King Britt - Time to Move on

It seems to be a nice state of affairs right now with the beat scene.
more and more people moving towards what we have already solidified
as a movement with The Beat dimensions projects a forum for output,
there is still lots of room for individual play and improvements it's
just nice to know,more promoters are seeing the benefits of allowing
a space for people to grow and be taken seriously outside of their
bedroom studios/workspace environments and into arenas that hold people
that can actually focus on a performance of new fresh i hate to say it
what people are now incorporating it as Electronic music maybe just
took some folk to see that theres more fun outside of the 4x4 area
where people are actually tuning into live beat performances rather
than taking a handful of narcotics & plummeting into oblivion.

now heres a veteran of essential music making a statement recently
Sir King bitt

Notes from his Saturn sleeps site:

We’ll cut to the chase. Intricate Beauty is the final “conventional” dance album King Britt will ever make. And how fitting this final chapter also marks King’s first ever release on seminal house music label Nervous Records (in partnership with FiveSixMedia). This is the seal of quality. Don’t worry, though, King Britt’s not going anywhere as an artist. He’ll be concentrating on more experimental based music and searching for new avenues to help push the live electronic improvisational end of performance. But for now, you have a real treat to behold with the Intricate Beauty. Eleven tracks of soulful rhythms constructed and mixed together like a grand jigsaw puzzle. Quintessential King.

Beyond the album, this is a period of great change for King Britt. Not only is he working in anew studio but he’s also cleansed spiritually; something that has also enabled him to enter into a new creative space with his newest venture Saturn Never Sleeps with multimedia artist Rucyl.

Check Out saturn never sleeps

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