Strand - DUB 7"

Strand 7" DUB!


In partnership with Laid Back Radio.

Artwork by Olivier Binamé

Out on 15th May 2010


Spanish producer Strand moved to Brussels three years ago. After his collaboration with Non Genetic in 2008 ('Madrid 2 Los Angeles', on Project Mooncircle 2008 with remixes from Hudson Mohawke and others), Strand teams up with the likes of Laid Back Radio and artist Olivier Binamé for a very special release.

A limited edition (300 copies) of a 7" vinyl with 2 magnificent, groovy, hyper-harmonic and ever-changing tracks and an incredible hand-made artwork.

On side A, you will find DUB! A hymn to sound manipulation and psychedelic sounds, ranging from reggae to beat box and bells. Pure bliss, ringing bells and a fantastic track to start your morning riding your bicycle at high-speed.

On side B, a typical hard beat of Strand MAC 8 mixing his tough rhythms and 8-bit and dreamy synths with a Jazzy guitar. Pure force, is a fantastic track to start your night on a tramway.

The artwork is done with a specific hand made technique made of a giant rubber stamp (see the video at: ...) and stickers, by Olivier Binamé paying homage to Osbourne Ruddock: Mr King Tubby the Dub creator.

Strand is Miguel Gil Tertre, a Spanish musician and visual artist who has released recordings as Strand, occasionally with images, in labels as City Centre Offices, or Project Mooncircle. He has teamed up with several MCs (non genetic, Omniscient, Cyne), musicians (Takeshi Nishimoto, Funckarma) or writers (Barry Gifford writer of the Lost Highway script for David Lynch – making live music for his readings of the book 'Memories from a sinking ship').

Laid Back is a collaborative content production powerhouse and communication agency enabling “all school” projects. The Laid Back project (aka LDBK) first came together in 2002 as a weekly radio show broadcasted on a local radio station in Brussels before evolving on other channels (online radio, blog, events, …) Laid Back’s mission is to support artists developing projects and to connect like minded creative profiles.
<a href="http://strand.bandcamp.com/album/dub-7">DUB! by Strand</a>

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