Om Unit X Boiler X Ampsoul

Om Unit is a music producer and DJ from London. He has been around for a long time working under the name ’2tall’ before where he got recognition as a competitive DJ, live performer and producer. Artists he collaborated with include Dudley Perkins, Georgia Anne Muldrow and Foreign Beggars.
Under his new ego he now focuses on creating breathtaking atmospheric beats which could be best described as ‘post-genre’. In his own words:
"Genres are like borders, rapidly becoming obselete when we see the world today as having an ever increasing merging of styles and influences. put simply, its electronic music."
Om Unit will release a 12inch this month on Civil Records and he’ll surely perform some of those inspiring tunes down at the bassment.
So don’t miss the Exciting when it comes to town! This will also be one of the last sessions at the Blumenbar on a thursday as we are moving to the Crux for our main sessions.

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