My Dry Wet Mess X Ampsoul

Raised in Rome and relocated to Barcelona, soon to be Berlin the 27-year old born Giovanni Civitenga was tabbed by local luminary Daedelus to be the second artist to record for the producer's incipient Magical Properties imprint. If you’re burnt out on electronic or haven’t jumped on the new wave in a while, this is a exclusive mix made for you. 

The beatmaker who casts spells under the name My Dry Wet Mess is the progeny of the bass player in the orchestra of famed Italian composer Ennio Morricone, the man who wrote the canonized scores for the Sergio Leone and Clint Eastwood collaborations in the 1960s. But rather than create orchestral spaghetti Western beats, Civitenga acquired an Atari and an MPC and started sampling towards his very own cinematic sound. 
Civitenga manages to mark out My Dry Wet Mess as a name to keep a serious eye on during 2011. 
Catch MDWM at the Below Links. 
Irritational Alphabet 2010

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