mpcs-n-beatbreaks MMH 2008

My Man Henri, he's that dude that gets shit rolling
documentor extreme can write a good point of view
to check out his blog and get ready for 2010 mans
gonna kill B.L.O.G know how & Knowledge.
Big Ups MMH

Download Here


Harrison Blakoldman Bionik Ep (2008) out soon

This is supposed to be dropping out on Ubeat records and now thats
with a question mark ?? raised as its already avialible here not
quite making for good business sense for label or artist
so here it is.

On “Full Speed,” Harrison delivers some Dabrye-esque appregiated synth lines alongside swing-heavy drum programming that could easily be enjoyed in the headphones or the whip.

Download Here

Railster Patchwork Anthems (2008)

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Jay Scarlett x Johsua May x Circulations x Onur Engin

Just a small post to say thx to everyone that gave me the time of day
this Year especially Dai from Circulations & Joshua mays + Stephan
at Reebok, Benji B 1xtra Deviations, Gilles Peterson (Worldwide)
Lefto (The hop) Yuri, Christiaan (Rushhour) Costa & Joe (Black Athena) Thomey Bors & Petit Bear (The Beatniks) & Both Christina's (Outro)
Kenny Fresh (Fresh Selects) Dj2d2 & Vir (Sonar) Claus & Posse Vienna
(Loud Minority) & of course my Musical partner in Turkey Onur Engin
Monotape.com we be building for the 09 Ubeat Records be the name
to watch out for, will be dropping exclusives right here if i find time
to maybe soup up my ASG page then that will be on the top list..lol,

Also Wanna Big Up everyone in this photo for being
on point when it came to delivering the goods for
New Worlds X HMV Shibuya.

Not really one for words preferring to let the music & projects do the talking.

Out Now On Circulations Japan

Ep 001 Out 09 On Ubeat Records.

If your in the area of Austria (Vienna) I'll be spinning along side
Producer & FM 4 (Tribes Vibes) Radio Man Trishes @ Club Wirr On The 26th Of December In case the family are bugging out and the food aint that great which I'd be surprised but i have experienced some of those one's away from home at the annual yam down, Expect A Menu Of Beats,Soul,Dusty Records & Exclusives.

If your a little low on pocket money cause of the credit crunch
& xmas spending spree Hit me up Here for a lil concession santa's feeling generous

Peace & Seasonal Greeting

J.S Out Till Next Year!!!

soundbwoy BTS Mix


Exile x Muhsinah = Stay Tuned (Stay here)

Shhhh!! The secret is Out surely one of the dopest albums
I've been graced with This year Shouts To Jonathan Kim
for the Promo Free of Idents Tunes Like The Machine &
San Pedro Cactus Which stand out frimly as favourites
for me at least, Both featured On the last ASG Show.

This particular track which features The Highly Tuned Vocals
Of the LovelyMuhsinah and Filtered Sample Chops of D'Angelo
in The background.
Download Here


Dela Atmosphere Airlines Vol.2

Dela French Producer of many a great remix including
Tom Brownes "Funkin For jamaica" out on Swedish
Label Jugglin Back In Early 2000- Here A sample of
things to come.

1. Welcome Back
2. Multi Barz Of Fury (Remix) - CL Smooth
3. Work It Out (Remix) - Q-tip
4. P.S.A (Elemental)
5. My Nigga - Elzhi (from the album Changes Of Atmosphere)
6. My Style Is Fly (Unreleased Mix) - Jazz Lib feat. Fatlip
7. Party & Bullshit (Remix) - Biggie
8. The Bullshit 2k9 - G.Slim
9. Long Life (Remix) - Talib Kweli
10. Mars - Blu
11. The Sag - Aloe Blacc
12. The Sidewalks (Dela’s City Mix) - J-Live
13. Trigger Happy Police
14. Motown 2k9 - Finale
15. All I Know - Reach
16. It’s Love (Remix) - DJ Tonk feat. Noelle Scaggs
17. Stressed Out (Remix) - A Tribe Called Quest
18. La Voix Claire (Remix) - Dany Dan
19. The Pursuit - Supastition & Brotha Soul
Download Here


FLYING LOTUS Essential Mix 29/11/08

Been Meaning to Document this for a minute on my blog.
incredible 2008 memorys for us to ipod regular no doubt.
pce to Lo lo for a great selection

