Maverick Sessions Vol 1 Ep deux

next release on the Ubeat Label coming soon!

Featured Artists:
Yoshi Horikawa
Vloop & Kenlo
Kan sano

artdontsleep jam session v.1

As it's a sunday & i have just returned from a few weeks
away in the lovely southern part of france known as the cote d'azur
i thought this posting would be appropriate seeing as all artists are integrally
apart of the beat scene

ArtDontSleep's AM Sessions

Los Angeles is bubbling right now, ArtDontSleep, amongst many others, has been championing this blossoming sound for the last 5 years. Giving artists a place to freely create, innovate and build with one another. No distractions, just music. This is the first of many Jam Sessions to come.

Thank you to Blu for lending us his studio to do this right.

From the June 16th 09 jam there are 5 songs that have been chosen for free release. This is the first of the bunch. A spontaneous 25 minute rendition of "A Love Supreme". The next round of releases will have vocals featuring, Zap Mama, Nia Andrews, Novena Carmel and Neha Kent. For now, enjoy this small offering.

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson - Viola
Todd Simon - Trumpet
Andres Renteria - Drums, percussion
Pablo Ygal - Electric guitar
Shafiq Husayn - Juno, drums
Mark de Clive Lowe - Keys, mpc
Computer Jay - Rhodes, keys
Brian Martinez - Acoustic bass, electric bass
KenBts. - Effects

Benjamin Tierney - Recording engineer, mixing engineer.

Azul213 - Photo

Music here

Photo here


C.O.N.E X Colonel Red introduce ‘Crazybreed’

C.O.N.E X Colonel Red introduce ‘Crazybreed’

Free download at http://www.crazybreed.com/

Following on from the release of their massive broken tune ‘Victim’, the Crazybreed duo Colonel Red & C.O.N.E are inviting people to download their latest joint ‘Spaceface’ this summer in the lead up to the release of Chapter 1 out of four chapters of the Crazybreed project releases.

For more information check out www.rufflanguage.com or email rufflanguage@gmail.com


Full Crate release titled "Make Me Laugh".

This time around Amsterdam-based producer Full Crate teamed up with Versis from Cali to create a lovely laid back hiphop track.
In case you don't remember or haven't heard of "She Was Fly" or "Aftersexin'" please educate yourself and download these two gems for free.

Brand new joints soon to come so support good music and spread the word!

Right click & Save

Check out Moovmnt


SA-RA Creative Partners “Bitch Baby”

Maybe for those who still sleep on Sa-Ra

(off Nuclear Evolution, The Age Of Love out June 24 on Ubiquity Records)

Downlaod Here

Cosmopolyphonic x Jay Scarlett

My lovely Friends from Japan invited me for a little spin on thier
6th edition of the all new earth quaking Cosmopolyphonic Radio
The Show

Kid Kanevil "17 Samurai"

Got this this morning!

Following on from last years’ critically acclaimed album ‘Back Off Man, I’m A Scientist’ First Word returns with another kidkanevil release for your listening pleasure. With his hotly anticipated 3rd studio album ‘Basho Basho’ due in the autumn, they’ve gotten together some of Kid K’s favourite producers to remix some of the top tracks from the first two albums.

The quality runs deep on this one: it includes Hip Hop heavyweights DJ Vadim, Jehst and Mr. Thing, Alice Russell producer TM Juke, Tru Thoughts’ Natural Self, bootleg king J Star, NYC’s Greenwood Rhythm Coalition, Germany’s Michael Fakesch (K7!), France’s Fulgeance and 1000 Names, as well as rising stars Illum Sphere, Eliphino and Capstone.

Added to all that are a couple of newcomers in the shape of Airhead & Narrow P and Depeche Rhodes who were the winners of our remix competition, beating off some stiff opposition to take their place on the final album.

With kidkanevil currently blowing away crowds across Europe with his incredible DJ /MPC show, things are looking up for the talented producer. Keep yours eyes on
www.myspace.com/kidkanevil this summer for exclusive tracks from the forthcoming album.nal moves this year


1 Stomp ft Justin Percival (Jehst remix)
2 Real Wild (Illum Sphere remix)
3 Tokyorkshire (Airhead & Narrow P remix)
4 Tokyorkshire (Red remix)
5 When I Dig ft Kissey Asplund & Blu (DJ Vadim remix)
6 The Profound Truth (Fulgeance ‘Kickin’ Remix)
7 Gotta Be Fresh (1000 Names Plop remix)
8 Def Certificate ft Jehst & Sir Smurf (Mr Thing remix)
9 When I Dig ft Kissey Asplund & Blu (TM Juke remix)
10 Black Bug ft Taprikk Sweezee (Natural Self remix)
11 Tokyorkshire (Andy H remix)
12 F.I.R.E. ft Yarah Bravo (J Star’s Kate Kestrel Dub)
13 Gotta Be Fresh (GRC’s Electro-Cumbia Mix)
14 Black Bug ft Taprikk Sweezee (Schädlingsbekämpfungsmix by Michael
15 The Profound Truth (Depeche Rhodes remix)
16 Black Bug ft Taprikk Sweezee (Eliphino remix)
17 Good Morning, What’s New? ft Andreya Triana (Capstone Re-version)

As an added bonus check out Kid K's brand new mix "18th Samurai" here:

1.Tugboat – Dirt Off Your Shoulder 8bit remix 2.kidkanevil – Tokyorkshire (Airhead & Narow P remix) 3. Zomby – Aquafresh 4. Joker – Psychedelic Runway
5. Aardvark – Four 6. Akira Kiteshi – Pinball 7. kidkanevil – Real Wild (Illum Sphere remix) 8. Fulgeance – I Luv U 9. DJ Vadim - R3 Imaginashun 10. Natural Self – Ghost In The Machine 11. Erk Tha Jerk – Plane In The Air (instrumental) 12. The Cool Kids – Pennies 13. PANTyRAiD – Beba 14. Heralds of Change – Bopgunn (instrumental) 15. Dorian Concept – The Fucking Formula 16. kidkanevil – The Profound Truth (Fulgeance remix) 17. kidkanevil – When I Dig ft Kissey Asplund & Blu (DJ Vadim remix) 18. 1000 Names – Roccin On Your Radio 19. kidkanevil – Gotta Be Fresh (1000 Names remix) 20. Nekklace – BUttERFLY (kidkanevil remix demo) EXCLUSIVE!!! 21. J Dilla – Expensive Whip 22. Jay Dee – Off Ya Chest (instrumental) 23. kidkanevil – The Profound Truth (Depeche Rhodes remix)

(*Reply to this email for booking info)
5 Jun 2009 DJ set @ The Doctors Orders, Jay Stay Paid official launch, London
10 Jun 2009 DJ set @ Vibe Bar, London
11 Jun 2009 DJ set @ The Hifi Club, Homecut album launch party Leeds
13 Jun 2009 DJ/MPC/Flute set @ The Mad Ferret Festival, Manchester
21 Jun 2009 DJ/MPC set Cannes
27 Jun 2009 DJ/MPC set @ Dropp with Dorian Concept Rotterdam
4 Jul 2009 DJ set @ The Harley, Sheffield
8 Jul 2009 DJ set @ Vibe Bar, London
17 – 19 Jul 2009 DJ/MPC/Fluteset with Laura J Martin @ Soundwave Festival Croatia
7 Aug 2009 Live Show @ Moorfest, Yorkshire
11 – 14 Sep 2009 DJ set @ Exodus Festival Croatia

Beat Dimensions vol 1 Video Mash

Thought it was appropriate since Vol 2 just dropped

Courtesy Northstar Statement


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