AEED X Broadcast Error - Sweet Boost

The man AEED has been locked in the studio since the acclaimed Synesthesia EP composing new beats and organizing big parties in Lugano.
We're still keeping you waiting for the long awaited 7" featuring Morpheground, Railster, fLako and AD Bourke, but today we're kind enough to give you this brand new beast called Sweet Boost. No need to say anything about this joint, just click and...BOOOM!

AEED - Sweet Boost by Error Broadcast

Previous Release
.03AEEDCry now
.04AEEDStrange Dreams
.05AEEDElephants Dance
.06AEEDMore Time
.07AEEDMorning Walk
.08AEEDInterstellar Travel
.09AEEDVelvet Night


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