Lewis mccullum - Synthology Album 2010 EPK

From the album Syntheology out 1st March 2010
(up on iTunes and other digital stores soon after!)

New album - Syntheology

Release date - March 2010

Featuring - Fran Kora, Mara TK, Deva Mahal, Cherie Mathieson, Tama Waipara & Esther Stephens.

Mixed by Andy "Submariner" Morton
Mastered by Dave Cooley in L.A.

Kriswontwo - Various Productions

Love those tunes with heavy rhode sections swirling around in them
check the dude got skillz!

Dimlite - Diana Won't (now and again)

As featured on the first of the new shows here

A note from Now and again

Did we mention we signed Swiss producer (and now vocalist) Dimlite? We think we did. We’re releasing a rather-excellent long play that we’ll call an “extended play” in Spring.
But we wanted to give you a little something in the meantime and this lovely take on Gap Mangione’s “Diana In The Autumn Wind,” which he calls “Diana Won’t,” comes just in time to celebrate Dilla-month. So here we go. Expect to hear more from Dimlite soon, and, if you’re in the London-area, don’t miss him at Flying Lotus’s/Red Bull Music Academy’s Brainfeeder on Saturday March 10th at Fabric.

Diana wont

Plus A New One..

Dimlite - Be¦üjart  by  fabric

Check the video Goose Bumps fromt he go!

Dimlite – Roo (A dedication) from Ehstrawlogy Produkte on Vimeo.

Ampsoul - Flava of the month part 2

Pudge - king db - (All City)
B Bravo - Computer (Frite Night)
élan - Health Master - (CD-R)
Slugabed - Quantum Leap - (Planet Mu)
Unstable Compound - Double Rare Tender (Homework Records)
Busy - Drift by (Astrocold Ep) - (Dub)
Don Leisure - On horse (Stagga Remix) - (Dub)
Miike Snow - Silvia (Emalkay Remix)
Untold - Stop What You Doing (James Blake Remix) -
Filtercutter 1UP - Sven Records
Erdbeerschnitzel - Pathetik Party - (CD-R)
Kuedo - Starfox - (Planet Mu)
Afrika Hi Tech - Glang Slap (Test)
Pudge - release me Dubstep - (All City)
Flying Lotus - Zodiac Shit - (CD-R)
Flying Lotus - Dance Of The Pseudo Nymph - (CD-R)
Dimlite - Children's Roo - (CD-R)
Om Unit Lightgrids (Illum Sphere Remix) - All City
Loops Haunt - Impact Omnihammer - (CD-R)
Morpheground - At War With mypsace - (Dub)
jr. & Ph7 - Lets Move - (The Clonious remix) - (CD-R)
DukTus - Come From De Town - (CD-R)
Blue Daisy ft hey zues - Soul Searching - (CD-R)
Pixelord - Quartz Boy - (Coco Bryce Dirt remix) - (Error Broadcast)
Shafiq Husayn - Evil Man (Flying lotus Remix) - (Plug Research)
Erik L & Illingsworth - VSOP - (Soularp Records)
Quazedelic - Also - (Epistrophik Peach)
Mr Dibiase - Atomic Slop - (Fat Ciy)
Mux Mool - Lady linda - (Ghostly international)
Booflep - Odyssey - (Dub)
The Raah Project - All Of Your Things - (Blue daisy Remix) - (Summer Dawn)
Hudson Mohawke - Kane 3_2 (Dub)
(Hudson Mohawke Remix) - (Dub)
SirOj - Cool - (Orangebreakdown Remix) - (CD-R)




World Premiere - Big new Jneiro Jarel track!
Here is a sneak peek of the next level EP "Android Love Mayhem" released on Jarel's label, Label Who! Yall probably heard it being played @ the Low End Theory party by Samiyam or Ras G. Maybe you heard it on Mary Anne Hobbs' dope radio show! Maybe you just weren't hooked up with the new sonic as we all would love to be!! Well here it is! We were able to get the 8 song tracklist too! I'm sure you've noticed that it starts with track #13 but that's because this was supposed to be on Beyond 2morrow, released in 2009. Now here is your chance to witness the future sounds. Make sure you're the 1st to buy it when it drops on April 13th! Instead of us here in Viberia hyping it all up, we will let the music speak for itself! Spread the word!! Okay okay! Let me stop frontin'!! This is DOOOOOOOOOOPE!!!!

