Suite For Ma Dukes Video (Finale & Encore)

Suite For Ma Dukes Video (Finale & Encore)

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New World 7" Series

::Dropped Now::

Available in late January at Jazzy Sport & Rush Hour.

Taken from the compilation


Dorian Concept

A. 2 Feet For You

B. Slyme End


A. Bubble Sort

B. For Progressive Minds


A. Raid

B. Light Curtain

Super Smoky Soul

A. Knockout Kings

B. Naked Mole

& The Afrikan Space Program

I of Cosmos SP

A. OvertheRah

B. Krenshaw and King

Manufactured by Toyokasei and supported by Freedom School.




Available exclusively at HMV Shibuya and its Online Store

01. Super Smoky Soul – Huge Magical Vision

02. Dorian Concept - Two Feet for You

03. Quadron – Come You Can Go

04. The Clonious - Valediction ft. n.i.a.m.h & Granufunk

05. SA-RA Creative Partners – Talk Sex

06. Take – Bouncing Cherries

07. Jay Scarlett ft. Leon King – I Can’t Help It

08. The Big Payback (Byron & Onra) & Reggie B – New Worlds

09. Paul White – Design Centre

10. Busy – Light Curtain

11. Taz Buckfaster - Strike First! (Hudson Mohawke Remix)

12. Ras_G & The Afrikan Space Program – Crenshaw and King

13. Super Smoky Soul & Guilty Simpson – Knockout Kings

14. Mono/Poly – For Progressive Minds

Artwork by Joshua Mays (Soldren)

This is a compilation to cerebrate 10th anniversary of HMV SHIBUYA and Online Store, and supported by One Handed Music, Ramp Recordings, Toyokasei and Freedom School.

Dorian Concept When Planets explode 2009

Dorian Concept as the second part of the name suggests he has
a great conceptual sound only dominated by himself great live
performances as far and wide as i have experienced him definately
one of the best live acts in this scene i have withnessed, also check
for the group band JSBL The Clonius & Cid Rim all amazing and
stand out in thier own seperate ways. don't forget to check out
their record label too affine records and pick up MAXIMIZED minimalization

Genre: Hip Hop - Experimental
1. Clap Beep Boom 
2. Freehanded Monkey 
3. Color Sexist 
4. Mesh Beam Splitter 
5. The Fucking Formula 
6. Fort Teen 
7. You Tiresome Thing 
8. When Planets Explode 
9. Her Marshmallow Secret 
10. Two Dimensional 

Check Artist


Alex B beattape

1. Beats 1
2. All These Shows
3. NDD Get Down
4. We Love U
5. Tape It Up
6. Pressure Cooker
7. Elm Oak
8. OSS
9. Cut It Up
10. Pail
11. Heavy Strings
12. You Can't See Me
13. Well Well
14. Habitual Line Stepper
15. Pretty Good Right Now

16. Bonus Track - Relaxin**
17. Bonus Track - Runnin**
All Tracks Produced/Mixed/Mastered by Alex B Except: 15- Co Produced by Harold Oneal
** Featuring Raashan Ahmad of Crown City Rockers

Download Here


The Whitefield Brothers 2009

Funny story About this group i actually know Jan Wessenfeldt
from my home town of munich a regular resident at Florian Kellers
Party Keller night @ the Zerwirk where we actually do the Magnificant
hip hop parties, anyway this came out in 2001 and way before that
they we're killing it as youngsters as the Poets Of Rhythm back on
soul society records. Just funny to be handed it with fresh intensions.

Check it


The Battery Apple Trees Unreleased Material

Side A

Side B

1...Scribbletooth Song (Mother Funk Mic-Check)

2...Good Morning Planet Battery Apple Tree (Intro)

3...My Friends Went To Earth (and all they got me was this crappy keyboard tune)

4...Beware Of Everything

5...5 & One Square

6....The Flies Away feauring M.C. Mixy

7....1, 2, 3, 4, I Declare A Thumb War

8...Summer You Do

9....5, 6, 7, 8, See How I Retaliate

10...The Sound Of Now (Battery Apple Fletton Freestylin')

11...Freak In, Freak Out

12...The Only Way

13...Balfour Boogie

14...The Man With The Bomb In His Mouth

15...We Be Battery

16...Whence The Moon?

ENJOY!!!!!!!!! and don't forget to TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!!!

MUCH MUCH love....

The Battery Apple Trees

Thank You Jay Dee paris Feb 09

Onra & House Shoes Reppin For Dilla!

View Event


Hudson Mohawke Poly Dance 2009

Found some third Party Link to this great Ep already set in gold
Hudson Mohawke finally releases he's 06 Heeterz with the
undisputable Heavyweight Warp label I've been honoured to have
these tunes from way back when and definately one helping push
this dude spreading his Future necksnap music!

