heRobust - Albumin

Fresh in some more Future Funk for your ears,
I'm off for three weeks so enjoy the new shit blast!
herobust Get 2 Knowin!

(Was free when i first posted it, since then it's been picked up
By Saturat records. gotta be quick these days unless my updates..lol)



Koch will keep himself busy with playing shows (with Dorian Concept, Stagga, Darkstar, Boxcutter) and festivals including a live show appearance at this year`s Sonar Festival.
Robot Koch feat. Addiquit - Dough (Salva Remix) by ADDIQUIT

Free Track Below
Listen Them Fade ft Grace

Arms x Suites

<a href="http://armsandsuites.bandcamp.com/album/arms-suites">My Masterpiece.mp3 by Arms&amp;Suites</a>


JSBL - Jimbo (Sam Irl Dub)

Here is a very special JSBL Jimbo Dub by high-profile producer Sam Irl. It´s a free download and a pretaste for the JSBL - Twice Upon Two Times Remixed EP (releasedate: 07/06, format: digital) with remixes by Urbs, Dorian Concept, Crackazat and Sam Irl. Watch out!
JSBL - Jimbo (Sam Irl Dub) by affine records


Brownswood Electric Album 2010

You can listen to clips of the whole album here:

And here's the album tracklist:

01            B. Bravo - Computa Love
02            devonwho - Whispers
03            Eliphino - Let Me Love You Forever
04            Pearson Sound - Wad
05            Mosca - Square One
06            Shlohmo - Antigravity (Low Limit Remix)
07            Letherette - Blad
08            KiEnRa - BB Thing
09            16bit - ADSL
10            Hypno - Over The Top
11            George Fitzgerald - Painted Jezebel
12            Clueless - Lady In Red (Club Edit)
13            Von D - Berlin Call (Alps Edit)
14            Rockwell - Underpass
15            Mount Kimbie - Serged


Called Understandable Soul - Complete Black 2010

On Up remix
Re Pre
Can't Stop(Speed)
Untitled - crash theme
Rummet Interlude remix
In Between


Cop It Here!

Freddie Joachim - A.M.

Mellow Orange (SF) & Organology (LA/SD) present the second installment of instrumental downloads, 'A.M.' produced and arranged by Freddie Joachim (Organology).

<a href="http://organology.bandcamp.com/album/a-m">Mist by Organology</a>


Sarah White Fade Remixes

Yet Another Busy Collab that i made happen last year,
Sarah White vs Busy Is the shizzle and the JTodd track
is stand out too yet again two artists that featured on
the beat dimension compilations.

<a href="http://sarahwhite.bandcamp.com/album/fade">FADE: Busy Remix by Sarah White</a>


Wiley - Electric Boogaloo (Hudson Mohawke Remix)

A collab that was Bound to happpen at some point!

Report over Here

Mr. Chop and C.L. Smooth

The Resurrection (Right Click to Save)

Words by NAG

We’re really, really, really sorry – but it’s really a comment on the sad state of the record-pressing industry that we had to recut the lacquer for the Mr. Chop and C.L. Smooth 7″ singles that were supposed to come out alongside Chop’s For Pete’s Sake album what seems like a dozen times.

But now they’re sounding great (when does Malcolm Catto on drums ever sound anything but great?!) and in/shipping over at Stones Throw’s webstore. And we’re giving you the vocal track for “T.R.O.Y. (The Resurrection)” to thank you for your patience.

Reggie B - She Knows (Prod By Busy)

Story behide this track is a while back i had connected with Reggie
on The new worlds track which was produced by Onra & Byron the aquarius
which the instrumental was licensed for the beat Dimensions Vol 1 On
rush hour Records in 2007 and i figured that i could hear reggie splash a
vocal over it which eventually became the Theme to New worlds Compilation on Circulations we figured it would be dope to put great contemporary Soul Vocals over futuristic
tracks and hey presto hooking Reggie & Busy Up is the result in "she Knows"
it's been a regular feature in my club sets for the last year its one of my fav future soul singles. and here is it for ya'll to grapple over.

<a href="http://innatesounds.bandcamp.com/track/she-knows">She Knows by INnatesounds</a>


Collective control Coalition - London Festival 2010

Just a little Fest myself Ampsoul/Ubeat Records & jenny Zienau
from Ruff Language records are putting together in London on the 19th June
2010 at the Empowering Church London, and i have heard great
stories about this venue really hav'in great events in there, so just a little
heads up if your in London around then come join us,
CCC Launch Party Compilation by laurentfintoni
Creative Control Coalition launch party, London, 19th June, by creativecontrolcoalition


Strand - DUB 7"

Strand 7" DUB!


In partnership with Laid Back Radio.

Artwork by Olivier Binamé

Out on 15th May 2010


Spanish producer Strand moved to Brussels three years ago. After his collaboration with Non Genetic in 2008 ('Madrid 2 Los Angeles', on Project Mooncircle 2008 with remixes from Hudson Mohawke and others), Strand teams up with the likes of Laid Back Radio and artist Olivier Binamé for a very special release.

A limited edition (300 copies) of a 7" vinyl with 2 magnificent, groovy, hyper-harmonic and ever-changing tracks and an incredible hand-made artwork.

