Sendai Selections: Japan Fundraiser

It's time to take real action! Following the devasting earthquake and tsunami in Japan BeatsForChange.org presents the fund raising project "Sendai Selections" with music by Stone Detectives.

Donate (as much as you can please!) to receive a 21-track album of unreleased music by a duo from the Netherlands and Canada.

Every dollar you donate will go to the Japanese Red Cross Society and UNICEF for Children Japan to support efforts to rebuild Japan for now and into the future.

Click the "BUY NOW" button below, donate generously to this very worthy cause, and enjoy the music!

On March 11th a magnitude 9.0 earthquake rocked Northern Japan. A tsunami followed causing massive devastation. Aftershocks are still occurring everyday. Thousands have died. And many are still suffering from the cold without access to warm food, water, or blankets to keep warm. Together with BeatsForChange.org YOU can make a difference.

For more information on Stone Detectives watch this video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWlQCXZ1uH8

Purchase "Sendai Selections by Stone Detectives" and every dollar you donate will go to the Japanese Red Cross Society and UNICEF for Children of Japan to help provide food, water and a warm shelter for those suffering most during this extremely difficult time.

ORGANIZED BY: BeatsForChange.org

BeatsForChange.org produces and orchestrates music and events to help social causes throughout the world. Our first project is for the Japan Earthquake Relief Fundraiser.

Please help us raise funds for this very worthy cause.

Enjoy the music and please donate!
released 11 March 2011

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