Coleman - Sounds of Al-Mashriq: The Land Where the Sun Rises

The Sounds of VTech / Coleman: Sounds of Al-Mashriq (Middle East Mix)   

Get your head around this Mix from Coleman from his recent inspired trip to Egypt w/ friends
Download Coleman: Sounds of Al-Mashriq (Middle East Mix)

More Info Here

Full Crate x FS Green. Hi​-​Hat Club Vol. 5 – Eggs And Pancakes

from Hi​-​Hat Club Vol. 5 – Eggs And Pancakes, track released 10 October 2011

<a href="http://hi-hatclub.bandcamp.com/album/hi-hat-club-vol-5-eggs-and-pancakes">Hi-Hat Club Vol. 5 &#8211; Eggs And Pancakes by Hi-Hat Club</a>

Remix Sufisays Warp

Gonjasufi's official remix album is out 4th/5th October (info on the right). We are offering up a couple acapellas from 'A Sufi and A Killer' so producers can compete Worldwide.

To enter
1. Download the two acapellas
Love Of Reign
2. Login and upload your remix via this site.
3. Get your friends to vote you into the most popular remixes
4. Competition closes 1st November 2010 - Gonjasufi and Warp Records will pick the winner shortly after.

The Prize — a ONE-OF-A-KIND, signed & framed Gonjasufi art print
Hand screen printed on silver board. We have gone the extra mile to make this special - see photos below.

Remix Info

Gonjasufi - The Caliph's Tea Party by Warp Records

AFTA-1 - Fragrant Clouds

AFTA-1 "FORM" Limited Casette Tapes from EROK on Vimeo.

AfTa -1 is Always on some cosmic ish!!
<a href="http://afta1.bandcamp.com/track/fragrant-clouds">Fragrant Clouds by AFTA-1</a>
~Fragrant C L O U D S,
Sweet Inspiration,
Fill My A I R,
That I may exhale T R U T H~
Free Download
~A Life Translation~
Composed of multiple live-recorded layers of :
Roland TR 77
Roland SP 555
Casio Casiotone MT 220
Electric bass
Life around me

Larkin x Sky Mix For Ampsoul

Munich Based Producer Daniel Hermann Collini Aka Larkin and Sky has put together a selection of his own productions for Ampsoul as we've been hanging out of late finding out how to get this beat thing off the ground in Munich Hmmm. The mix is sliced together thanks to Dj escata Good Bois in the building.
Find Him:
Dj Escata

Tracklisting to come!


Def Harmonics - Figz Ep

Milwaukee Memebrs jason todd, lunaversol 9 & Make up the group Def Harmonic which have exsisted for several years for the best part known to most would be multi talented producer J Todd who is known to be featured on Beat Dimensions Vol 1 With the track "The Night".

Def Harmonic was formed in 1999 when MC and producer JTodd hosted a local hiphop weekly at the now defunct Stork Club in Milwaukee, WI. MC Lunaversol9 walked through the door, picked up the microphone and dropped lyrics. JTodd asked her to enter the fold and Def Harmonic was born. After a series of lo-fi abstract rap 12″s, a lot of shows, and much time in the studio, the sound has melded into an outerspace head funk for dance floors and living spaces all over the galaxy. On the planet EARTH their music has been played on perspctive radio shows internationally from the US west coast to the BBC to eastern Europe and Japan.

Northern Gothic


On to the X


October 9th Is the drop date, limited vinyl and digital via Listening Party Records


Dj2Phast Mix For Ampsoul

Presenting a selection of Music Mixed cut & mangled by Dj2phast from italy, introduced to me by Laurent Fintoni Original Cultures & Rhythm Incursions Turntable Radio while we were out in Bologna, Along side Om Unit, Cinnman & James Blake hav'in been recieving his music since the go i thought it was time to let him dash some exclusives forward.

