Colonel Red - Holla Om Unit Remix 2010

Just thought I'd add that this isn't a offical release as yet!

Of course you all know marvin gaye..silly question really
but have you heard of colonel red hmmm well man has donned
tunes for the likes of 2000black,bugzs,I.G,Milez benjamin &
crazybreed from back when the whole Bruk ting was in it's highs,
well he has covered the Inner city blues track re invented as Holla.

anyways jenny from ruff language sent me over the parts
and i of course obliged her in selecting some of my favourite
producers of today, one being Mr Om Unit himself and yes it's
three or is it four posts in a month..lol but like i explained
well worth it. heres he's effort and expect a couple of others
before the months out as it's set for a release very shortly

With his distinctive sultry voice as his main instrument, Redz sings, produces, writes, and plays telling a truthful story with compelling melodies and deep haunting rhythms. The back catalogue of Colonel Red releases is already staggering but only hints at what’s to come from this rare, refined yet raw musical talent. Colonel Red's second album 'Sweet Liberation' follows his introduction ‘Blue Eye Blak’ back in 2005 (People Records/Goya Music) and brings together the unique n edgy streetfunk sound and heart-wrenching soul that we know and love in Colonel Red's work in tracks like 'Smilin Faces', 'Shine On', 'MyfoneAgen" and 'Paperchasinbabies'...with transient 'head-nod' appeal tracks like 'Soulbeliever', 'Roaming Lion', 'Soulsidal' and 'Pave the Way'... a great lounge-listening or car-driving joint! This raw poetic soulful vibration resonates with a positive and uplifting lyrical message. Production by Redz with additional production from West London to The Netherlands including Bugz In The Attic, Adam Rock {Uprock} Chris Bear Curry {Ruff Language} Vincent Helbers {Flowriders} and Gerd & Paulo {Delgui/4Lux} May 2009 saw the release of his own Ruff Language label's first EP, Colonel Red's 'Roaming Lion EP' featuring original songs from the new album and remixes by C.O.N.E, Ballantyne and DJ Mitsu the Beats as well as bonus acoustic renditions of tracks "Soulsidal" & "Roaming Lion" recorded by members of the 'Sweet Liberation' live band.

Colonel Red - Holla (Philta & Roman Rauch remix)  by  roman rauch

Colonel Red - Holla (om unit rmx)  by  omunit

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