ASG x Danny Corn Mix

Danny Corn, Portland, OR For over 17 years, Danny Corn has been on the vanguard of electronic music, leaving the trends to other people. As a DJ, he is known as an instrumental player in the formation of the "west coast" sound and over the years has traveled extensively and played with just about everybody who has made moves in the scene. A champion of syncopated, bass heavy music, Danny Corn rides the edge of experimental sounds, whilst staying firmly committed to the dancefloor. A recent move to Portland, OR has found Danny Corn taking time to channel all of his experience into music production. His current sets are a eclectic mix of originals, exclusives and personal favorites. With releases scheduled for the end of 2011, for Danny Corn the best is still to come. 



 1. KeyBoard Kid "I'm God & Devil" - self-released
 2. Sinjin Hawke "Love is On Your Side"- Pelican Fly
 3. RL Grime "Neat"- self-released
 4. LDFD "SkiFREE"- forthcoming on Dropping Gems
 5 Cedaa "Nippon"- B.YRSLF Division
 6. Krampfhaft "Grind" - Saturate Records
 7. +verb "Fragments"- Robox Neotech
 8. Danny Corn "X Rhythm" -forthcoming 10 Pin Records
 9. DJ Solo "What Have You Done"- Planet Mu
10. DJ Earl "She Boppin 2K12" -unreleased
11. DJ Taye "Dat Kush"- unreleased
12. Young Smoke "Wouldn't Get Far"- Planet Mu
13. Colourwolf "Pudding Proof"-unreleased
14. Ital Tek-"Pixel Haze"- Planet Mu
15. Kuhn "SlimeBeach (Philip D. Kick Remix)- Seclusiasis
16. Danny Corn "Down Since Day One"- unreleased
17. DJ Funeral "Nitemare"- Body High
18. EPROM "Regis Chillbin"- unreleased
19. DannyCorn "Wavetables"-unreleased
20. Cadenza "The Drakest Hype"- Dummymag
21. Calamalka "Ain't No Need"- forthcoming on 10 Pin Records


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