Tracklist / Chapters
Alan Parsons Project - I Robot (2phast Edit)
2phast - 80
Exile - Super Robot
N/A - Duck Butter
N/A - Superf_Nky
2phast - Crickets
Eric Lau - For The D (Harmonic 313 Rmx)
2phast - Dubisticapplicata
N/A - The Rhythm (Original Mix)
2phast - 2 S.T.P.
Pangea - Sunset Yellow
N/A - Ultralow
Blackpocket - Ure A Sta (Martyn Rmx)
Outro/ Jay Scarlett - The Definition Of "Beats


813- Back In Space Jungle

The debut release of RAD community and the next step for the young producer 813.
"BACK IN SPACE JUNGLE" with each track seamlessly takes us to the carefree days of the late '80s, multiplied by the sounds of toy-like synths and killer beats of the immediate future. This release is a limited edition of 60 tapes with 10 tracks on it. But for those who did not get the tape, we have prepared a digital version of 6 tracks, so that everyone can enjoy the original mixture of two very different cultures and eras.
Stay tuned and enjoy the music!
<a href="http://radology.bandcamp.com/album/back-in-space-jungle">Back In Space Jungle by RAD</a>


Amenta - Various Tracks

Had the pleasure of having Amenta stay with us in Munich as well as talking about our cultural similarities we got on to talking about various projects she was involved with at the time hanging out in berlin gave her the opportunity to work with beat maker Flako who seems to be honning Momentum every year, heres a set of her previous works.

 M1 by Amenta 


Spacekid - Newold Drafts

Sequel to "Lost Pieces (Raw Drafts pt.1)" from Russian bap-master Beat-Maker-Beat aka Space Kid


Makossa and Megablast . Coming Home feat. Hubert Tubbs

Now heres a great Autumn song by the duo out of Vienna,
featuring on vocals the tower of power main man himself
Herbert Tubbs delivering a great song ready for Henrik Schwarz
to kill it on remix duties.

Listen: Coming Home Ft Hubert tubbs (Henrik schwarz Remix)


The Sneekers - Germs (Vaiper 3 in 1 Instant Coffee Remix)

My boy Vaiper From despotin swiftly reminded me that his Remix of Germs is available for free download, Vaiper Despotin From Vilinus, Lithuania also put on a mean party to as well the other under the rader projects he's putting out. the track has a great drum build & lovely bass hitting side effect.

The Sneekers - Germs (Vaiper 3 in 1 Instant Coffee Remix) by Vaiper Despotin

The Phenomenal Handclap Band - Baby (Architeq Dub)

The Phenomenal Handclap Band - Baby (Architeq Dub)


Eprom - RobotSextape x Bay Area Ep

<a href="http://eprom.bandcamp.com/track/robotsextape">RobotSexTape by EPROM</a>

<a href="http://eprom.bandcamp.com/album/the-bay-area-ep">The Bay Area EP by EPROM</a>

Miguel Atwood​-​Ferguson feat Aloe Blacc - Deliver The World feat Aloe Blacc

New Song available from MIguel Atwood​-​Ferguson Ensemble Live In Los Angeles July 23rd
Featuring Aloe Blacc.
<a href="http://miguelatwood-ferguson.bandcamp.com/track/deliver-the-world-feat-aloe-blacc">Deliver The World feat Aloe Blacc by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson</a>

Outer Spaces

There were no rules other than that simple challenge. Whether they are weaving loops into studio compositions or conjuring full tracks on the train, Eskmo, Exillon, Jneiro Jarel, and Starkey bring us a diverse set of tracks ranging from dense beats to sonic landscapes.
Enjoy the free Outer Spaces EP.



