Chip Chop - Launch Blank – Run Riot Records FEB 2010

debut EP “Launch Blank” is almost here! February 2nd 2010 the 5 track EP will be available via Run Riot Records digitally and as 300 limited edition CDs available exclusively at chipchopmusic.com.

Launch Blank by chipchop

Download: Chip Chop - Launch Blank (Direct Link)

Bullion - Factmix 118

Part of Alex Chase’s One Handed Music stable along with Paul White, Nathan ‘Bullion’ Jenkins is an Acton based hip-hop obsessive who first came to many’s attention with Pet Sounds: in the Key of Dee, a remix project that paired pop monoliths The Beach Boys with late Detroit hip-hop legend J Dilla.

A series of singles for One Handed followed, including a poignant collection of delay-soaked love songs on last year’s Young Heartache EP, and well, here we are.

Bullion has a new single out this month, ‘Say Goodbye to What’; his FACT mix should be the ideal soundtrack to you buying it online, or just illegally downloading it or whatever you kids do these days. David Crosby, Fleetwood Mac, Cabaret Voltaire and more feature.

Download: FACT mix 118 – Bullion
(Available for three weeks) (Right Click to save)

Caravan – Ride
Brainticket – Places Of Light
David Crosby – Orleans
Delaney – Some Things Coming
Kraan – You’re Right
Buffy Sainte-Marie – Adam
Orchestre Veve Star – Bassala Hot
Syreeta – Move It, Do It
Hudson-Ford – Shy Girl
Cabaret Voltaire – Sensoria
Paul Hart – Strides
Fleetwood Mac – Coming Home
July – I See

Erik L X Illingsworth - Northern Connection 2010

Producers Erik L (Favorite Flava/Flyphonic) and Illingsworth (Detroit CYDI/Axis of Greatness) present their collaboration album Northern Connection. The official release date is January 25, 2010 on Soularp Records in digital form (Bandcamp,iTunes, Amazon, etc).

Soularp Records is Erik L's new label, releasing some of his own projects. The label will also feature music from artists and friends he worked with like Stray, also known from his and Erik L's group Favorite Flava who last year released their debut album, Different Phase on Ubeat Records.

Also, a limited edition digipak CD featuring four additional exclusive bonus tracks will also be released shortly on Swedish independent label Still Siblings.

The album is produced entirely by Erik L and Illingsworth. It showcases the marvelous beat stylings of both producers, as well as lyricists from the US and Sweden. This long awaited project features guest appearances from the likes of Stray (Favorite Flava), Sene (Blu etc.), DJ Devastate (BBE) and one of Swedens most authentic hip hop groups, Supersci. Noun of Supersci also appears on another track along with Stray and Hanna. It also has appearances from Detroit artists BlackReign + Ohkang, Stryfe, and Paradox.

More info and preview listening on Soularp Records' MySpace page:

More info on how to get the limited edition CD on Still Siblings MySpace page:

Enjoy! // Still Siblings Entertainment
Enjoy! // Erik L

<a href="http://eriklillingsworth.bandcamp.com/album/erik-l-illingsworth-northern-connection">Erik L &amp; Illingsworth - Northern Connection (feat DJ Devastate) by Erik L &amp; Illingsworth</a>


ALL CITY RECORDS is doing a split 10" series of Los Angeles artists. Mine is split with MATTHEW DAVID.. Here are short snippets from my side of the 10". This has been done for quite some time but due to scheduling and such, this will finally see official release in February. Get it fast cause it will be a very limited pressing. Blessings and enjoy!!



Dwele - Unreleased

Some Dwele Ish Floating thru Bamalovesoul Blog
Check em

<a href="http://bamalovesoul.bandcamp.com/album/keep-rizeing-to-the-top">For Dwele *Bonus by BamaLoveSoul</a>

PLAWZ - 28 Grams Pt. 1

<a href="http://plawz.bandcamp.com/album/28-grams-pt-1">Intro by PLAWZ</a>

Erik L x Illingsworth

This is a preview of NORTHERN CONNECTION - coming JAN 25, 2010. Stay tuned at myspace.com/soularp

This song features Brooklyn emcee, Sene, who recently released "A Day Late & a Dollar Short" bit.ly/86Fv7H produced entirely by Blu (who was partly responsible for Blu and Exile's critically acclaimed 2007 release, "Below The Heavens"). You can hear more from Sene at www.myspace.com/brooklynsene .

Erik L & Illingsworth - Northern Connection. Produced entirely by Erik L and Illingsworth. The album showcases the marvelous beat-stylings of both producers, as well as lyricists from the US and Sweden. This long awaited project features guest appearances from the likes of Stray (Favorite Flava), Sene (Blu etc.), DJ Devastate (BBE) and one of Swedens most authentic hip hop groups, Supersci. Release date January 25, 2010. CD release on Still Siblings Ent.