On side A, you will find DUB! A hymn to sound manipulation and psychedelic sounds, ranging from reggae to beat box and bells. Pure bliss, ringing bells and a fantastic track to start your morning riding your bicycle at high-speed.

On side B, a typical hard beat of Strand MAC 8 mixing his tough rhythms and 8-bit and dreamy synths with a Jazzy guitar. Pure force, is a fantastic track to start your night on a tramway.

The artwork is done with a specific hand made technique made of a giant rubber stamp (see the video at: ...) and stickers, by Olivier Binamé paying homage to Osbourne Ruddock: Mr King Tubby the Dub creator.

Strand is Miguel Gil Tertre, a Spanish musician and visual artist who has released recordings as Strand, occasionally with images, in labels as City Centre Offices, or Project Mooncircle. He has teamed up with several MCs (non genetic, Omniscient, Cyne), musicians (Takeshi Nishimoto, Funckarma) or writers (Barry Gifford writer of the Lost Highway script for David Lynch – making live music for his readings of the book 'Memories from a sinking ship').

Laid Back is a collaborative content production powerhouse and communication agency enabling “all school” projects. The Laid Back project (aka LDBK) first came together in 2002 as a weekly radio show broadcasted on a local radio station in Brussels before evolving on other channels (online radio, blog, events, …) Laid Back’s mission is to support artists developing projects and to connect like minded creative profiles.
<a href="http://strand.bandcamp.com/album/dub-7">DUB! by Strand</a>


Fede dsm - Planet Soap podcast

01)Populous-Royal Gold (Planet Soap remix)
02)Colossius-Obi Wan (exclusive from www.ragnampiza.blogspot.com)
03)Morpheground-LiteWays (http://morpheground.bandcamp.com)
04)Herald Of Change-Sittin on the side feat. Odissee and Unknown
05)Rustie-kesha Resmak
06)Foreign Beggars-Get A Bit More (Skism remix)
07)Starkey-Stars (feat.Anneka)
09)Starkey-Stars (Slugabed Did A Remix)
11)Four Tet-Plastic People
12)Flying Lotus-Do The Astral Plane

Download Rockit Mix

Also check
PLANET SOAP FOR AMPSOUL (ROCKIT!) by Fededsm from Planet Soap

Pudge - “DøNT TOuCH MY DRuM​$​ET“ ☟

Selector/Operator Pudge always has something going on
mans like just everywhere right now and not to say least
contributed a track to Beat Dimensions that i had been after licensing
for lets say ages, anyways here he is with another set of bangers.
<a href="http://pudge222.bandcamp.com/album/d-nt-touch-my-drum-et">DonTouchMyIntro by P.U.D.G.E.</a>

An Exclusive Suite for Ma Dukes Video And Remix, “Untitled/Fantastic” by Georgia Anne Muldrow Brought To You by VTech and Mochilla

Some of the illest shit you will ever hear trust!!!

Georgia Anne Muldrow SFMD Remix Untitled/Fantastic (Right Click To Save)

Paul White ft Guilty Simpson - Ancient Treasure

**Original Version is a free download**

Three versions of 'Ancient Treasure' exclusive to this 12" as Detroit heavy-hitter Guilty Simpson steps up to slay Paul White's psyched-out beat. You'll find the original on 'Paul White & The Purple Brain'. The two remixes show Paul White's range as he drops two very different electronic takes on his own original track, and both fit Simpson like a bloody glove. Instrumentals included in the zip.

This 12" will be available as a bonus 3rd disc with the first 1000 copies of the Paul White & The Purple Brain 2LP.
<a href="http://paulwhite.bandcamp.com/album/ancient-treasure">Ancient Treasure ft Guilty Simpson by Paul White</a>

The LennySlitz Project

<a href="http://leonarddstroy.bandcamp.com/album/the-lennyslitz-project">Intro by Leonard Dstroy</a>
Dstroy orchestrated the beats, Kutty Slitz told the story. The LennySlitz Project is their effort.


Dimlite - Can’t Get Used To Those

Dimlite’s too-hard-to-describe-in-a-few-sentences Prismic Tops is out today, everywhere good music is sold. We’re celebrating by giving away a little bossa-tinged ditty from the album, “Can’t Get Used To Those.” The perfect entry to Spring!

Download Can’t Get Used To Those (Right Click To Save)
Prismic Tops


Alex B - The Moments


Alex B-"Moments" Promo Video from ELM AND OAK on Vimeo.

1. At Channel One
2. Pad 5
3. Hot Chop
4. You and I Both Know
5. Nothing is Always Something
6. Kick Drones (feat Sunk1)
7. Talk it Out
8. Clicking Away
9. Getting to Know You (feat Lilla D’mone)
10. Show Me
11. Drip Splatter (feat Count Bass D)
12. Waste
13. Hide Extension
14. Impressions
15. Standing On Me
16. Seriously Again?!?!
17. Timing Correct

Renegades Of Bump: Ritmo Kovos​#​1


My Man Vaiper of Despotin' Projects just hipped me to this
beatcamp album so here you go an introduction into Lithuanian Beats.

<a href="http://renegadesofbump.bandcamp.com/album/renegades-of-bump-ritmo-kovos-1">Format None - Nightcrawler by Renegades Of Bump</a>
Strictly Lithuanian Beats Compilation

fixed @ Green Carpet Studio


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