13- Black Hole
14- Swift Hovercrafts Feat. Dr Who Dat?
15- Lurk (Part 2)
16- Android Romance 1 & 2
17- Going Home Featuring Micah Gaugh
18- Gosohaurd
19- Black Blocks (ElectroSonicFreeRoboticS)
20- Shadoze


B Lewis - Talking Chairs Beat Tape

B Lewis hailing from California

The Beginning First Ep release

Tranqill - The hidden Treasures Ep March 2010

<a href="http://tranqill.bandcamp.com/track/payroll">Payroll by Tranqill</a>

from The Hidden Treasures EP, released 03 March 2011
Written and Produced by Tranqill

.:Booflep:. - Odyssey

United kingdom Based Producer .:BOOFLEP:.

Just received a beat tape from him and the sound is sure fire!
reminds me of a dude named Hefner who has a similar
vibe in atmospherics and chops using vocal edits and harmonys
to great effect. you can check the track Odyssey in the side bar >>>>>

soundcloudy by B<><>FLΣP


Colonel Red - Holla Om Unit Remix 2010

Just thought I'd add that this isn't a offical release as yet!

Of course you all know marvin gaye..silly question really
but have you heard of colonel red hmmm well man has donned
tunes for the likes of 2000black,bugzs,I.G,Milez benjamin &
crazybreed from back when the whole Bruk ting was in it's highs,
well he has covered the Inner city blues track re invented as Holla.

anyways jenny from ruff language sent me over the parts
and i of course obliged her in selecting some of my favourite
producers of today, one being Mr Om Unit himself and yes it's
three or is it four posts in a month..lol but like i explained
well worth it. heres he's effort and expect a couple of others
before the months out as it's set for a release very shortly

With his distinctive sultry voice as his main instrument, Redz sings, produces, writes, and plays telling a truthful story with compelling melodies and deep haunting rhythms. The back catalogue of Colonel Red releases is already staggering but only hints at what’s to come from this rare, refined yet raw musical talent. Colonel Red's second album 'Sweet Liberation' follows his introduction ‘Blue Eye Blak’ back in 2005 (People Records/Goya Music) and brings together the unique n edgy streetfunk sound and heart-wrenching soul that we know and love in Colonel Red's work in tracks like 'Smilin Faces', 'Shine On', 'MyfoneAgen" and 'Paperchasinbabies'...with transient 'head-nod' appeal tracks like 'Soulbeliever', 'Roaming Lion', 'Soulsidal' and 'Pave the Way'... a great lounge-listening or car-driving joint! This raw poetic soulful vibration resonates with a positive and uplifting lyrical message. Production by Redz with additional production from West London to The Netherlands including Bugz In The Attic, Adam Rock {Uprock} Chris Bear Curry {Ruff Language} Vincent Helbers {Flowriders} and Gerd & Paulo {Delgui/4Lux} May 2009 saw the release of his own Ruff Language label's first EP, Colonel Red's 'Roaming Lion EP' featuring original songs from the new album and remixes by C.O.N.E, Ballantyne and DJ Mitsu the Beats as well as bonus acoustic renditions of tracks "Soulsidal" & "Roaming Lion" recorded by members of the 'Sweet Liberation' live band.

Colonel Red - Holla (Philta & Roman Rauch remix)  by  roman rauch

Colonel Red - Holla (om unit rmx)  by  omunit

Hud Modeci - freekin U

Now the days of having my female friends screamin this in my ears
are gladly over jodeci definately brought out something in women
and not because i didnt like the song just because you had the feeling
at that moment something unexpected could happen.. anyways bringth

2010 & hudson mohakwe don of making everything post 89 sound dope again!
brings in this little new jack jammy as we used to call them back in the day.

