Sepalot - Red Handed Remixes

SEPALOT „Red Handed“ Remixes Part 1

As a member of the Vol 1 Beat dimensions it only fair to continue promoting those that gave thier love into the Acclaimed First Project.
Sepalot is a very good friend of mine & we'll be bashing out bangers back 2 back in June for the Blumentopf Aftershow Party in the Ampere, previous sessions together have always been surprising and well worth attending.

„Red Handed“ takes yet another twist, feeding the club circuit with another release from self procclaimed traveller between the genres : Sepalot. With the first part of a series of two, Sepalot unites friends and comrades in style from all over globe to create yet another variety of sound for his favorite tracks from last years album. „Jump Too“ a rendition from „Jump“ featuring Brooklyns son Hanzsolo creating his signature vocoder disco style for a brandnew track. Then there is everyone’s number one track of the album „Go get it“ with AC Slater sprinkling his very own spice into this mix and with Chicagos very own Rob Threezy „She likes me“ gets a haul over far beyond your expectations.
Whichever one is your favorite, there is only one thing to say: Turn it up!

Get the „AC Slater Remix“ for free here:

download the "red handed remixes mix" here:

SEPALOT on the blocks:

SEPALOT „Red Handed“ Remixes Part 1:
(release date April 20th)
1. „Jump Too“ feat. Olivier Day Soul & Hanzsolo / SEPALOT
2. „Go Get it“ feat. Ladi6 – AC Slater Mix / SEPALOT
3. „She Likes me“ feat. Frank Nitty – Rob Threezy Mix / SEPALOT
4. „Jump Too“ feat. Olivier Day Soul & Hanzsolo – Hanzsolo Rmx / SEPALOT

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