Essential Mix

Alice Coltrane 'Galaxy In Turiya'
Charlie Hayden+ Egberto Gisomonti / Gonjasufi 'Testament'
Flying Lotus 'Massage Situation (Stripped)'
Dimlite 'Sun Sized Twinkles'
Flying Lotus 'Robertaflack Ft. Dolly'
Flying Lotus 'Robertaflack (Mike Slott Reflunk)'
Ahu 'I Know All The Bitches (Bullion Remix)'
Heralds Of Change 'Amuse'
Carlos Y Gaby 'Happy Summer Solstice'
Pudge 'Yung Infamous'
Dorothy Ashby 'Myself When Young'
Nosaj Thing 'Bach'
LL 'Turf Day'
Flying Lotus 'Infinitum (Dimlite Remix)'
Clark 'Springtime Epigram'
Burial 'Shutta'
Blank Blue 'Blank Blue (Flying Lotus Remix)'
Daedelus 'I'm String Struck'
MHE 'Untitled'
Daedelus / Madvillain 'Experience/Accordion (Flying Lotus Live
Hudson Mohawke 'Zoo0000oom'
Rustie 'Black Block Remix'
Teebs+Jackhigh 'Idea 1 (Clutch)'
Matthewdavid 'Tallahassee Tapes'
Martyn / Flying Lotus 'Vancouver+Pet Monster Shotglass'
Fulgeance 'Chico (Dorian Concept Remix)'
Joker 'Solid State'
Rusko 'Moanerz'
Daddy Kev 'Invite8'
Ras G 'Star Messenger'
Madlib 'Unreleased Gem'
SAMIYAM 'Cheesecake Backslap'
Knowledge 'Dawn'
Flyamsam 'Princess Toadstool'
Sa-Ra 'Hollywood'
Muhsinah / Flying Lotus 'With Me/ Melt'
Flying Lotus 'Dissecto'
Flying Lotus 'Breathe'
Mike Slott 'Home'
Flying Lotus 'Sangria Spin Cycles (Ambient Mix)'
Danny Breaks 'Cosmic Dust'
Flying Lotus 'Beginners Falafel (Free The Robots Remix)'
SAMIYAM 'Falafel Cannon'
Flying Lotus 'Beginners Falafel'
Slum Village 'Players (Instrumental)'
Flying Lotus 'Cackle'
Flying Lotus 'Raise It Up'
Osborne 'Definition Of A Breakdown'
Baron Zen 'Burn Rubber (Dam-Funk Remix)'
Mono/Poly 'Needsdeodorantbitch'
Chocolate Star / Nelly Furtado 'Stay With Me/Promiscuous'
Gonjasufi 'Suzie Q'
Kiing Midas 'Lost (Flying Lotus Live Remix)'
Rusko / Flying Lotus 'Terminal3' / 'Tea Leaf (Dancers Live Remix)'
Daedelus 'Hours Minutes Seconds (Beat Invitational Version)'
Kode9+Flying Lotus 'Kryon'
Zomby 'Spliff Dub (Rustie Remix)'
Busta Rhymes 'What Up'
SAMIYAM 'Crystal Lake'
Weather Report 'River People'
SAMIYAM 'Flintstone Car'
Flying Lotus 'Backpack Caviar'
Radiohead 'Reckoner (Flying Lotus Remix)'
Bjork 'All Is Full Of Love'
Broadcast 'Winter Now'
Portishead 'Elysium'
Linda Perhacks 'Hey Now Who Really Cares'
Flying Lotus 'Infinitum (Exile Remix)'
Flying Lotus 'Live Set Practice Run'


Sarah White x JTodd Remix Free Download

Been following Sarah White from early 2002 when me & Spacek Hit NYC to do APT with Rich Medina,
Expect a great Remix Ep to follow, this particular track is blessed with Fellow Beat dimensions Vol 1
Participant Jtodd remix from out of Milwakee Aka Leo Minor & Def Harmonics amongst other things
Download Here


New Ampsoul Show Online

Title: Amp Soul Generation Radio Feat. Nosaj + Take

Published: 03 December 2008

Duration: 2:40:26

Website: www.myspace.com/bassboulevard

Track Listing:

