Dorian Concept When Planets explode 2009

Dorian Concept as the second part of the name suggests he has
a great conceptual sound only dominated by himself great live
performances as far and wide as i have experienced him definately
one of the best live acts in this scene i have withnessed, also check
for the group band JSBL The Clonius & Cid Rim all amazing and
stand out in thier own seperate ways. don't forget to check out
their record label too affine records and pick up MAXIMIZED minimalization

Genre: Hip Hop - Experimental
1. Clap Beep Boom 
2. Freehanded Monkey 
3. Color Sexist 
4. Mesh Beam Splitter 
5. The Fucking Formula 
6. Fort Teen 
7. You Tiresome Thing 
8. When Planets Explode 
9. Her Marshmallow Secret 
10. Two Dimensional 

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