Audio+ Video: Quadron Live at Southpaw + Baby Be Mine

Carhartt x Run Vie Present The Festival Compilation

01 | JR&PH7 Fast Lane Speedin' ft. Oddisee (Philta's Reboogie)
02 | Swede:art Snapshots On A Sunday Night
03 | Marvwon & Brenk Mill Ticket
04 | JR&PH7 Let's Move ft. Skyzoo (The Clonious Remix)
05 | Free The Robots Orion's Belt Buckle
06 | Suff Daddy ft. Miles Bonny 5 o'Clock
07 | Aloe Blacc I’m beautiful
08 | Yosaku ft. Bobbito Malembe (7-Inch Edit)
09 | fLako What's That Calling Me
10 | 1000 NAMES Yellow First Stranger
11 | JR&PH7 Take It To The Streets ft. Planet Asia & Rakaa Iriscience (Kalifornia Kurt Remix)
12 | Robot Koch Night On Mars
13 | JR&PH7 Zone To Da Nightlife ft. Median (Philta's Twilight Mix)
14 | Elektro Guzzi Moskito Draft
15 | JR&PH7 Dreams ft. Kaze & Egdar Allen Floe (Waxolutionists Remix)
16 | Dorian Concept Slyme End
Download ( Right Click to save)

More about Run Vie

Flying Lotus PG+W + Video

Flying Lotus @ North Coast Music Festival from Cam Be on Vimeo.

Flying Lotus - Clay (Taken from the new) Pattern + Grid World



Hudson Mohakwe - Refused By DZA

Nice interpretation i think they call it!

Kelpe - "Margins EP" taster / snips

It’ll be available as a 12″ and download package. I’ve grown pretty fond of a lot of Black Acre’s material recently, having released artists such as Loops Haunt, Blue Daisy, Tokimonsta, Fantastic Mr Fox, Brokenchord and a load more.

Kelpe - "Margins EP" taster / snips by Kelpe
Teamacre 006 / Release date - September 2010
London, Britain (UK)

Jnerio Jarel - Fauna

Had to the pleasure to buck up on JJ @ Sonar 2009 dude was presenting his Willie Iz project along side some Jnerio Jarel Material and he definately put it down even with the technical difficulties he managed to throw aside and aptly freestyle some off the top of the dome ish.
JJ no doubt has he's hands dipped firmly into the brazilian ground in his sound libraries you can definately hear his influences shine through and in particular on this project, get inside it.
Release Date: 9/20/10 :

Oriol - Flux ALT Version

Been Listening to Oriol since i came back from London in march, yeh i know it stuck in my brain cavern, anyways you should grab it if you aint heard about him yet dudes like playing some think 2010 Ayzmuth, Herbie hancock layers with a pinch of Leon Ware in there.heres an alternative version to flux which didn't featured on he's Night & Day album release on Planet Mu.
Flux (Alternate Version) DL by oriol

Video: Dibiase 'Machines Hate Me' (Alpha Pup)

Dibiase "Skullcrack" from Alpha Pup on Vimeo.
After clearing the deposits from my afternoon eyes after a late one pressing pads, i was able to enjoy this delightful video of a Dibiase track from the new album out on Alpha Pup shortly..
intitled "Machines Hate Me"

Director/Editor/Lead Animator: Anthony Ciannamea
CG and Smoke FX: Mark Wisniowski
Illustrations: Ryan Sievert, Lane Fujita, Anthony Ciannamea

From Dibiase 'Machines Hate Me' (Alpha Pup)


Day of the Woman - Day of the Woman

<a href="http://exponential.bandcamp.com/album/day-of-the-woman">Day of the Woman by Exponential Records</a>
released 14 September 2010

Hazeem - Planetary Hour Ep

Hazeem´s EP "Planetary Hours". A multi-genre collection of his works in 2010.
From HipHop-Headnodding-Beats, NuSoul-Experimentals, Hazeem-Raps, Wobble-Basslines, Electronica,
Ambient-Chilling-Instrumentals to 80s-Boogie-Funk

Hazeem - Devils pie Rewok

Hazeem - Ass Whip

Hazeem - So Fly

Download Album

Grillo - I Had U Ken

A collection of deep, bad beats inspired by the all american awesomeness of Ken Masters.