Busy - Light Curtain - Test
Busy ft Reggie B & Pharoah - Danga - Test
Stray ft Braintax - 3 Never Free 2 - Cd-r
Ta Raach - Sparssley flakes - Test
PPP - Dirty - Cd-r
Exile - San pedro Cactus - Cd-r
Mono/Poly - Distant From - Test
Griffi - Ponte Cómoda - Del Palo Cd-r
Olivier Day Soul - get Into U - Cd-r
Blackmilk - Hell Yeh - fatbeats
Morgan Spacek - Keep It - Test
Wes Felton - The Most Beauty Full Of Things - Tasteful Licks
Q-Tip - It's You - Universal Motown
T-Pain & Lil Wanye (Mono/Poly Remix) - Cd-r
Morpheground - The Most High - Cd-r
Flying Lotus Tealeaf Dancer - (Mike Slott Remix) - Warp
Pursuit Groove - Love Dub Motion - Cd-r
Stray - Different Phase - Cd-r
Duktus - Think Back - Cd-r
Fantastic Planet & jneiro Jarel - Miles Ahead Of Ya - Cd-r
Yann Kesz - In The Beginning Was The Beat - Trad Vibe Records
Exile - The Machine - Cd-r
Stray - So Cruel - Cd-r
14KT - The D Light In You - A Side Worldwide
Mark Pritchard - Dirtbox - Cd-r
Architect - Untitled - (Take Remix) - Cd-r
Griffi - Subidón De Morcilla - Del Palo Cd-r
Flako - The Last Astronaut - Cd-r
Quadron - Come You Can Go - (New Worlds Comp) Circulations
Funkenteller - Ceeeee - Cd-r
Plantlife - Sumthin About Her - (Quadron remix) - Cd-r
Onra - Bomb A - Bo Bun
Nightmare On Wax - Da Feelin - Wax On Records
Griffi - Esto Es Serio - Del Palo Cd-r
The Joubert Singers - Stand On The Word - (Rackem remix) - Cd-r
PPP - Track 10 - Cd-r
Boom Clap bachalors - Kapital Logik - (Yam Who? Remix)- Cd-r
Rogiers - Home - (Opolopo Remix) - Cd-r
Daniel Wang - Like Some Dream - Cd-r
Nitta - illjon - Cd-r
14KT Illustrious - A-Side worldwide
Trevor Loveys & Alfie Yusef - B-Boy Tradition - Tragic Magic Records
Dalt Wisney - Molehills - Test
Modeselctor - The Black Block - (Rustie Remix) - B Pitch
Joker - Holly Brook Park - Cd-r
The Widdler - Sensi Samurai - Studio Rockers
Kira Neris - With All His Might - (Mr Beatnik Remix) - Futuristica Music
Calmer - Past Is Present - Moodgadget Records Promo
Hudson Mohawke - Star Crackout - Allcity Records
Dorian Concept - Two Dimensional - Nod Navigators/Kindred Spirit
Kienra - The question - Cd-r

Listen Here

Mark Pritchard Aka Harmonic 313 Dirtbox

One of His finest tunes to date!!! Dirt box only for the Dutty minded.
Download Here:


Fresh Selects Feature of New Worlds Out in Japan Now

Circulations & Jay Scarlett New Worlds
w/ Guilty Simpson, SA-RA more

Cutting-edge Japanese label, Circulations, have joined forces with European tastemaker host of Amp Soul Generation radio show, Jay Scarlett, for the brand new compilation, New Worlds. The project was put together to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the HMV Shibuya store - one of the leading retail supporters of quality music in Japan.

To mark the occasion, they've gathered new and exclusive tracks from some of the most promising artists of this new beat/future soul generation - including Loose Joints alumni SA-RA and Ras_G, as well as Super Smoky Soul & Guilty Simpson, Quadron (which features Robin Hannibal of Owusu & Hannibal/Boom Clap Bachelors fame), Take, Hudson Mohawke, The Big Payback (Onra & Byron The Aquarius) with Reggie B, and plenty more. And these all come packaged with fresh cover art & design courtesy of Philly-based artist, Joshua Mays, who has also blessed covers for Waajeed (The War LP), Mark de Clive-Lowe (The Politik) & Jneiro Jarel (Three Piece Puzzle US release).

To give you a taste of what to expect from New Worlds, Circulations has blessed us with a free download of the track, & Knockout Kings, a heavyweight bout between Japanese production trio, Super Smoky Soul and one of Detroit finest, Guilty Simpson. The song features Guilty throwing his typical K.O.-blows over SSSs fresh approach to a familiar sample. The song will be released as both a limited-edition 7" singles, and a remixed 12&8243; in the coming weeks - so stay tuned for more info on both releases.

But before that, you can also preview two full-length songs below - SA-RA kinky quiet storm bounce, Talk Sex, as well as selector Jay Scarlett's I Cant Help It - a club-friendly, broken thump which also features British singer, Leon King.

And as always, stay tuned after the jump for some bonus selections. This time around highlighting some of Guilty Simpson more low-key collaborations and past mixtape tracks, including tracks from Mr. Porter Runyon Ave. crew.

SA-RA Creative Partners Talk Sex

Jay Scarlett I Can Help It (feat. Leon King)

Please be informed that Kenny Fresh of Bling47 kindly posted the release...!



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