Onra - Long Distance 2010 Allcity

Onra - Long Distance - New Album (Teaser) from enozoib on Vimeo.

I'm proud to add that we were instrumental in discovering and releasing Onra along side byron Aquarius for the Big Payback's Now Classic Cosmic Travelling on Beat Dimensions in 2007 which even found Reggie B (Innate Crew) doing a vocal version which had been included on another compilation i put together which inspired even the name of the album New Worlds on Circulation Records Japan and i have continued to support him throughout his short but blossoming career. other compilations to check for Maverick Session 2 which will be out shortly on Ubeat records. thus far mans got a serious amount of talent in the studio and his music has a great timeless feel to it, choice chops everytime. Cop It Now!!

Bonus: Onra – “Long Distance” Feat. Olivier Daysoul [Right Click Save-As]

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