World Premiere - Big new Jneiro Jarel track!
Here is a sneak peek of the next level EP "Android Love Mayhem" released on Jarel's label, Label Who! Yall probably heard it being played @ the Low End Theory party by Samiyam or Ras G. Maybe you heard it on Mary Anne Hobbs' dope radio show! Maybe you just weren't hooked up with the new sonic as we all would love to be!! Well here it is! We were able to get the 8 song tracklist too! I'm sure you've noticed that it starts with track #13 but that's because this was supposed to be on Beyond 2morrow, released in 2009. Now here is your chance to witness the future sounds. Make sure you're the 1st to buy it when it drops on April 13th! Instead of us here in Viberia hyping it all up, we will let the music speak for itself! Spread the word!! Okay okay! Let me stop frontin'!! This is DOOOOOOOOOOPE!!!!

13- Black Hole
14- Swift Hovercrafts Feat. Dr Who Dat?
15- Lurk (Part 2)
16- Android Romance 1 & 2
17- Going Home Featuring Micah Gaugh
18- Gosohaurd
19- Black Blocks (ElectroSonicFreeRoboticS)
20- Shadoze

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