Hud Modeci

Flako - Performer (Video)


Mr Yourstruely - B-Kollectiv Mix

Jay Scarlett
B- Kollektiv Mix Pt 1
Dimlite - Diana wont (?)
Bug - Cosmic Lab - (justlikemusicrecords)
Colonel Red - Holla (Roman Rauch & Philta Remix) (Ruff Lanugage Demo Dub)
Emanative - Wind Sand & Stars (Jazz chronicles Remix) - (Futuristica Music)
Erik L & Illingsworth - Love Of Music - (Soularp Records)
Nono - Luigi (Yes Yes Remix) - (MPM)
Breakplus Ft Guynamite - Hope - Brownswood Collab
Knowledge - Kling - (All City)
Take - Soul Particles - (All City)
Busy - Aurora Australis (Demo Dub)
B Bravo - Eclipse - (Frite Nite)
Devonwho - nimbus (Alex B's Rework) (Klipmode)
J Dilla ft Blackthought - Love Movin (Stonesthrow)
Flying Lotus - Quakes - (Warp)
Illum Sphere - Shadowman - (Fat City)
Erdbeerschnizel - Sauve (Demo Dub)
Om Unit - The Mahavishnu Orchestra (SC)
Greymatter ft Kev Luckhurst - Back In The City
Blown - The Sight Below - ghostly International (FDL)
Kyrstal Klear - Tried For Your Love - (Dub)
Sampha - Rainstars (dub)
The Clonious - Armoury - (CD-R)
Dorian Concept - Vertical Output - (Affine records)
Ogris Debris - G Thong (Dorian Concept Remix) - (Compost Records)
Jahmiga - Whiskey - (CD-R)
Illum Sphere - Psycho - (Fat City)
Mark Pritchard - Elephant Dub - (Deep Medi)
Released by: ASG Mix 

Jay Scarlett (B - Kollektiv Mix Pt 1)  by  ampsoulblogstuff

Download (Rightclick)

Om Unit - Rinse FM Guest Mix

Been posting Mucho on Mr Om recently as you can see & Hear
in previous posts All city releases all the mixes and supports he's been
offering everyone recently good guy!


Om Unit - Lightgrids (Illum Sphere remix) (all city)
Freddy Todd - Can't Fathom This (Om Unit Remix) (carcrashset)
Om Unit - Wonderlust (dub plate)
Om Unit - Cradle (terrorhythm)
Foreign Beggars - Move Higher (Om Unit Remix) (dub plate)
The Mahavishnu Orchestra - Power Of Love (Om Unit's 5am Dub)
(A word from DR Channard)
Om Unit - Fibonacci 10 (dub plate)
Pixelord - Cybernator (Om Unit Remix) (forthcoming Error Broadcast)
Om Unit - The Timps (dub plate)
Mizz Beats - My World (Om Unit Remix) (dub plate)
Om Unit - Searching (dub plate)

Om Unit - showcase mix on rinse.fm 15.02.10 by omunit

Premiere: New Flying Lotus Track

Premiere: New Flying Lotus Track
If you missed it in the previous Blast here it is again!

Cosmogramma, the Thom Yorke-abetted new album from West Coast abstract bass music king Flying Lotus, is set for release May 4 in the U.S. (and May 3 in the UK) onWarp. And up above, you can hear the awesomely titled "Computer Face//Pure Being", the first album track that FlyLo has let us hear.
With the album release still a few months off, though, FlyLo has to do something to fill up his calendar, so he's going on tour. He'll spend the first half of March hitting European venues, including London's Fabric for a gigantic night showcasing hisBrainfeeder label. Then, he'll return to the U.S. in time for the Warp SXSW showcase, following that up with a quick North American tour and a date at Coachella. We'vegot all his dates below.
Flying Lotus:
03-02 Brussels, Belgium - AB Club
03-03 Amsterdam, Netherlands - Paradiso (5 Days Off Festival)
03-04 Paris, France - Le Bellevilloise
03-05 Berlin, Germany - Berghain
03-06 Athens, Greece - Bios
03-10 London, England - Fabric *
03-12 Brighton, England - Concorde 2
03-13 Minehead, England - Bloc Weekend
03-17 Austin, Texas - The Phoenix (Warp SXSW Showcase) ^
03-25 Montreal, Quebec - S.A.T. %
03-27 San Francisco, CA - Mezzanine @
03-30 New York, NY - Le Poisson Rouge @
04-01 Detroit, MI - Magic Stick @
04-02 Chicago, IL - Double Door @
04-03 Minneapolis, MN - BarFly Loft @
04-17 Indio, CA - Coachella

