kidkanevil - Mix For Japan

the Kid just sent this thru and what better way to send the beautiful people of japan some good vibes, seems everyone i know at the moment is doing the right thing, take some time out for this well constructed mix.

word to the Kid K

A tribute mix for Japan. All Japanese music aside from a few tribute tracks.
ill on a journey
my dreams roam round
over withered fields
- Matsuo Bashō's final poem
Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Trioon I
Daisuke Tanabe – B F R 12
HASYMO / Yellow Magic Orchestra - RYDEEN 79/07
Harada Ikuko – Drifter
Sonicbrat – The Sun Will Rise Again
Makoto Moroi / Toshiro Mayuzumi - Variations sur 7
Theory of Relativity - Vermont Kiss
kidkanevil – One For Tokyo
BudaMunk - Samurai Assassin
Himuro Yoshiteru - Missing Links
Amenta – Live4Ever (Daisuke Tanabe remix)
Nujabes – Mystline
DJ Krush ft DJ Shadow – Duality
Humiwo Hayasaka - Piano Concerto I. Lento
Lullatone – Marching To Sleep
Cosmos Factory - A Hidden Trap
Riow Arai & Tujiko Noriko – Once Again
Toru Takemitsu – Rain Tree
Maki Asakawa – Uramado
Joe Hisaishi - Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind Opening
Nintendo - Cave
YMCK - 8 Ban me no Niji
Secret Of Mana OST – I Closed My Eyes

Record Breakin - Hot Peas and Butta 2011

Originally released as a promo only CD giveaway in celebration for the Hot Peas and Butta Tokyo party held in Japan back in September 2010 and mix by DJ Skeme Richards using all 7" original vinyl records. Due to the recent events in Japan, Hot Peas and Butta has teamed up with Record Breakin' Music to re-release this mix in the form of a download that includes the original artwork which can now be purchased. All proceeds will go to a charity to help the people of Japan deal with the unfortunate events that have struck them in the past few weeks.

We have kept the price of this download low and encourage everyone to support this cause. The people of Japan have supported Hip Hop, Funk, Soul, Rare Grooves and other musical genres that have originated in our country to the fullest. They need our support.

We thank you in advance for your contribution and we hope that you enjoy this mix as much as those in Japan have since getting their first taste of Hot Peas and Butta.

100% of the proceeds go toward the Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Relief Fund via GlobalGiving.org


DJ Skeme Richards
The Elroy Jenkins
DJ Junior (Record Breakin' Music)


released 20 March 2011
Conceived and mixed by DJ Skeme Richards
Artwork by Elroy Jenkins

Caural's X Krts X Ampsoul

Caural's Afterlife Now Mix by Krts
DL Mix: Shortly
Zachary Mastoon Aka Caural is a vetaran in the world of hip Hop/Beats Releases go 10 years deep with journeys that touch upon the soul strings for more info check him out below.

New: http://www.eatconcrete.net/index.php?...
Also check Out
EAT024 by Eat Concrete on SoundCloud
The link to BKI

kurtis hairston Aka KRTS has been consistantly dropping an amalgamation of music
for the pass few year. one to watch! - BD Vol 3.
Krts is planning shows in Europe starting with label and warehouse partys under the same name, Disconnected in Nottingham May 21st. Also celebrating a release with Disconnected and another with Affine Records in April.
Find Him


I-Tone - 13

More than a year had passed since the debut 'Late Night Flights EP' was released. An incredible producer and musician I-Tone from a far Pacific coast opened his music and became an opening himself for all the fans of abstract instrumental hip-hop with a fresh light and a special air sounding. A bit later, Ritmo Sportivo presented a new 9-tracks work `Good Day` which became an I-Tone`s international visiting card. But now it's high time for the first serious album. LP with a mysterious name `13` will fully disclose the unchangeable source of his inspiration-the space. If you press play you will be immediately transferred there. I-Tone is breaking any stereotypes and adding to his cosmic symphonies the spirit of Asia, strange ambient sounds and unexpected old-school style acapellas. But there is one thing: all these ingredients create a unique style of I-Tone. You can call it smooth & chillin' shit, can fly faraway in your dreams with this music, diggin' the crates to find similar motives. But you just can't miss that. Possibly, you are in front of the most memorable musical journey in recent years


