Def Harmonics - Figz Ep

Milwaukee Memebrs jason todd, lunaversol 9 & Make up the group Def Harmonic which have exsisted for several years for the best part known to most would be multi talented producer J Todd who is known to be featured on Beat Dimensions Vol 1 With the track "The Night".

Def Harmonic was formed in 1999 when MC and producer JTodd hosted a local hiphop weekly at the now defunct Stork Club in Milwaukee, WI. MC Lunaversol9 walked through the door, picked up the microphone and dropped lyrics. JTodd asked her to enter the fold and Def Harmonic was born. After a series of lo-fi abstract rap 12″s, a lot of shows, and much time in the studio, the sound has melded into an outerspace head funk for dance floors and living spaces all over the galaxy. On the planet EARTH their music has been played on perspctive radio shows internationally from the US west coast to the BBC to eastern Europe and Japan.

Northern Gothic


On to the X


October 9th Is the drop date, limited vinyl and digital via Listening Party Records

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