Jay Scarlett x Johsua May x Circulations x Onur Engin

Just a small post to say thx to everyone that gave me the time of day
this Year especially Dai from Circulations & Joshua mays + Stephan
at Reebok, Benji B 1xtra Deviations, Gilles Peterson (Worldwide)
Lefto (The hop) Yuri, Christiaan (Rushhour) Costa & Joe (Black Athena) Thomey Bors & Petit Bear (The Beatniks) & Both Christina's (Outro)
Kenny Fresh (Fresh Selects) Dj2d2 & Vir (Sonar) Claus & Posse Vienna
(Loud Minority) & of course my Musical partner in Turkey Onur Engin
Monotape.com we be building for the 09 Ubeat Records be the name
to watch out for, will be dropping exclusives right here if i find time
to maybe soup up my ASG page then that will be on the top list..lol,

Also Wanna Big Up everyone in this photo for being
on point when it came to delivering the goods for
New Worlds X HMV Shibuya.

Not really one for words preferring to let the music & projects do the talking.

Out Now On Circulations Japan

Ep 001 Out 09 On Ubeat Records.

If your in the area of Austria (Vienna) I'll be spinning along side
Producer & FM 4 (Tribes Vibes) Radio Man Trishes @ Club Wirr On The 26th Of December In case the family are bugging out and the food aint that great which I'd be surprised but i have experienced some of those one's away from home at the annual yam down, Expect A Menu Of Beats,Soul,Dusty Records & Exclusives.

If your a little low on pocket money cause of the credit crunch
& xmas spending spree Hit me up Here for a lil concession santa's feeling generous

Peace & Seasonal Greeting

J.S Out Till Next Year!!!

soundbwoy BTS Mix

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