Abby Lee Tee X Ampsoul

Abby Lee Tee a.k.a. DJ Abillity hails from Linz we had the Pleasure to have him down to play in Munich along side Feux & minor sick for a great night of music so since we're on first name terms i thought it only adequate to propose for him to treat us to a little ALT Selection. 
Check him below: 
From the hill sphere below u need!!!! 


1000 Names X Ampsoul

1000names might just be one of the best-kept secrets in music. Despite being at the forefront of the beats/wonky scene this side of the Atlantic that’s blown up so big in the last year, they’ve somehow stayed just under the radar. 
And it’s not like they’ve been quiet: since their debut on the seminal Beatnicks Vol. 1 alongside Jackhigh and Rustie – perhaps the record which defined the scene in its current incarnation – they’ve put out two EPs, two split singles and an album and been featured on Alex Nut’s Rinse compilation, but somehow it took until now for them to start to get the recognition those who know them have long expected. 
coming out Sofia, Bulgaria. Out on the Eastern edge where Europe becomes Asia on the shores of the Black sea, it’s hardly a global music industry hotspot. But maybe it’s this relative isolation that makes them stand out in the current explosion of low bpm music from LA, London, Glasgow. 


Eat Concrete X Ampsoul

Eat Concrete is an independent music label founded in 2006 by Pete Concrete. The label has strong roots in the Dutch 'electronics scene' but has quickly developed from a local network into an international platform of like-minded artists. 

The label is influenced and inspired by a wide spectrum of musicians, producers and styles. By combining and connecting a great variety of music Eat Concrete creates it's own style and a context for music to thrive in. 

After a series of groundbreaking and critically acclaimed projects Eat Concrete has shown itself to be one of the most progressive and original recordlabels in new electronic music; No-nonsense, straight-up and to the point, but also open-minded and free spirited 

Check Pete Out @ The Below Links:

My Dry Wet Mess X Ampsoul

Raised in Rome and relocated to Barcelona, soon to be Berlin the 27-year old born Giovanni Civitenga was tabbed by local luminary Daedelus to be the second artist to record for the producer's incipient Magical Properties imprint. If you’re burnt out on electronic or haven’t jumped on the new wave in a while, this is a exclusive mix made for you. 

The beatmaker who casts spells under the name My Dry Wet Mess is the progeny of the bass player in the orchestra of famed Italian composer Ennio Morricone, the man who wrote the canonized scores for the Sergio Leone and Clint Eastwood collaborations in the 1960s. But rather than create orchestral spaghetti Western beats, Civitenga acquired an Atari and an MPC and started sampling towards his very own cinematic sound. 
Civitenga manages to mark out My Dry Wet Mess as a name to keep a serious eye on during 2011. 
Catch MDWM at the Below Links. 
Irritational Alphabet 2010


Moresounds Mix for Ampsoul

A Mix Set from the mighty Parisian beatmaker Moresounds. Fusing the samples of old originals from The Robotiks - Electro-Magnetic Seduction and J Dilla - Crushin' with the latest synth work from Moresounds & Friends included. Moresounds brings a totally new style to the Beats genre. a blend of a jazz tinged future Jamaican dub & dub step blended with heavy beats, against giant bass synths.
Catch Him at the below Links.


Dj Pound Mix For Ampsoul

Dj Pound, hailing from San Diego , California's first wax release will be upon us in a couple months a split 7" with eLan on San Diego label "kill-quanti Records" his outstanding dj skills allows him to blend his way through a thunderous essential bass selection of self produced and favoured artists tracks which leave you satisfied to the very end. we're glad to welcome him into the ASG global camp and to be able to represent all of what he's about to offer upon this bass immerging glorious planet.

Tracklisting to come.

You can catch him & his productions at various links below.
Grab some Dj Pound freebies
Bang Fangs N Changalangs

Pce 2 Dj pound

01. Lunice - Purp Walk x Dj Pound Turntalbism Intro
02. Nosaj Thing - Us ( John Hopkins Rmx )
03. NastyNasty - The Reef ( Slugabed Rmx ) 
04. The Unik - Power
05. Subvert - Party Alarm
06. Swede:art - Wonkybikez
07. ???? - ???? 
08. Dj Pound - Gold Medals
09. NastyNasty - Scientist
10. Taz Buckfaster - 187 On A Rock
11. Nosaj Thing - Quest ( Low Limit Rmx )
12. Tiago - Babel Fish
13. Mr. Oizo - Lars Von Sen ( Xmas Version )
14. Joob - Sagittarius B
15. KenLo Craqnuques - 00Sunland Spirus
16. Joker - Digidesign ( Om Unit Rmx )
17. Dizz1 - Here We Go Again
18. Devonwho - offait
19. Dj Pound - Fatback
20. Comfort Fit - Sky Raper
21. +verb - Masiezir
22. Ajapai - Terminate
23. Robokop/Distrikt - Fire


Comfort Fit Mix - For Ampsoul

Comfort Fit ::: Mix for Amp Soul Generation ::: 
Comfort Fit creates intelligent soundscapes - but never forgets to keep the drums banging! 

His versatile influences are ranging from early detroit techno and minimal elektronika to jazz, over to broken beats, hip hop, dance music and many more. This makes it easy for him to invisibly switch between musical styles within a finger-snap, taking the listener onto a long and exciting journey.

Boogaloo Ft Morgan Zarate Hyperdub


Taprikk Sweezee Mix for Ampsoul

Taprikk Sweezee is probably best known to most listeners as the soul vocalist who anchored former Funkstorung member Michael Fakesch’s 2007 album ‘Dos’ as well as it’s accompanying ‘Escalate’ 12”, and now three years on this latest 12” / download EP on Musik Aus Strom sees him continuing to craft a characteristically broken and treacherous take on electronic neo-soul. While the unmistakeable influence of Sweezee’s prior collaborations with Fakesch is certainly immediately present here in the complex, contorted rhythms and use of glitchy textures, Sweezee’s smooth soul vocals see things drifting frequently into the sorts of psyche-soul territory you’d more likely associate with D’Angelo or Prince. Opener ‘Conversea’ emerges from a gentle trail of feathery glitch textures into juddering, off-centre dub-soul. Chris Downton
@ The Boiler Munich 03.03.2011

1000names - Before Sunrise / Kaleidoscope / Pocket Calculators (Lynx x Hellrazor RMX) by Black Acre.

Back on the retro flex.
1000names - Before Sunrise / Kaleidoscope / Pocket Calculators (Lynx & Hellrazor RMX) by Black Acre Records


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