This LP is my personal good-bye to genre-specific music and the immitation of existing patterns. I don't want to fit any expectations but the ones I have in myself. It is not a reference to the recent state of electronic music, but one stage in my own musical development.


1. Drehundangelpunk
2. Klaus Kroete
3. Potentiopeter
4. Miez und Muskel
5. Drehundangelpunk (Tone Def Can't Pronounce Remix)
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Erdbeerschnitzel - Vorsprung durch Hektik EP

Erdbeerschnitzel - Vorsprung durch Hektik
Erdbeerschnitzel - Vertikalgetüm
Erdbeerschnitzel - Honigkuchenhengst
Erdbeerschnitzel - Gottes Pfad und Teufels Reitpfad

Raise your glasses! PN012 has arrived. Some people might find the artist's name Erdbeerschnitzel (Strawberry Schnitzel) a little strange and they might be right, but what's in a name? "Vorsprung durch Hektik" is his first release on PNR, four artistically arranged tracks that show how versatile the spectrum of a fried strawberry can be. Laid-back minimal meets sophisticated hip hop. The "Vertikalgetuem" and the "Honigkuchenhengst" (Gingerbread Stallion) get on their way with "Gottes Pferd" (God's Horse) and "Teufels Reitpfad" (the Devil's Riding Path), to gain more advantage through their hecticness. So follow them and buy this release, because it might soon be too late and they leave you behind. Wouldn't that be too bad?


Shit sounds like some Floating Points Ism

Suave by erdbeerschnitzel

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