<a href="http://grillo.bandcamp.com/album/i-had-u-ken">I Had U Ken by grillo</a>


The Listening - September

A selection of some stuff i listened to today.. thought i'd share with you's.
Aardvark - Heal (NL)

Koen - 399 (NL)

Salva - Upcoming Music! (USA)

Dobie Magenta Raw Shit (UK)

B-Lewis - day 6 in addition to last night (USA)

American Men - Ccccool World (Falty DL Remix) Cool World Ep (UK)

Siriusmo - Katharsis Impossible (DE)

blue daisy and anneka - blood petal roses (sunken foal remix) (UK)

Ammon Contact - Elevation (USA)

Ninja Tune
Dj Phast - Cluedo (IT) Exclusive!

Roc C ft GAM - Oro (USA)

Zero 7 - Everything Up (Zizou) (Débruit Remix) (UK)

Dibiase - Price is Righteous (USA)


The Dybbuk Quartet - Evans III band

I like sundays, inbox journey for you's to share,Simple things!
<a href="http://blank-slate-records.bandcamp.com/album/evans-iii">Evans III by Blank Slate Records</a>
On the second release from Blank Slate Records The Dybbuk Quartet explore the legacy of one of the greatest musicians of the twentieth century, and indeed of any century, Bill Evans. Their creation is an Evans tribute triptych, three pieces exploring some of the themes of Evans' work whilst refracting them through the Quartet's rootsy, Jewish aesthetic. The resulting mini-album is full of both passion and understated beauty.

Much thanks to Jacques Carolan for providing the stunning artwork, for more of his work see:

Bcescapades.com - The Gemstone Escapade ost. band

The Gemstone Escapade, a crate diggers day out !

<a href="http://beatcreatorescapades.bandcamp.com/album/the-gemstone-escapade-ost">The Gemstone Escapade ost. by beatcreatorescapades</a>
released 11 September 2010
Special thanks to :
Bluntspeakers, Highless, RoyalMugls, Bluntsports, DM2M, Ciph Barker, MOD the black marvel, Godzwrath, J'83 ( for mixing this soundtrack ), Rare Villains, INCREDIBLEEMP1, Def Dreadda.


Freddie Joachim - Olive Juice (Love Remixes Vol. 1)

Only four words neccessary here. Freddie Joachim is Consistant
<a href="http://freddiejoachim.bandcamp.com/album/olive-juice-love-remixes-vol-1">Olive Juice (Love Remixes Vol. 1) by Freddie Joachim</a>
Freddie Joachim - Olive Juice (Love Remixes Vol. 1) - Sept. 2010
released 10 September 2010
all tracks prod. by Freddie Joachim of Organology
Mellow Orange Music (BMI)


all rights reserved.
album is intended only for listening and promotional purposes.

MOODYMATIC - Ampex Frequency EP

Dan Matic and BMOODY bring you the hot-heavy-future-classic-headnodic-space beats. FOOTCLAN BEAT COLLECTIVE.

<a href="http://moodymatic.bandcamp.com/album/ampex-frequency-ep">Ampex Frequency EP by MOODYMATIC</a>


Kadence VS Samiyam EP

<a href="http://abolitionistprojects.bandcamp.com/album/kadence-vs-samiyam-ep">Kadence VS Samiyam EP by Abolitionist Projects</a>

Dyno x Cupp cave - Surf Kill

Dynooo Gum Dragon EPK from ddanceswithwolves on Vimeo.

Belgium in the house two prominent figures outta Ghent / Aalst putting it down back to back.
Mcfly is a live!

Mick Vackey ll

Sci Fi Cream

Surf Kill digital & vinyl SK001 coming
music and artwork by Dynooo & Cupp Cave.
limited to 250 records, hand-numbered
two different covers


Devonwho - (1937)

Devons a beast!!

