John Martyn 1965–2009 R.I.P

With heavy heart and an unbearable sense of loss we must announce that John died this morning.

In 1973, Martyn released one of the defining British albums of the 1970s, Solid Air, the title song a tribute to the singer-songwriter Nick Drake, a close friend and label-mate, who in 1974 died suddenly from an overdose of antidepressants. On this album, as with the one that preceded it, Bless the Weather, Martyn collaborated with jazz bass player, Danny Thompson, with whom he proceeded to have a fruitful musical partnership which continued until his death. He also developed a new, slurred vocal style, the timbre of which resembled a tenor saxophone.

Following the commercial success of Solid Air, Martyn quickly recorded and released the experimental Inside Out, a more difficult album with emphasis placed on feel and improvisation rather than song structure. In 1974, he followed this with Sunday's Child. In September of the next year he released a live album, Live at Leeds—Martyn had been unable to convince Island to release the record, and resorted to selling individually signed copies by mail from his home. Live at Leeds features Danny Thompson and drummer John Stevens, and is notable not only for the performances given, but the recording quality and incredibly quiet audience for a live recording. After releasing Live at Leeds, Martyn took a sabbatical, including a visit to Jamaica, spending time with famous reggae producer Lee "Scratch" Perry.

In 1977, he released One World, which led some commentators[who?] to describe Martyn as the "Father of Trip-Hop". It included tracks such as "Small Hours" and "Big Muff", a collaboration with Lee "Scratch" Perry. One World is notable for having been recorded outside, the album's lush soundscapes are partly the result of microphones picking up ambient sounds, such as water from a nearby lake


consensuslofi 2009

Something from the french, if your into Lazerswords.
Lunice or Robert Koch Maybe this hits your fancy,

Download Here


Just Recieved this so don't know much about it 
But it fills my earing space.

Choice Cut Track 10. escape the exploding planet

1. end to begin
2. anti gravity
3. regained strength
4. borrowed time
5. the purpose
6. destined nations
7. bizarre bazaar
8. fresh wounds
9. battle for self
10. escape the exploding planet

produced and arranged
Asonic Garcia
SP-505,Micron,modified Casio Sk-1,tape recorders,VHS,found sounds,a couple F/X pedals and thats it

Download Here


Block Barley and Hysteria Beattape 2009

Here an interesting mix of soundscape and beat music for
all those driving moments that need filling with sonic delight.

Download Here

Harrison Blakoldman Bionik Album (2009)

For those of you that caught the earlier blast from Harrisons
full Speed, can enjoy this full length release he's just Up-ed
for everyone to grapple over.

Download Here


Akai APC 40

In the space of a year Akai have developed 2 updates to the
MPD24, (MPD32 & Now the APC 40).

for Ableton Live users take a closer look



Slum Gullion Disko 2009

Those Boys From Holland are back Slumgullion x Disko
= music for the 09 if you aint heard Sir Oj's lightsaber
track then you aint heard one the movies prime saber fight
sequences taken to the next level. and in the works are the
remixes which will drop sometime this year on Pablo Valentino's
label Faces your gonna be hearing more of these guys on
all those beat shows that have suddenly sprung to light
like 80's clothes wearz never exsisted.

download over @ Nalden.net

Elaquent || After Midnight = FREE DOWNLOAD 2009

My man Elaquent is on some consistant output he put out
a series of beattapes in 08 & here he continues the goodness
for the new year!!

Download here


Jansport J- The 2 AM Tape

Here is the latest instrumental freebie from California based producer, Jansport J. The 2 AM Tape is a instrumental concept album revolving around all of the common characters, events, and thoughts that take place in the middle of the night @ 2 AM. (More…)The album provides a soundtrack to these events, and takes the listener through a journey two hours after midnight.

The record has a January 5th release date, but Rhymehouse.com has it today just for you. Peep below for the download and tracklisting.

Download Here

Dert- Talk Strange: A Beat Tape Inspired by Bjork

The new beat tape, Talk Strange, features 17 tracks sampling original tunes and remixes by the legendary Icelandic singer, Bjork. Just like the Dert Floyd: Westside of the Moon project, Talk Strange takes artist-themed beat tapes to another level providing amazing instrumentals to practice your rhymes over or just sit back and enjoy.

Look out for future 2009 releases from Dert that include: the synth-driven CMYK EP this spring and Downtown Headnod Suite, an all piano beat album featuring Blue Note recording artist Robert Glasper.

Download Here

Holly Weerd- Electricity Showroom (2009)

First Off happy new Year!
Been a great end to an absolutely amazing 2008 & and even better Start
for 2009 with some great snippets & demo's flying thru the post.
First up the Holly Weerd- Electricity Showroom (2009).

Jimi’s Intro/ Violet 2:52 (Beat by 14KT)
Ridin Wit My Homiez / Miles Davis’ Lament 1:36
Triple Chrome Undipped/ Hold Up Zelda 3:46 (Beat by Michna / Produced by Devon )
3000’s Lesson / Step in Tomorrow 2:13 (Beat by Madlib)
Black Friday Interlude / Cut the Check 5:40
Eye of the Eagle Interlude 1:23
Wine & Dine / Love Handle 1:37 (Beat by Obsidian Blue/ Beat by 14KT)
Black Dynamite / All in Your Smile 3:39 (Produced by 9th Wonder)
The Date Interlude / Crazy Girls feat. Yelawolf 3:10
Dilla Phone Call 0:55
Bust it Open / Fist Foot Interlude 3:06
The Arrival / A&T 4:13 (Produced by Jay Jay the Kid/ Produced by TheMattSmith)
U Scared Shawty 2:29
Jimi’s Lament / Til Death 1:24 (Produced by Mr DJ)
Miles Again/ Day N Nite (Wiimix) 3:36
Pinexpress / Spend the Night pt.2 4:30
Mandatory Mandate 5:13
I’m Soul / First Class 2:51 (Produced by Amdex / Produced by Madlib)
Shawty Too Hot/ Wizlude 2:22
Carnivale Et Stag 2:11 (Composed by Jon Brion)
Member’s Only Remix / Sleep Tight 3:51 (Produced by Aeon/ Produced by Devon)
Jimi Again / Electric Feel 4:32
Kodack 1:26 (Composed by Jon Brion)

Download here


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