Dimlite - Diana Won't (now and again)

As featured on the first of the new shows here

A note from Now and again

Did we mention we signed Swiss producer (and now vocalist) Dimlite? We think we did. We’re releasing a rather-excellent long play that we’ll call an “extended play” in Spring.
But we wanted to give you a little something in the meantime and this lovely take on Gap Mangione’s “Diana In The Autumn Wind,” which he calls “Diana Won’t,” comes just in time to celebrate Dilla-month. So here we go. Expect to hear more from Dimlite soon, and, if you’re in the London-area, don’t miss him at Flying Lotus’s/Red Bull Music Academy’s Brainfeeder on Saturday March 10th at Fabric.

Diana wont

Plus A New One..

Dimlite - Be¦üjart  by  fabric

Check the video Goose Bumps fromt he go!

Dimlite – Roo (A dedication) from Ehstrawlogy Produkte on Vimeo.

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