Devonwho - (1937)

Pudgesnacks Vol 1 + 2

Pudge dj/Mc & Producer from L.A has been consistant to say the least he's output has been humongous throughout 2009/10 with releases on various label uk & us after some chasing i finally got a track for the beat dimensions vol 2 reigndancingwithstars which is a layered synth orchestrated beat with some fat synth bassline powering thru it. he's just dropped these two beat tapes with various productions from teebs,Samiyam dj pound & of course himself mcing & producing the majority of the lickshot tracks.

Pudge Featuring Kissey Asplund

Axels revenge

Is this what u want prod. by Samiyam

Check More over @ his Bandcamp

Dana - Good Good

Dana. - SexSlaveShip (prod. Flying Lotus) from DANA. on Vimeo.

Dana buzzing over a Flying Lotus.

<a href="http://dana.bandcamp.com/track/dana-good-good">DANA. - good.good by DANA.</a>

Crackazat - Sonic Router Mix #54

The one that got away, funny seeing as i thought he was perfect for the beat dimensions vol 2 well we didn't even see the track pressed yes a mystery to me too.but anyways here he is excepting the pleasure of making a mix & Profiling for sonic router.

1. Erroll Garner – Stormy Weather
2. Koushik – Morning Comes
3. Skalpel – So Far
4. Lukid – Saddlebags
5. Super Smoky Soul – Compromise (Original Mix)
6. Flako – Hump
7. Sam Irl & Dorian Concept – Untitled One
8. Moo – Spacetravelin’
9. Slope Ft Capitol A – In The Mix
10. Crackazat Ft Evergreen – Flight
11. The Clonious – Emora
12. Louis Bordeaux – Ecstasy
13. Mr Beatnick ft Ahu – I Know All The Bitches (Bullion rmx)
14. Type Sun – Untitled (album draft)
15. Iinkling – Hiliya
16. Crackazat – Hermeto (Tribute Groove)

Download Sonic router Mix Click
Unreleased:Crackazat Loop De Loop

Take -Only Mountains Reworks

After hanging out for a couple of days hitting some house parties Munich style Take now find's himself making his way towards the city of Brussels to meet up with dr Kwest & crew to slam yet another show, promoting off the back of his latest release Only Mountains,if your wondering about the name it's exactly what it was him secluded by mountains only, as a bonus he was good enough to give us a taste of some upcoming material from the rework album which will be out sometime soon after remastering touches by mr alpha pup himself daddy kev, the list of remixers is definately the who's who of the scene at the moment Nosaj Thing,Om Unit,leonard dstroy,shigeto, Mux Mool & tokimonsta just to name a few. anyways heres a little snippet of a rework he did for himself begin end begin.

Tokimonsta Remix
 TAKE - "Horizontal Figuration (Tokimonsta Remix)" by INCHES

Gold Panda - Lucky Shiner LP

Download Dream China
Check More Info
Bonus Album track: Greek Style


been supporting Letherette since 2008 on various mixes and shows and now thier finally dropping
a consistant batch of legit tunes in weeks to come Letherette consists of two producers - Andy Harbor and Richard Roberts recently featured on Gilles Peterson Brownswood Bubblers compilation Vol 5 with the track 'In July Focus'.

Check: The Way

Tracklisting EP:
1. Ashtro
2. Dance Brace
3. Eye To Eye
4. Furth & Myre
5. In July Focus
6. Cherryade
7. Say Yeah
8. The Way

Ho_Tep records 2010

Big thx to the Alex Nuts!

DR + - Interpretations 2

Slipped through the post today a collection of DR + Interpretations
featuring various reworked cuts from flying lotus,Tokimonsta,Bibio,
Black Moth,Nosaj Thing + More.

heres a cut called:Dunian X Exile - All Mega Intros Mixed (DR+ Remix)

Commogramma Outtakes

Something to keep you warm till New Flying Lotus LP drops September 21st and i don't think this will be out for sometime it's an outtake from commogramma.


