Om Unit - The Corridor EP 2010

One of my faved track of 09 & that continues in 2010
is the digi design Remix by Om Unit which
in my opinion betters the Original Joker track
with a years worth of pounding that track gets people
everytime i touch the deck on a good system
those intro kicks with their reverbed resonance and filtered
builds just licks off a mans head everytime good things to
come from Mr OM, listen to the preview & already released material
via an assortment of established HVW8 Labels below.

The Corridor EP - Terrorhythm Records 2010 by omunit

Other Releases to Check out! Lavender on All City
and Elevator Music Fabric Compilation
also check All City Past, Present & Future Showcase - mixed by Om Unit
2010 by omunit

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