Bug - Cosmic Lab/20 Winks FEB 2010

The debut single from BUG, Cosmic Lab b/w 20 Winks, is out right now via the newly formed Jus Like Music Records, and it's absolutely FREE!
Initial reactions to the single have been both incredible and overwhelming;
"BUG brings alive the fresh funky headnod, a new bedroom God! Bring forth the hot soup sir!" - Ty (BBE / Big Dada)

"Butter!" - Eric Lau (Ubiquity)

"Deep bass, and subtle arrangements, groovy and chill!" - Débruit (Musique Large / Civil Music)

"Oh so banging, I need a neckbrace with the lastest technologies to keep my head from nodding so hard!" - Lunice (LuckyMe)

"I dig this BUG ish! Proper vibes, ill post-dilla beats and smooth space jazz synths. Pow! Bumpin' this hard!" - Kidkanevil (First Word)

"The BUG sound takes you on a trip to the far reaches of space in your own personal pod to vibe out and drift for a while. Very nice and downtempo for when you wanna get away for a while, but keep heads nodding" - Ohmega Watts (Lightheaded / Ubiquity)

Both tracks can be downloaded here:
http://shop.bugmusic.net/ to collect Your free download.


<a href="http://shop.bugmusic.net/album/cosmic-lab-20-winks">Cosmic Lab by BUG</a>



Dorian Concept - Remixes Re-Up

Dorian concept remixes from the past couple of years
that have been floating about the viral cyber system.
Click Here


Beem - Peel Album Feb 2010


Listen Below

<a href="http://beem.bandcamp.com/album/peel">Automan by Beem</a>

Flying Lotus - computer Face 2010

Someone just tweeted this not sure if it's offical
just letting you know it's out there............

You can download Various Non Album Cutz Here right here

01. Clock Catcher
02. Pickled!
03. Nose Art
04. Intro//A Cosmic Drama
05. Zodiac Shit
06. Computer Face//Pure Being
07. ..And The World Laughs With You ft. Thom Yorke
08. Arkestry
09. Mmmhmm ft.Thundercat
10. Do The Astral Plane
11. Satelllliiiiiteee
12. German Haircut
13. Recoiled
14. Dance Of The Pseudo Nymph
15. Drips//Auntie’s Harp
16. Table Tennis ft. Laura Darlington
17. Galaxy In Janaki


Greymatter -Too Much (Illum Sphere Remix) FREE DL

Dont forget to catch the greymatter Album..Banging!!

<a href="http://greymatterbeats.bandcamp.com/album/too-much-illum-sphere-remix-free-download">Too Much (Illum Sphere Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD by Greymatter</a>

Devonwho - Thumbtracks Remixes Vol. 1 2010

Devonwho drops yet more flavour for your ear,
various remixes & exploits from the year past and present.
of course seeing as he's offered 2 volumes for free
it might be nice to offer a little donation,considering
the remix artists are of high quality Beat standards.

remixes of devonwho's album titled "funraiser vol.1: thumbtracks" procured between the months of october 2009 and february 2010 by friends new and old.

Krystal klear
Matthew david
Fritz Ambrose
Alex B
Hi Res

<a href="http://devonwho.bandcamp.com/album/thumbtracks-remixes-vol-1">braketime (mndsgn's sequel) by devonwho</a>

released 16 February 2010
artwork: mndsgn (mndsgn.tumblr.com)


We Love Vol 16#

Amelia puts on a nice selection of random freebies from the
past week...Here


AFTA-1 x Nikko - Chemical Reaction
Daedelus - Order Of The Golden Dawn
Diamond District - Who I Be (Marco Polo Remix)
Donwill - Chic
eLan - health master 3000 (ft. marzio)
Erykah Badu - Window Seat
Flying Lotus - Quakes
Freeway & Jake One - One Thing feat. Raekwon
Illum Sphere - Agent White
Joy Orbison - BRKLN CLLN (Michna's Brooklyn Bridge Remix)
Jungle Drums ft Ahu- Walk (MrBeatnick RMX)
Kate Nash - I Just Love You More
Lupe Fiasco - What U Want
Major Lazer - Sound of Siren (feat. M.I.A. and Busy Signal)
Miles Bonny - Never Be The Same
Quadron - Average Fruit
The Roots & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson - Antiquity
Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings - I Learned the Hard Way

Om Unit - The Corridor EP 2010

One of my faved track of 09 & that continues in 2010
is the digi design Remix by Om Unit which
in my opinion betters the Original Joker track
with a years worth of pounding that track gets people
everytime i touch the deck on a good system
those intro kicks with their reverbed resonance and filtered
builds just licks off a mans head everytime good things to
come from Mr OM, listen to the preview & already released material
via an assortment of established HVW8 Labels below.