Eric Lau - Cruise control x EPK x BTS Mix

<a href="http://kilawattmusic.bandcamp.com/track/cruise-control-free-download">Cruise Control (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Kilawatt Music</a>

Bobby - Circulations

BOBBY EP - Rush Hour | iTunes

BOBBY EP (Instrumentals) - iTunes (Digital only)

All tracks produced by Robin Hannibal


A1. Move
A3. Amends
B1. Voltaire
B3. Pain

BOBBY is the brainchild of Robin Hannibal, a songwriter/producer from Copenhagen, Denmark, that is also the founding member of numerous others projects, including Owusu & Hannibal (Ubiquity records), Boom Clap Bachelors (Music For Dreams), Parallel Dance Ensemble (Permanent Vacation) & Quadron (Plugresearch).

But this time he has done everything by himself.

"Normally I work with another singer, but I just felt that I wanted to play around more with my own voice, and use the time I normally use on other people voices, on my own instead. It was very much an experiment, and it took some time before I actually got pleased with the results, and found my sound, and I've always listened to a lot of music, but what has always fascinated me was melodies and maybe its because Iʼm also so heavily involved in the production work, playing instruments etc, that I often hear the voice as an instrument, that needs to fit with the rest of the elements and instruments in the song.

It has a role, just as the bass or the guitar has one, and the only thing I knew was that I wanted to incorporate that idea into the music."

With a big love for more head twisting experimental sounds, it seemed only natural that the quest should take place in the land of left-field music.

With inspirations as diametrically opposite as classic singers like Leon Ware or Michael Franks and newer music like Madlib or J Dilla, the 28 years old songwriter wanted to challenge himself.

"I wanted to see if it could be possible to mix more typical structured songs into modern electronic production, and listening to it now, I notice that all songs has to do with some form of movement. I think that I was going through a period of trying to redefine myself, and also taking a very serious look at my surroundings, cleaning up my closet in regards to relationships, friendships and musical collaborations. So it’s very much a document of what I've been going through the last years time"

Distributed exclusively by Rush Hour, except in Japan by Jazzy Sport

Twitter: https://twitter.com/circulations
Blog: http://circulations.blog26.fc2.com/
SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/circulations
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/circulations


Rapohnelizenz - The Beat Tape Vol​.​1

<a href="http://rapohnelizenz.bandcamp.com/album/rapohnelizenz-the-beat-tape-vol-1">Boom Baptist - 8-Bit Try by rapohnelizenz</a>


01. Boom Baptist - 8-Bit-Try
02. Xperiment Beats - Sound Barrier
03. Jon Phonics - Face Music
04. Chemo (Telemachus) - Dirt Digler
05. Das Geraet (Cutcannibalz) - Beck's
06. Dibiase - Choke Ya Hood
07. Anatol Atonal - A-tzeton
08. Torky Tork - Signal Rap
09. DDay One - Give And Take
10. Suff Daddy - Message Break
11. Boom Baptist - Asian March
12. Bugseed - Break of Dawn
13. Elaquent - Good Fortune
14. J. Bizness - Biz Reason 105 Nevermind
15. Pigeondust - Wingless Believer

Rapohnelizenz - The Beat Tape Vol​.​1 drops today with exclusiv beats of some of the freshest producers outta underground. Stay Tuned!


Toro y Moi - freak Love

If your into the producer scene but want that little bit
more like some vocals maybe then this album is straight up
dope! just discovered today crusing the webways and a few tracks
caught my ears immediately.
Hear Freak Love Here

October 29th - Leeds, UK @ The Academy +
October 30th - Manchester, UK @ The Academy +
October 31st - Edinburgh, UK @ Picture House +
November 2nd - Glasgow, UK @ The Academy +
November 3rd - Birmingham, UK @ The Academy +
November 4th - Bristol, UK @ The Academy + + with Foals

Read more: http://www.myspace.com/toroymoi

Themselves – “You Ain’t It” (Lazer Sword Remix)

Can't wait for the new Lazorswords album to pop.. gonna set discoballs a light!

Download: Themselves – “You Ain’t It” (Lazer Sword Remix) [Right Click Save-As]

Lazorswords Batman (Right click save)


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