Beat Dimensions Artists Ep's 1 x 2 Vinyl May 7th


Two years after the genre defying Beat Dimensions Vol.1, Jay Scarlett and Cinnaman present the long due Vol.2. Expect three 12″ s parts, a 7″. t-shirt designs, slipmats as well as a CD and digital configuration.

First to drop is EP1, which contains five tracks from beatmakers all over the world like Danny Breaks & DJ Adlib, Mono/Poly (LA) and Nosaj Thing (LA), Kenlo Craqnuques (Quebec) and Dalt Wisney (Karachi). The release date is set to May 7th so Pre-Order here, and be on the lookout for part 2 & 3.

EP 1
1. Danny Breaks and DJ Adlib - The Sound
2. Mono/Poly - Distant From
3. Nosaj Thing - FWD
4. Kenlo Craqnuques - ZoÏd
5. Dalt Wisney - R2FUX


1. Dizz1 - Konotakosuke Yaro
2. Dimlite - Ravemonds Young Problems
3. Samiyam - Swamp Tarts
4. Dorian Concept - Be Tween
5. Fulgeance - Haggis


Fulgeance x One handed Smartbangin 09

‘Smartbanging’: it’s a made up word, but it’s as good as any to describe the style of this French don of the MPC2000:
he makes the kind of goodtime party music that never goes out of fashion – but he’s about as far from ‘fashion’ as you can get.
And he makes it all with a musical finesse that elevates it above the dumb club bangers and offers nourishment for the head as
well as fuel for the feet. His EP features four of his own mutant discoid cuts and a strange, mesmerising late night trip from
Detroit electro wunderkind Jimmy Edgar.


Esemdee - Girl at The Front Desk 09

[0:00 - 1:50]; Herfume
[1:52 - 4:13]; Hercocet
[4:14 - 7:19]; Planet Hercury
[7:20 - 9:14]; Hersonality Test
[9:15 - 12:43]; Hersistance
[12:44 - 15:32]; Hermuda Triangle
[15:33 - 17:04]; Herformance
[17:05 - 18:59]; Hersonal Space
[19:00 - 21:23]; Hersace
[21:24 - 24:17]; PhotograpHer

There is also an interview about the project available here

Enjoy! Peace & be safe.



GB - "Birthmark Between Eyebrows" (2006) free album download

01. a seed
02. sprouting of the seed
03. photosynthesis (water + sunlight + soil + soul)
04. plant food
05. meditation for the meek
06. (minus understanding) in various movements (first movement)
07. fungus and man at play
08. instructional overhaul (second movement)
09. a deathless end
10. other

From the handwritten notes which were recently rediscovered along with the master CD...

"In the post-historic aftermath of the Great Awakening of 2012, man and his extraterrestrial neighbors were united once again as distant cousins in the family of the Dreamers, each being an offspring of the Dream. The extraterrestrials, calling themselves the Beings of Light, brought with them to Earth a new way for humans to manifest within themselves a formless future of unlimited possibilities. In this way they reacquainted the human race with the One Mind, unveiling many secrets of the Earth that previously went unnoticed and teaching them much about the nature of awareness. The Beings of Light understood the ways in which man depended on the plant kingdom for both physical and psychic sustenance and decided to teach man a valuable lesson about himself. From the Light was born a seed, planted in the only pure soil that remained on Earth…and from the seed grew a creature who was at once teacher and student, father and daughter, predator and prey, everything and nothing."

Download Here

Sepalot - Red Handed Remixes

SEPALOT „Red Handed“ Remixes Part 1

As a member of the Vol 1 Beat dimensions it only fair to continue promoting those that gave thier love into the Acclaimed First Project.
Sepalot is a very good friend of mine & we'll be bashing out bangers back 2 back in June for the Blumentopf Aftershow Party in the Ampere, previous sessions together have always been surprising and well worth attending.

„Red Handed“ takes yet another twist, feeding the club circuit with another release from self procclaimed traveller between the genres : Sepalot. With the first part of a series of two, Sepalot unites friends and comrades in style from all over globe to create yet another variety of sound for his favorite tracks from last years album. „Jump Too“ a rendition from „Jump“ featuring Brooklyns son Hanzsolo creating his signature vocoder disco style for a brandnew track. Then there is everyone’s number one track of the album „Go get it“ with AC Slater sprinkling his very own spice into this mix and with Chicagos very own Rob Threezy „She likes me“ gets a haul over far beyond your expectations.
Whichever one is your favorite, there is only one thing to say: Turn it up!

Get the „AC Slater Remix“ for free here:

download the "red handed remixes mix" here:

SEPALOT on the blocks:

SEPALOT „Red Handed“ Remixes Part 1:
(release date April 20th)
1. „Jump Too“ feat. Olivier Day Soul & Hanzsolo / SEPALOT
2. „Go Get it“ feat. Ladi6 – AC Slater Mix / SEPALOT
3. „She Likes me“ feat. Frank Nitty – Rob Threezy Mix / SEPALOT
4. „Jump Too“ feat. Olivier Day Soul & Hanzsolo – Hanzsolo Rmx / SEPALOT