The Corridor EP - Terrorhythm Records 2010 by omunit

Other Releases to Check out! Lavender on All City
and Elevator Music Fabric Compilation
also check All City Past, Present & Future Showcase - mixed by Om Unit
2010 by omunit




Orangebreakdown Aka Siroj - Bits + Pieces

Just recieved a lovely little OBD 32o file of heaviness!

Siroj unleases cutz from his guise Orangebreakdown
for those of you that have been feeling the Just Blaze
edit Lets go In he did a while ago you need to cop the full 320 ish

reach he's site he has some bitz for ya'll to vibe with


EC|DC X Applejuicebreaks EP 2010

Been waiting for this for like ever my manz EC|DC is about to drop some long awaited heeterz!

EC|DC is one of the most interesting & talented up and coming producers. He is currently working on his EP. EC|DC which real name is Trevon is based in Brooklyn, New York and has several times appeared on AJB. Sometimes with exclusive joints for AJB readers. This time when I touched up once more with EC|DC to see what he has coming, he sent me these tracks and I knew right then that there's going to be a nice future for this producer. I got to hear "Dance With Me" in its early stages and I could already tell the track were going to be insane. Here is the final version for your lisetnin pleasure! Our EC|DC pack consist of just unreleased and xlusiv joints for you! "Higher" is from his upcomin EP so AJB also gives you a little taste of that! Nike Affair, proves the different styles of beats EC|DC can deliver, he'll blow you away. EC|DC will also be on Apple Juice Break & Jus Like Music upcomin' "Oscillations" record, which is going to be huge and dope, dropping in March!

AJB Xlusive: EC|DC pack.  by  applejuicebreak

2:00 AM - ft. Kid Cudi & Sade (Free Download)

swedeart Analogue Frequencies Mixtape

Our man Swede:art  returns to Error Broadcast with his tight-ass mixtape Analogue Frequencies. He sent this one just before leaving for London and the Red Bull Music Academy, which he is attending as a participant in 2010.

66 minutes of grimy Dubstep, off-kilter Hip Hop and electronic music, Swede:art created a fascinating mix of favourites and influences, club bangers and warped oddities. Watch out for exclusives by Slugabed,Benny B. BloncoDizz1, and master Swede:art himself!
Swede:art @ ABC Alphabeat

01. Dizz1 - We go ridin (feat. Om' Mas) *
02. B-Ju - Soja Extra (Benny B. Blonco remix) *
03. Javaanse Jongens - On You
04. 3L - Without Destination
05. Jose James - Made for Love
06. Om Unit - Lightgrids
07. Slugabed - Clunk Clunk *
08. Swede:art - Wonderwhy *
09. Mono/poly - Red and yellow toys
10. Dimlite - Feedback Children
11. NastyNasty - The Reef (Slugabed remix) *
12. Rustie - Keesha Resmak
13. Slugabed - Motherfuckeeeeer *
14. Dibiase - Spacely Sprocketts
15. Hudson Mo x Ghostface - Mighty Healthy *
16. Swede:art - Analogue Frequencies *
17. Jeremiah Jae - The mystery
18. These New Puritans - We want war (Sbtrkt remix)
19. TRG - Broken Heart (Martyn's DCM remix)
20. Untold - Bad Girls
21. HSIK - Fix it up *
22. The Bug - Jah War feat. Flowdan (Loefah Remix)
23. Dorian Concept - I'm A Balla vs. Trilingual Dance Sexperience (Patchwork Pirates Refix) *
24. Martyn - Friedrichstraße
25. King Midas Sound - Meltdown
26. Slugabed - Goulash
27. DZ - Just Rollin (Akira Kiteshi Remix)
28. Untold - Stop what you're doing (James Blake Remix)
29. John Cage - Credo in Us
30. Mark Pritchard - ?
31. Massive Attack - Paradise Circus feat Hope Sandoval
*exclusive to this mix



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