomerang remix competition by UK label Sick Trumpet and right he is. This talented young man is about to drop the hotness for sure. Roman Rauch will soon release an ace twelve on Tjumy (Think: Pete Herbert, Faze Action, Matt Flores & Tyree, etc.). Makula’s beat-wizardry is something we can’t get enough of. His weapon of choice is the mighty MPC and he knows how using it to great effect. Their joint venture resulted in this 14 track release. Styles vary from slamming future soul (How Far featuring Fleur) to heavy Bruk (Dry Your Eyes with Anya Stuart) and from out-of-this-world hip hop (Fire From The Sky featuring J-Todd) to deep house (Don’t Waste also with Fleur). 4lux colleague Josip comes up with a futuristic funk take on Dry Your Eyes too. So good! And oh yeah: all instrumentals and acapellas are included too. Don’t miss!

PHILTA & MAKULA - Fire From The Sky feat. JTodd by philta

Tracklistings & Credits:

1. How Far (ft. Fleur)
2. Fire From The Sky (ft. J-Todd)
Philta, Makula
3. Dry Your Eyes (ft. Anya Stuart) (Josip Klobucar Remix)
Philta, Roman Rauch
4. Don’t Waste (ft Fleur)
Philta, Roman Rauch
5. Dry Your Eyes (ft. Anya Stuart)
Philta, Roman Rauch
6. Fire From The Sky (ft. J-Todd) (Unofficial War Of The Planets Version)
Philta, Makula
7. How Far (Instrumental)
8. Fire From The Sky (Instrumental)
Philta, Makula
9. Dry Your Eyes (Josip Klobucar Instrumental)
Philta, Roman Rauch
10. Don’t Waste (Instrumental)
Philta, Roman Rauch
11. Dry Your Eyes (Instrumental)
Philta, Roman Rauch
12. Fire From The Sky (ft. J-Todd) (Acapella)
Philta, Makula
13. Don’t Waste (ft Fleur) (Acapella)
Philta, Roman Rauch
14. Dry Your Eyes (ft. Anya Stuart) (Acapella)

4lux records


Busy - Moths Ep 2010

Hailing from maryland U.S.A Busy has been slowly crafting cyber soul
for a while now with releases on 
(Beat Dimensions Vol 2),(Circulations) New worlds, Maverick sessions 
(Ubeat Records) and now a new Ep Moths this will no doubt solidify
 Busy as a sound productionist.

<a href="http://busymusic.bandcamp.com/album/m0ths">Aft by Busy</a>
Released 01 January 2010
All songs written and produced by Bradford Johnson, Jr. (Busy)
Album artwork and page design by Lichiban

Crumbs - pieces and portions vol 1.

Made by Crumbs aka Max Kohane in Melbourne, Australia @ Happy Otter Studios.

Other Crumbs projects:

Brainchildren / Agents of abhorrence / cut sick / pivixki / catcall (production) / Romy Hoffman aka Macro (production)

<a href="http://crumbmusic.bandcamp.com/album/pieces-portions-vol-1">crum drum drum by CRUMBS</a>


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