Try orBuy

Static Movement 1.1 2009

Second in the series Go check it!!

Download here



Berlin Beat Bwoy Stevo on his next delivery for those
that caught Another Space Oddessy on the earlier posts
will know he Drops with some heat.

Download Here


SelfSays | Something Out Of Nothing EP | DOWNLOAD

Download Here

ASG 01_09 Radio Show

josip klobucar

Nicolas Ryan Gant Move 00Genesis Remix - Cd-R
Erik L ft Stray - Never Fall In Love Melting Pot
Guilty Simpson Piglet (Oh No Remix) - Cd-R
Exile - Love Line - (Radio Promo)
Dr.Who Dat? - Beyond Tomorrow - (Promo)
Unknown ft Aloe Blacc - Unknown - Cd-R
Monkz Vs Rauch - Together Forever V3 - Cd-R
Mindesign - Present Moment (Beat Dimensions Vol 2 Test?)
Zo aka La Chauve - Souris - (Beat Dimensions Vol 2 Test?)
Elaquent - The Love - Cd-R
Exile - The Sound Of God - (Radio Promo)
Letherette - Ting Tang (Beat Dimensions Vol 2 Test)
Iman Williams Planeterium - Remix - Cd- R
Harrison Blakoldman - Fly - Cd-R ( areyoutheone)
D3CCPT - Feel Tha Funk - The Movement (Promo)
Slum Gullion - Whats Up doc - Cd-R
Flying Lotus - Parisian Goldfish (Take Remix) - Cd-R
Unknown - Ox Guit - Cd-R
Dj Rhettmatic ft MED - Lets Do It - Cd-R
Busy - Quasar Trail - (Beat Dimensions Vol 2 Test?)
Kazi - Wanna Take This - Flako Remix Cd-R
Colonel Red & Cone - Sunshine - Cd-R
D Will - The Seen - Cd-R
Blame one ft Johaz - Thomas Crown Affair - Cd-R
Exile - Your Summer Sun - (Radio Promo)
Loop De Loop - crackazat - (Beat Dimensions Vol 2 Test?)
Mindesign - O Gwad - Cd-R
Harrison Blakoldman - Ohmz - Cd-R
The Gap Band - Outstanding - (Greymatter Rework) - Cd-R
Floatingpoint - Shangrila - Cd-R
Unknown - Won't Give up On You - Cd-R
Blackpocket - Ur A Sta - Martyn Remix - Fatcity
Flying Lotus - Meeting The President* - C-dR
Based On kyoto - Flowers - (James Pants Remix)- Japonica recordings
Theo Parrish Chemistry - Sound sculptures
Cecila Stalin - Afro Blue - (DC Refix) - Cd-R
Stee Downes Movement - (Diesler Remix) - Sonar Kollectiv
MCDE - There Is A Truth - Cd-R
Nutmeg - Stab (Give & Go) - Cd-R
Blackcoffee ft Bucie - You Turn Me On - Raw Artistic
Philta + Roman Rauch ft Anya Stuart - Sweaty - Cd-R
Soul ll Soul - Fairplay - (Bugz In The Attic Remix) - Cd-R
Altered Native ft Sasha Williamson - Believe In Me - Test
Flying lotus - Prince - Cd-R
Mike Slott Ammn Sys M1 By American men - Suso Golden Remix -Cd-R
Dr.Who Dat? - Nights Of Nantes - Promo
Major hawthorne - Aint Gonna - AstroNote Remix - Cd-R
Creative Use - Higher(Editnot) - Devine Edits

Josip KlobuËar

01. Devon - Case of the Loopins
02. Mike Slott - Morning Son
03. Comfort Fit - Thursday is Thursty
04. Kissey Asplund - Beam Me Up
05. Georgia Anne Muldrow And Dudley Perkins - Endure (Instrumental)
06. Take - Make Believe
07. Hubert Daviz - Organic Soul
08. Comfort Fit - Freeze The Cut feat. Blaktroniks
09. Grooveman Spot a.k.a. DJ Kou-G - Turn it Up Feat Med A.K.A. Medaphoar (Another Dream Mix)
10. fLako - Wtfigoh
11. Deceptikon - G funk intro
12. Quasimoto - MHBs
13. The Clonious - Wolfteethgrind
14. Architeq - Birds of prey
15. Busta Rhymes - touch it (flako Rmx)
16. Fulgeance - Chico (Dorian Concept Rmx)
17. Scuba - Twitch (Jamie Vex'd remix)
18. Funckarma - Woodface
19. Flyamsam - The Offbeat
20. Flying Lotus - Roberta Flack (Feat.Dolly)
21. Jeremy Ellis - I Believe

Listen Here


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