54 Perspectives

96 & Joe Kay Collab

01. KenLO Craqnuques | No Vembre (Orange)
02. fL∆ko | Hump
03. J Todd | Tempo-Xy
04. Duktus | c64
05. KenLo Craqnuques | untitled
06. Kev Brown | Struggla’s Theme (Instrumental)
07. Ad Bourke | TT
08. KenLo Craqnuques | Fils de Flute (Muave)
09. Simo | w o r L d !
10. fL∆ko | Knots
11. Mr Beatnick | I know All the Bitches (OG) feat. Ahu
12. J Todd | Xxcccxx
13. Chase & Status | Take You There feat. Digga
14. Flaco | The Girl can Move
15. Madlib | Smoke Break (Beat Konducta)
16. Slakah the Beatchild | Some Beats
17. Mabanua | Interlude #1 (OG)
18. J Dilla | Unreleased
19. Stro the 89th Key | Play This Song
20.?????? /<>
21. Floyd the Locsmif | Fuzzy Navel
22. Häzel | b1/b2
23. The Roots | New Year’s @ Jay Dee’s
24. Infinitskills | Morning Lights
25. Dibia$e | unreleased
26. fL∆ko | Humming
27. J Dilla | Oh Oh
28. Stevo | Tell It Right
29. Azymuth | Falcon Love Call
30. Dert | Copper Currency
31. Weldon Irvine | Morning Sunrise
32. Cultura Profetica | Momento De Ocio I
33. Pursuit Grooves | Ecosystematics/Solar Panels
34. Häzel | b3/b4
35. Ad Bourke | Isaac Haayes Tribute
36. Mabanua | Trap
37. Ge-Ology | Superstar (Instrumental)
38. Dam-Funk | Nyghtryder (European Nights)
39. TOM TRAGO | Use Me
40. Lunice | Ante Up
41. Pursuit Grooves | War Crime In Space
42. Mood Schula | Metropolis
43. Comfort Fit | Thursday is Thirsty
44. FLYamSAM | Unreleased
45. Truthird | Breath of a Stare
46. Otherish | Lopsided
48. MF DOOM | Licorice
49. Arthur Verocai | O Mapa
50. MONO/POLY | Spring Crossings



01. From The Sun (intro)
02. Pure Meditation
03. Kundalini
04. Boogie Woogie Electric Man
05. E.E. Meets As Valet In Addis Ababa (feat. As Valet)
06. The Invisible Spectrum
07. Liquid Space (feat. Zig16)
08. Wet Season (Tales From The Tropics)
09. Freedom Flight
10. Temple Of The Sun
11. Remote Island Radio
12. Secret Equations (aka Solar Science)
13. Life Electric
14. Zero Gravity
15. Starcade (episode 1 & 2)
16. PsychedelicScientific
17. Realm Of The Invisibles (feat. 10th Letter)
18. From The Sun (outro)

Download Here


Lunice Out of touch Ep 09

Manz all over ish like a virus not just
Poplocking the ish out of High roller beat society
but also reproducing them to great effect.
yet another enjoyable freebie from the man
they call Lunice.

Download Here

Beat Dimensions Artists Ep's 1 x 2 Vinyl coming soon

Beat Dimensions Vol.2 Ep1
Compiled by Cinnaman & Jay Scarlett

Side A
1. Danny Breaks & dj Adlib - The Sound
(D. Whiddett & D. Hürter)

2. Mono/Poly - Distant From

Side B

1. Nosaj Thing - FWD
(J.Chung/Nosaj Thing(BMI)

2. Kenlo Craqnuques - ZoÏd
(Akena L. Okoko)

3. Dalt Wisney - R2FUX

Beat Dimensions Vol.2 Ep2
Compiled by Cinnaman & Jay Scarlett

Side C

1. Dizz1 - Konotakosuke Yaro
(D. Norris)

2. Dimlite - Ravemond's Young Problems

Side D

1. Samiyam - Swamp Tarts
(S. Baker)

2. Dorian Concept - Be Tween

3. Fulgeance - Haggis

Beat Dimensions Vol.2 EP3
Compiled by Cinnaman & Jay Scarlett

Side E
1. Tiago - Babel Fish


3. Erik L - Soularp Suite part2

Side F

4. Mike Slott - Cadeting

5. Ras G - Crazy Alien

6. Zo aka La chauve-souris - The Peacock Revolution


Japan 09


links to bands & graffiti Artists Plus Beat makers i met while out in japan recommended

Radio Cosmopolyphonic

Singo Susuki
Kez Ym
Daisuke Tanabe
From Korea Simo
Dj Zorzi
Olive oil
Graffiti & Visual Artists
Baki Baki
Record Stores
Kobe P:IZ
Shiga Club Move
Hakata Kazecafe
Toyko B1
Kyoto Metro


Pursuit Grooves Sustainable Movements for a New Age 09

Sustainable Movements for A New Age by Pursuit Grooves

*20 downtempo rhythms with titles that focus on the environment
and the impact it has around us.

Vanese Smith also known as music producer Pursuit Grooves,
received a Holistic Health certificate in 2005 after wanting
to learn more about how our daily actions including what we
do and how we eat not only affect us as individuals
but contribute to the overall welfare of the community. In
2009, there has never been more of an urgency to spread the
word about how every action toward sustainable living will
slow the process of the negative effects on the future.

The share date for Sustainable Movements for A New Age is
timed for April in honor of Earth Day. This is a free digi album
to save on materials. Look out for organic cotton t-shirts
with a few song titles on them available soon.

Sustainable Movements for a New Age

Electric Company Cars
Petrol Water Feeders
Footprints Galore
Dirty Clean Coal
Fear of Genetic Engineers
Pest Insides
Canvas Tote Bags
Nuclear Rainbows
Crap Snacks
Solar Panels
Lost Honey Bees
Partially Hydrogenated Arteries
War Crimes in Space
All Things Green
Fresher Than Yours
Tricycle Network
Quality Goods

Sustainable Movements for a New Age


Sustainable Mashups (6 R&B remixes)

Shes Also open for bookings as of now


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