Freddie Joachim - Dusted

Download Dusted

Ghost Feet - Wires and Chords

Dropping Gems is proud to present the debut EP of our newest crewmembers, the Olympia-based duo Ghost Feet. The four tracks held within lay out a pretty convincing argument for the existence of supernatural beings, specifically ones that haunt the undersides of dead leaves or the tops of pine trees. The young duo combine the talents they’ve come to be known for through live performance, with Hobbes employing a range of drum machines, synthesizers and gritty sonic textures to build a framework for Qloq’s eerie guitar melodies. Their respective talents coalesce on Wires and Chords into a tight spectrum of tempos and moods. Some tracks bubble with the energy of ghost children during recess at midnight elementary school (“Pull Ups”), while others contemplate ancient laments as old as the land itself (“Bog”). We’re gratified to share this EP with the world, both for the tracks themselves and the suggestion of what’s to come.


released 24 May 2011
All songs written and recording by Rachel and Calvin over the past year in Olympia, WA.

Artwork by Paulina Ruiz
Mastered by Twerk @ Audible Oddities
Catalog# GEM008 

Dyno - I Feel Like Playing Sim City Straight From The Floppy

Here's a lo-fi techno record I made past monday: Download Here
It includes a Dem Hunger remix and i'm also sending out limited personalized cdr's for whoever wants to buy one.

The album's called I Feel Like Playing Sim City Straight From The Floppy And Run A Tornado All Over My Perfectly Functioning Town After I Put The Fire Department Way Too Far So They Wont Be Able To Help My Sim City People

Share all you want.

Btw I'm Dynooo, i also work under the Munch Room monniker and make music with Cupp Cave as Salted Slugs. Together we run Surf Kill, home to Ssaliva and Kingfisherg.

Semtek - TBC

This FREE download is to celebrate the DBA004 & DBA005 Launch Party happening at Visions Video Bar in London on Friday 27th May.

The incredible lineup includes; Photonz, Paul White, Bullion, Alex Chase, Mr Beatnick and Semtek!

Buy your tickets now for just £3! 


released 05 August 2012
Additional Programming: Ed Stevens


Jay Scarlett x Pixelatique

Pixelatique Podcast #10 - Jay Scarlett by Pixelatique on Mixcloud

Heziekah - Intro
LV & Okmalumkoolkat - Boomslang (LDFD Remix)
Swindle - Moodswing
Salva - When I Hear Mu$ic
Wiley - Colder (Remix)
Silkie - It's Late
Hudson Mohawke - Thunder Bay
Machinedrum - Alarma
Africa Hitech - Caveman Style
Crystal Fighters - In The Summer (Sepalcure Remix)
Krsur - You're So Glow (Nino Remix)
Femme En Fourrure - Bronco (Nguzunguzu Remix)
Tyler The Creator - Au79
Benjamin One - Simpler Things
Kromestar - Don't Make Sense
Son Of Kick - Playingg The Villian (Machinedrum Remix)
Mono/Poly - Woofer
Untitled - Another World
Clark - Basterville Grinch
Darkhouse Family - Snaggletooth
Dza - Hey Rake! (Vaiper Despotin's Dead End Road Remix)
Leonard Dstroy & Herobust Ft Aqeelion - Stargaze 
Mike Goa - 10th Letter
Ghostpoet -Survive It (Gang Panang Remix)
Karlmarx - Ares
Tascforce - Growing Old
Nicolas Jaar - Keep Me There



Dauwd - Could It Be​/​Shimmer

First Word Record - First Word is 7 s


Spacek Inc X Ampsoul

Going through Music this week I thought it was time to revisit one of my all time favourite inspirations a group of individuals that turn the hands of time when it came to reinventing how music could be produced-

The trio was formed in the mid-90s by bassist, vocalist, and songwriter, Steve White but initially was a 5 piece that included Francis Hylton (Now in Incognito) and keyboardist Steve Morgan. Through a mutual friend, White was introduced to guitarist Edmund Cavill and with manager Jason Knight approached drummer, Morgan Zarate to complete the lineup to form Spacek. All three members subsequently adopted Spacek as their surnames. As of today all individuals are making some of the most cutting edge music the world will witness this generation. 


Bugseed x Ill.sugi - Flipping Formats Beattape

  • bugseed to ampsoul

    hello, its bugseed, beatmaker from Tokyo/Japan.
    i just release our brandnew beattape on bandcamp!
    feel free 2 enjoy and spread this beattape if you like..

