I-Tone - 13

More than a year had passed since the debut 'Late Night Flights EP' was released. An incredible producer and musician I-Tone from a far Pacific coast opened his music and became an opening himself for all the fans of abstract instrumental hip-hop with a fresh light and a special air sounding. A bit later, Ritmo Sportivo presented a new 9-tracks work `Good Day` which became an I-Tone`s international visiting card. But now it's high time for the first serious album. LP with a mysterious name `13` will fully disclose the unchangeable source of his inspiration-the space. If you press play you will be immediately transferred there. I-Tone is breaking any stereotypes and adding to his cosmic symphonies the spirit of Asia, strange ambient sounds and unexpected old-school style acapellas. But there is one thing: all these ingredients create a unique style of I-Tone. You can call it smooth & chillin' shit, can fly faraway in your dreams with this music, diggin' the crates to find similar motives. But you just can't miss that. Possibly, you are in front of the most memorable musical journey in recent years

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