Ju-Ar - Orange Air

Orange Air is the debut of Ju-Ar, who has been working in the last couple of years together with his good friend under the name of ‘Truestatiks’.
The solo Album was planned a long time ago, but couldn’t be realized until last year.
Orange Air shows Ju-Ar’s point of view of music with a thoughtful use of vocal bits, instruments and samples inspired by the golden-era of jazz and soul completed by a warm reel 2 reel tape sound.


released 16 March 2011
Alternate Download Link: 

Sendai Selections: Japan Fundraiser

It's time to take real action! Following the devasting earthquake and tsunami in Japan BeatsForChange.org presents the fund raising project "Sendai Selections" with music by Stone Detectives.

Donate (as much as you can please!) to receive a 21-track album of unreleased music by a duo from the Netherlands and Canada.

Every dollar you donate will go to the Japanese Red Cross Society and UNICEF for Children Japan to support efforts to rebuild Japan for now and into the future.

Click the "BUY NOW" button below, donate generously to this very worthy cause, and enjoy the music!

On March 11th a magnitude 9.0 earthquake rocked Northern Japan. A tsunami followed causing massive devastation. Aftershocks are still occurring everyday. Thousands have died. And many are still suffering from the cold without access to warm food, water, or blankets to keep warm. Together with BeatsForChange.org YOU can make a difference.

For more information on Stone Detectives watch this video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWlQCXZ1uH8

Purchase "Sendai Selections by Stone Detectives" and every dollar you donate will go to the Japanese Red Cross Society and UNICEF for Children of Japan to help provide food, water and a warm shelter for those suffering most during this extremely difficult time.

ORGANIZED BY: BeatsForChange.org

BeatsForChange.org produces and orchestrates music and events to help social causes throughout the world. Our first project is for the Japan Earthquake Relief Fundraiser.

Please help us raise funds for this very worthy cause.

Enjoy the music and please donate!
released 11 March 2011


Nihon Kizuna: Japan Disaster Relief Compilation

How to buy:
http://www.nihonkizuna.com/buy / Payments via Paypal / From March 18th, 2011
iTunes Japan information coming soon