    Bugseed x Ill.sugi - Flipping Formats Beattape

    01 ill.sugi - sakai 
    02 bugseed - mad dogg 
    03 ill.sugi - harumi 
    04 bugseed - horsefeathers 
    05 ill.sugi - soothing 
    06 bugseed - mind bender 
    07 ill.sugi - sekirei 
    08 bugseed - slipslop 
    09 ill.sugi - ind 
    10 bugseed - crystal vision

    bugseed x ill.sugi collaboration beattape. 
    bugseed is beatmaker from Tokyo,Japan.
    ill.sugi is beatmaker/mc from Kanagawa, Japan. 
    we made this tape in one night when i went to his home. and this made by only fl studio. feel free to enjoy these beats and spread this beattape if you like.. 




    also you can check our other release.. 

    Bugseed - Bohemian Beatnik LP 
    Ill.Sugi - Hobo-Beatz (his 1st beattape) 
    released 19 May 2011

  • bugseed.bandcamp.com
    ‎10 track album


Inkswel X Ampsoul

Enigmatic yet modest, Inkswel has traversed the globe - opening for Aloe Blacc and Funkineven at Paradiso in Amsterdam, while spinning records in his home town alongside Dam Funk, Tom Trago and Mark Pritchard. Running weekly club nights in The Croft Institute in Melbourne, Inkswel works to span all genres - Hip Hop, Disco, Boogie, House, Funk and beyond.

Always leaning to the future, a true gentleman of music with a bboy slant.His production skills mirror his djing, diverse yet heavily grounded in a hip hop aesthetic and attitude. Samples, deep synths, drum machines and dirty vinyl play an imperative role in the Inkswel sound.

Releasing hip hop sounds on Wax Museum Records, beat tape-driven house on digital imprint Cuckoo Music, Boogie and Disco vibes on Boogie Bash (March 2011) and more angles and approaches soon to come in 2011 and beyond.

Download here: 

junktion - Galaxie Junktion

released 15 May 2011
Art by Johnson Witehira
"The Karearea (NZ Falcon), Aotearoas last endemic bird of prey expands its wingspan across the galaxy"

More about tom2k over here

DZA - Five​-​Finger Remixes

ORDER CASSETTE VIA BIGCARTEL errorbroadcast.bigcartel.com/product/dza-five-finger-remixes



released 16 May 2011
all music by DZA
and remixing artists as indicated

Cupp Cave - Dice Pool EP

Regular features to Ampsoul!!

Cupp Cave brings you four new tracks of beautifully renovated throwback music on this latest Vlek release. The blend of early 90's rave and eurodance melodies with a modern day aesthetic gives this EP an addictively nostalgic yet fresh and contemporary feel. The psychedelic production effects & techniques used make the whole thing very headphone-friendly whilst the heavy synth lines & drum machines will cause mayhem on any dancefloor. It's an all around winner of a release from this highly productive Belgian. 

More info on vlek.tumblr.com


releases 13 June 2011
© François Boulanger / Vlek Records


Bobby Tanks x Ampsoul

A short Introduction to Bobby Tanks hailing from the uk.
just sent over a short Mix which i got rather excited about
so heres some of his music in which you can enjoy from your
armchairs + ipods
Artwork made by Rocco Pezzella
Catch him here:


Cream Child - Parasomnia band

From light to dark, there is a road leading to the fancy forms. Full of cunning traps, it creates invisible grimaces. Luring by laces, it invites you to the ball... A strange carousel brings you to unassembled mosaics of Parasomnia’s world, where every step is an immersion into the depth of hypnotic illusions and secret desires. You are hearing the voices but you can't make out the words. Where are you now? Africa, India or maybe the whole world is in front of you? Doesn't having time to think you understand that you are getting blown away again. The first long-play record from the most extraordinary representative of Russian beat scene, Cream Child. The album’s title, Parasomnia, reflects exactly what you will experience after the meeting with a new Cream Child’s music. More experimental than before, the structure of these compositions is even more elusive, and the samples sound like they had been taken from another universe. Pay attention: all these ingredients may cause the insomnia, uncontrollable anxiety for the unprepared ear and a kind of acoustic vertigo. If you are ready to take part in this dangerous attraction - follow the Venetian Fox. But don't let him trick you.

vlooper - COPYCAT (a Dilla Tribute)


Stac - Turn That Light Out: The Remixes / Vol. Two


mezzo - Why Not Nothing? EP

released 17 April 2011
artwork by Nates James & DTCPU // produced and mixed by brandon fry (mezzo) from 12/10-04/11 // all money donated will go towards funding Japan Tsunami & Earthquake Relief // thanks for lending an ear // blessings


Luisterwaar - Dry​/​Wet (STRTEP003)


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