Mad-Hop vol.3

Call it MAD or simply future Hip Hop, MAD-HOP Vol.3 is an international collection of tracks from world's finest experimental hip-hop based producers. Generally instrumental, Vol.3 expands from floaty cosmic waves to bass heavy sounds and abstract glitchy beats. With a wide palette of influences including soul, wonky, garage and juke this compilation delivers diverisity and unique flavour. This third trip around the world has connected artists from Japan, Serbia, Canada, Hungary, U.S.A, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, England, Russia, France and Slovakia.
Made possible through the hard work of many, we hope you enjoy thisfree 21 track compilation of MAD-HOP. May music and people continue toevolve worldwide!Keep it mAd!! www.mad-hop.com  less


Sephirot X Ampsoul

hailing from Leeds Uk, Sephirot or Sephiroth meaning "enumerations", are the 10 attributes/emanations in Kabbalah sets into a nice Autumn mood with this blended mix of classic tracks and produced throw ins. hope this lightens up your day. 

Music Came Henry Butler
A Place To Be The Spirit Of Israel & The Soul Messengers
Breezin' Mickie Chung
To The Foundation Dennis Brown
Uni Fe Move Shabba Ranks
Dangerous Bad Boy Busta Rhymes
No $ No Toke Jaylib
B F R 012 Daisuke Tanabe
John Masefield - The Dybbuk Quartet [Sephirot's Midnight Folk Mix] Sephirot
Space for my Dreams Sephirot
Endeavour Falty DL
Jamaican Ginger Cake Sephirot
Rosemary Blue Andy Bey
Black Up Karl Bryan & Count Ossie
Masikulu Dub Mark Ernestus vs Konono N°1
Emnete Mulatu Astatke
K 1 Dictaphone
Yiddishe tekhter The Dybbuk Quartet


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