Various Artists – Nihon Kizuna / 日本絆

[Artist Name – Track Name – Affiliated or Release Label]
Kode 9 (UK) – 9 Samurai (Hyperdub Records) **
Don Leisure (UK) – Trio of Desserts *
Kuedo (UK) – Zap (Planet Mu) *
Himuro Yoshiteru (JP) – Missing Links *
Onra (FR) – High Hopes (All City Records) **
Tatsuki (JP) – Mirror In Bologna (Original Cultures) *
Om Unit (UK) – Lavender (All City Records) **
Danny Drive Thru (UK) – Prescience (Fat City Records) *
Slugabed (UK) – Rockin U (Ninja Tune) *
Ken One (JP) – Mindrain (Raid System) *
Paul White (UK) – Grimy Light (One Handed Music) **
Darkhouse Family (UK) – Lemon Drizzle (Fat City Records) *
Illum Sphere (UK) – Sweat The Descent (Hoya:Hoya / Tectonic) **
A Taut Line (UK/JP) – Azul (Dyskotopia) *
Fink (UK) – See It All (Ninja Tune) *
Mus.sck (US) – Happiness Is The Best Face Lift (Car Crash Set/Daly City) *
Rudi Zygadlo (UK) – Perdu (Planet Mu) *
Broken Haze (JP) – Move Forward (Raid System) *
BD1982 (US/JP) – Aluminium Riddim (Seclusiasis/Diskotopia) *
Nightwave (UK) – Hokusai Dream *
The Electric ft. Yarah Bravo (UK) – Beautiful (Memory9 remix) (Organically Grown Sounds) **
Ernest Gonzales (US) – Beneath The Surface (FoF/Exponential) *
Jono McCleery (UK) – Garden (Ninja Tune) **
Ido Tavori (UK) – Haunted Top Hats *
Jay Scarlett – The Rising Sun (Ampsoul) *
Paper Tiger (UK) – Lunar Notes (Jus Like Music) *
Kid Kanevil (UK) – One For Tokyo (One World Records / Ninja Tune) *
Takuma Kanaiwa (US) – Senpo World (Concrete Sound System) *
B-Ju (GE) – Philly Run (Mux Mool remix) (Error Broadcast) **
Primus Luta & Lonesome D (US) – Lockdown (Concrete Sound System) *
2phast (IT) – JapaN *
Doshy (DE) – Space Attack (Robox Neotech) **
Sesped (VE) – Too High To Drive (Jus Like Music) *
Yosi Horikawa (JP) – Passion (Eklektik Records) *
Audace (FR/JP) – Indestructible Soul (Inductive) *
Scrimshire ft. Inga Lill Aker (UK) – Warm Sound (Wah Wah 45s) **
Kan Sano (JP) – Bless (Circulations) *
Elliott Yorke (UK) – Wormhole Squirm (Five Easy Pieces) *
Daisuke Tanabe (JP) – Artificial Sweetener (Circulations) **
Super Smoky Soul ft. Guilty Simpson (JP/US) – Knockout Kings (Circulations) **
Emika (UK) – Count Backwards (Ninja Tune) *
Eccy (JP) – EFH (Slye/Milk) *
Throwing Snow (UK) – The Luck Without (A Future Without) *
XLII (UA/JP) – Standuptall Nippon (Raid System) *
Pete Sasqwax (UK) – Aggro A Go Go *
Virtual Boy (US/FR) – Thrust (Turnsteak remix) *
F.A.M.E (US) – Real Surreal (F.A.M.E/4OneFunk) *
re:ill (JP) – We Are Possible (Circulations) *
The Qemists (UK) – Stompbox (Ninja Tune) **
Kper (IT/FR) – Chotto *
*exclusive to compilation
** previously released


Om Unit X Boiler X Ampsoul

Om Unit is a music producer and DJ from London. He has been around for a long time working under the name ’2tall’ before where he got recognition as a competitive DJ, live performer and producer. Artists he collaborated with include Dudley Perkins, Georgia Anne Muldrow and Foreign Beggars.
Under his new ego he now focuses on creating breathtaking atmospheric beats which could be best described as ‘post-genre’. In his own words:
"Genres are like borders, rapidly becoming obselete when we see the world today as having an ever increasing merging of styles and influences. put simply, its electronic music."
Om Unit will release a 12inch this month on Civil Records and he’ll surely perform some of those inspiring tunes down at the bassment.
So don’t miss the Exciting when it comes to town! This will also be one of the last sessions at the Blumenbar on a thursday as we are moving to the Crux for our main sessions.

Take X Ampsoul


FantastikClick X Sport G X AMPSOUL

Representing the French Music scene for the second time now, back in 2008 I did a list of favorite producers at the time which included Dal Gren,Sly Johnson,Kwame, D3, Onra, Le Neko, Baptman, since then theres been another explosion of great talent surfacing namely Moresounds who were presented on the show before for last.
Stepping up to the forum is Fantastikclick & SPORT G
already releasing his first album « Rocket Sci Fi » in November 2010! on 4lux recordings and of recent preparing new projects, like his next EP for Darker Than Wax for the month of March .. so stay tuned! we welcome a nice selection of self produced tracks which take you through a journey of things present and to come.
Contact : 



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