Chi Akai - The Epoch EP 2010

Brooklyn based, mind expansion instrumentalist, Amir “Chi’ Akai” Hussain has announced the release of his debut album, The Epoch EP, for Tuesday, January 5th, 2010 as a free digital download at www.purplebirdmusic.com.

A calming twenty-second meditation of ambient breaths and pads sets the mood before shuttle lift off. In a moment you are enveloped by the sound of thrusters, pushing you through space. Touching down on a kick drum the size of a small planet, thick square wave haze exhales and wobbles in flux as you see an 8-bit comets pass through the sky on planet “Neel” – the first track off of the Epoch EP.

Listening to the Epoch EP is a discovery of four celestial entities in Chi’ Akai’s universe. Each track/planet has it’s own laws of physics and therefore the music is imbued with a distinct energy that resonates in each element causing everything to move in synergy. Each track has a sense of architecture and evolution, whether a menacing buildup as seen on the aggressive banger: “Bipolar” or the stress free, gliding sensation as felt on the optimistic yet edgy: “Androidic.” Matching thick, bouncing, kicks with glassy, arpeggiated melody, and metallic shakers, “Sake Tsunami” brings you to a tropical land of euphoric waterfalls and underwater grottos – party central for spring break in the year of 3030.

The Epoch Ep

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