Hud Mo @ Ampsoul Clubnight In Munich 15th February 2008

Ampsoul Presents Hud Mo In Munich for the first Time. Firstly I have to Big Ups Ques For Letting Us use he' Amazingly Original Artwork For The Flyer I hope That he comes thru again for future Events Which We Intend to plan Monthly.

I`m Sure these Locals Might be smart enough to get them selfs down to the Cafe Muffat to check out what we in the beat community call an event of immense proportion. 
why am i so pessimistic well see i saw dorian Concept 22 yr old A beat maker from Vienna Live last week friday 18th Of Jan 08 @ A Club called Estre Liga The website www.estreliga.com if your interest in seeing the dancefloor which seems to be quite an attraction some might say more so then the music policy but hey thats open to opinion.
The energy within me was kinda containable at first simply because if i had an invisible cloak i would have used it to freak out unrepentently at the moment these guys sparked up the first tune. club speakers were being taken for a serious ride bass line & drums were as the germans say the Hummer!!

well anyways what i have noticed about music in Munich is that it never seems to change the 5 years I´ve been there i have seen bands come and go but the dj culture well it`s the weakest
i have come across what they dont seem to realise is that if you don't Educate your regular crowd they become used to the fact that music is cool to be repeatitive, Hmm Not so Music like most forms of art need a good kick up the ass every now & again 

Picture 2

some featured artists from previous Ampsoul shows at the redbull sessions surprisingly--Not!!

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