<a href="http://eriklillingsworth.bandcamp.com/track/erik-l-illingsworth-time-kills-featuring-sene">Erik L &amp; Illingsworth - Time Kills featuring Sene by Erik L &amp; Illingsworth</a>

kidkanevil - Basho Basho 2010

The third album from super-producer kidkanevil.
"Fantastic, Straight up awesome!" Daedelus
"kidkanevil is a sonic visionary" iDJ Magazine
"8 bit madness packed full of e numbers. Gimme some more!" Alex Nut, Rinse FM

<a href="http://kidkanevil.bandcamp.com/album/basho-basho">Bokusha 1 by kidkanevil</a>


This LP is my personal good-bye to genre-specific music and the immitation of existing patterns. I don't want to fit any expectations but the ones I have in myself. It is not a reference to the recent state of electronic music, but one stage in my own musical development.


1. Drehundangelpunk
2. Klaus Kroete
3. Potentiopeter
4. Miez und Muskel
5. Drehundangelpunk (Tone Def Can't Pronounce Remix)
Download Full Release (inc. Artwork)

Erdbeerschnitzel - Vorsprung durch Hektik EP

Erdbeerschnitzel - Vorsprung durch Hektik
Erdbeerschnitzel - Vertikalgetüm
Erdbeerschnitzel - Honigkuchenhengst
Erdbeerschnitzel - Gottes Pfad und Teufels Reitpfad

Raise your glasses! PN012 has arrived. Some people might find the artist's name Erdbeerschnitzel (Strawberry Schnitzel) a little strange and they might be right, but what's in a name? "Vorsprung durch Hektik" is his first release on PNR, four artistically arranged tracks that show how versatile the spectrum of a fried strawberry can be. Laid-back minimal meets sophisticated hip hop. The "Vertikalgetuem" and the "Honigkuchenhengst" (Gingerbread Stallion) get on their way with "Gottes Pferd" (God's Horse) and "Teufels Reitpfad" (the Devil's Riding Path), to gain more advantage through their hecticness. So follow them and buy this release, because it might soon be too late and they leave you behind. Wouldn't that be too bad?


Shit sounds like some Floating Points Ism

Suave by erdbeerschnitzel


OM Unit x All City 2010

Release Date: 20/01/2010 Om Unit - Our first 45 of 010 comes from Om Unit aka London based producer 2 Tall. Already 2 LPs deep he has worked with Dudley & Georgia (Stones Throw/Ubiquity) for the "Beautiful Mindz" Project as well as dropping a solo LP "the Softer Diagram" last year. Om Unit is his latest moniker for this double A sided slab of chunky niceness. We're hella proud to present his debut vinyl release as OU with 'Lavender' and 'Lightgrids'. Both obese beat monsters which have already got the nod from the usual suspects - Mark Pritchard,Alex Nut,Benji B et al. Artwork is super fresh as always - full colour inner and outer sleeves.

Om Unit, Lightgrids / Lavender on 7
Om Unit - Lightgrids / Lavender out 20 Jan 7" vinyl / digital
Download artwork & promo MP3 - >>click here<<

Shlohmo x Remixes 2010

With a sound that brings to mind the more herky-jerky moments of Nosaj Thing's productions and the vinyl-ripped ambiance prevalent in much of Flying Lotus' material, "Hot Box the Cockpit" is an interesting piece of bass music from SF-via-LA beatsmith Shlohmo. A flutter of birdsong brings us into the track before a slow, arpeggiated synth swells up into clicking rhythms and a buzzing bass drop, sending the song off into the stratosphere. "Hot Box the Cockpit" is taken from the re-release of Shlohmo's EP, Shlohmoshun, by the Friends of Friends label, which comes with additional remixes from Low Limit (of Lazer Sword), Tokimonsta, and devonwho, to name a few.


1. Shlohmo - Tomato Squeeze
2. Shlohmo - 7am
3. Shlohmo - Spoons
4. Shlohmo - Post Atmosphere
5. Shlohmo - Hot Boxing the Cockpit
6. Shlohmo - Dead Pixel
7. Shlohmo - Teeth
8. Shlohmo - Antigravity
9. Shlohmo - Hot Boxing The Cockpit (Tokimonsta Remix)
10. Shlohmo - 7am (devonwho Remix)
11. Shlohmo - Antigravity (Fulgeance Remix)
12. Shlohmo - Antigravity (Low Limit Remix)


Shlomo - Antigravity (Fulgeance Remix) by fulgeance

Pudge x Dibiase x All city 2010

The first in a series of 10 10’s from LA based producers. Simple premise of 2 producers on each record every month starting from January 010. Cover art comes for the series comes from B+. Kicking it off are Dibiase and P.U.D.G.E.
Dibiase – Representing HollyWatts in South LA Dibiase has been making a name for himself beneath the surface over the last few years. Now coming overground he’s recently dropped 45s on Detroits OTW label plus Fat City.
P.U.D.G.E – Originally from Jamaica, Queens now residing in L.A producer / mc P.U.D.G.E . Released on Ramp and most recently on the recent Beat Dimensions 2 LP both producers collaborate on the “Smoke it Over” track


LA Series 1 – Dibiase & PUDGE – BUY IT HERE
PUDGE – Intro
PUDGE – Satta MariJuana
PUDGE – Blips Ahoy Mate
PUDGE – Afrilude
PUDGE – AwnMyDawn
PUDGE – ArabIncense
PUDGE & Dibiase – Smoke It Over
Dibiase – wtf
Dibiase – Thrilla Time Slime
Dibiase – Spacely Sprocketts
Dibiase – I Pity the Fool
Dibiase – Axel Bop


Diplo Presents - Free Gucci

Sign Up & Get your 320

Chi Akai - The Epoch EP 2010

Brooklyn based, mind expansion instrumentalist, Amir “Chi’ Akai” Hussain has announced the release of his debut album, The Epoch EP, for Tuesday, January 5th, 2010 as a free digital download at www.purplebirdmusic.com.

A calming twenty-second meditation of ambient breaths and pads sets the mood before shuttle lift off. In a moment you are enveloped by the sound of thrusters, pushing you through space. Touching down on a kick drum the size of a small planet, thick square wave haze exhales and wobbles in flux as you see an 8-bit comets pass through the sky on planet “Neel” – the first track off of the Epoch EP.

Listening to the Epoch EP is a discovery of four celestial entities in Chi’ Akai’s universe. Each track/planet has it’s own laws of physics and therefore the music is imbued with a distinct energy that resonates in each element causing everything to move in synergy. Each track has a sense of architecture and evolution, whether a menacing buildup as seen on the aggressive banger: “Bipolar” or the stress free, gliding sensation as felt on the optimistic yet edgy: “Androidic.” Matching thick, bouncing, kicks with glassy, arpeggiated melody, and metallic shakers, “Sake Tsunami” brings you to a tropical land of euphoric waterfalls and underwater grottos – party central for spring break in the year of 3030.

The Epoch Ep

Dimlite - Roo / Feedback Children (Digital single)

<a href="http://dimlite.bandcamp.com/album/roo-feedback-children-digital-single">Roo (A dedication) by DIMLITE</a>

Dimlite - Roo _DR+ Remix


DYNOOO - GUM DRAGON out on Digsville / Mac Fly January 2010

DYNOOO’s Gum Dragon is centered around Fuh Real, a song that features Swedish singer Naboobia laying down
a floaty vocal over a high-end 80’s r&b inspired club banger. It has already been remixed by Luigi (Jazzy Sport, Infinitskills)
and Comfort Fit, whose version appeared on his latest full-length.

The rest of the mini-album is a collection of glitching electronics that ranges from soothing (Furbee) to smashing (Cawf Drop)
and psychedelic (Will Flattened, with Richard Colvaen of Bretzel Zoo). Rooted in hip hop’s rich soil, but definitely
branching out beyond the edges of the genre, DYNOOO’s music is for fans of the likes of Daedelus, Samiyam,
Hudson Mohawke and next-gen beatcrafters alike.

Gum Dragon sounds exactly as you’d imagine after perceiving its hyperreal cover (designed by the man himself):
a refreshing collage of complex sound pieces and colorful lo-fi.

“Feels Good!”
- Jay Scarlett (Beat Dimensions)

“Super diverse steez on this 12", from crunked up Mac Fly electronic beats to
twisted disco-boogie jams that I love ... Fuh Real is one of the best tunes floating
at this moment!!”
- Mwëslee (Kindred Spirits / All City)

“Really like it! Track with Vaen iz a fukin banger!”
- Cupp Cave

Dynooo Gum Dragon EPK from ddanceswithwolves on Vimeo.

Gum Dragon EPK
Gum Dragon Samplerr:

Grey Matter - Mind Over Matter 17.02.2010

Released Through Unique Uncut Records:

Mind Over Matter is the debut album release from uk producer Greaymatter.
The album comes out digitally and on wednesday 17th february 2010,
with a set of nine remixes exclusively available as a digital download.

For more info:

Listen to Preview Here

[MIXTAPE] 2Steppin Into Tomorrow (Part 2) by greymatter

Download Greymatter Edits

Flying Lotus / Do-Over Vol. 1

Renown party now comes to life in the form of a Limited 10-inch record series featuring exclusive tracks from guests of the party. Each volume is limited to 1,000 copies, featuring deluxe artwork/packaging by a different graphic designer.

Volume 1 offers up two neck snapping bangers courtesy of Flying Lotus (Warp/Brainfeeder) & House Shoes (debut release) in this LA vs Detroit beatdown.

The deluxe package features custom duo-finish jacket, inner-sleeve, kiss-cut sticker sheet to design your own sleeve & pressed on clear vinyl. Artwork/Packaging by Steven Harrington.


Come back to the light

It's funny to see how quick people take you off their blogroll
as soon as you say your calling it a day...
you have to wonder what all the peppin was about to begin with
Well at least i know how fickle people can actually be now!
especially in their virtual worlds fuck knows what their like
in reality but it gives me guidance to know whom to watch out

Vader tell em for me man..

in construction or contemplation

Back to normal!
what a difference a comment can make
thx J,R


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