Proh Mic Nice to Beat U beattape Vol 3

Now heres a brother that don't sleep literally i have
had the pleasure to get all his material first hand
and he keeps coming with the heeterz,
theres 20 volumes to look forward to
also check Hawthorne headhunterz project
with Black Spade & Coultrain,

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Extra Treats


Enemy Earth Interstellar Commute Snippet Promo 09

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Ubeat Records Presents Maverick Sessions Vol 1

This is the first of a series of eps that will gladly see the light of day from artists from Italy to Philly, San Diego to Sweden. We've already seen a year that has embraced with open arms the likes of Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawke, Onra, Dorian Concept to name but a few various organizations tapping into this newly seething mass of technological machine crunchers. First up Morpheground hailing from Italy to lead the group into a blast of sound that is anything but be easy on the ear but will definitely find it?s place into your rhythmic sections with twisted unsyncipated glitches & melodies so out there you?d think he was of another dimensional parallel. Next to bang we have Knowledge hailing from Philadelphia home to so many already legendary producers, knowledge comes with his own tinge of home made hi tech soul.Reggie B Planet H Productions has already caused a ripple in the Hi Tech Soul market as a outstanding producer & singer in his own right releasing a string of albums & singles and also guest features on various other projects as well as production credits on Daru & Reggie B Future Music for Circulations (Japan) And also 4 Lux (Rotterdam) as well as featuring on uncountable songs for the innate crew which are a collective of producers rappers & singers which span a few states in the U.S.A members including Miles Bonny, Daru Jones, Leonardo Destroy, C.E.S Cru & John Brewer definitely a talent to watch for in the coming years. Sweden seems to be producing a lot of talent these days always a place with forward think individuals home to groups such as Hearin Aid & Hygher baby, Mello and also our featured guests like Erik L gives us a taste for jazz tinged chopped loops with a sprinkling of his very own melody chops. Busy is one character we guess will go far in this music industry already producing tracks for U.S Soul diva Teisha Marie Unscripted, & raid/light curtain being released on circualtions, other styles seem to run more left of the contemporary set with low 8-bit distorted & filtered chords and drums to lift the tracks towards more Extreme sonically challenged arrangements. Origins France Harrison Blakoldman as already been played by Benji B Deviation1Xtra, which tells you the tracks are hot just releasing his first beat tape, which can be found on his myspace.com/harrisonblakoldman. Ekofield from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania finish off the team with a down tempo piece of electronica soul which slips into filtered territories intricately woven stabs and blips that meld well with the other genres displayed her eon Maverick sessions Vol 1.

Available on
Soul Seduction

Maverick Sessions One Out On March 17th

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Kenlo Orange 09

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Stevo Mind 09

Words by Stevo:

hey world..

i got a project out with my man 96 from france...its part of his spiral series.

he did the dope artwork for "MIND".
it shows the combination of music and visual art. so i hope u will enjoy the music along the great visual inspiration!

peep more of his dope work on his myspace or his homepage:


Kyoto Love


Various Artists Bag Of Nothingness 09

01The Great MundaneJuno Had a Rough Day
.02Comfort FitRock da Dam feat. Portformat
.05Katrah-QueyLaster of Peace
.06Benny B. BloncoWizard Swing Warriors
.07HimuroDie Faultiere
.08B-JuPhilly Run
.09Chewy BensonTapp that Motherbored
.10Comfort FitBag of Nothingness
.11Apes On TapesOut for a Shrink Pink Drink
.12Rob SteadyUn Samedì Soir sur la Terre
.13MaguettFog Movement
.14Kirby DitkoHeadfirst
.15Code InconnuCold Little Finger
.16(costa)Small Flame

Compilation: Flip & Swift
Artwork: Sven Swift
Photo as taken by Stéphane Obadia
Mastering by Tim Rowkins at Hell Yeah

All throughout 2008, Flip and me went recruiting fresh new names for a compilation of contemporary Hip Hop. Experimental, edgy, kicking, we were looking for the tight stuff. And our quest prove successful.

Today, we are blessed to have "Bag of Nothingness" packed with 17 hot tracks for you to download.

Artists from the US, Russia, Japan, Germany and a lot more joined the Error Broadcast Collective. The compilation is online for free download, so please support our artists and ourselves by saving the record to your players and spreading the word. Watch this pl

From Japan With Love


Robert Koch Mixtape 09

Berlin Bangerz & Mash


1. Roland Kirk – I say a little prayer
2. Robot Koch – love and the machine
3. The Bug –Skeng
4. Sneaky feat. Barbara Panther – feel like a king (robot koch remix)
5. Evil Nine feat. El P – all the cash (gltichtmob rmx)
6. Jahcoozi vs Destinys Child – indelible/say my name
7. Kromestar –kalawanji
8. Benga – crunked up
9. Conquest vs Perseph One – hardfood/oh slippin
10. Distance – V
11. Skream vs Jahcoozi -chest boxin /he who is well dressed
12. Skream – 2d
13. DFA 1979 – hold on
14. Rustie & Joker – play doe
15. SP MC - trust nobody
16. Unknown-burning
17. Ratatat vs Richie spice– burning
18. Desmond Dekker – shanty town
19. Rustie- zig zag
20. Nosaj Thing - aquarium
21. Frikstailers -tartamoodo disco
22. Lou Ragland –what happened to the feeling
23. Robot Koch vs Flako - the last astronaut
24. Dabrye+MF Doom – Air (Robot Koch vs Flako rmx)
25. Robot Koch vs.Cerebral Vortex - madness
26. Radiohead – reckoner (Robot Koch rmx)
27. Phantogram – when i`m small
28. Gas Lamp Killer - Kobwebs feat. Gonjasufi/ birthday music 07
29. Samiyam – quesadilla
30. FlyamSam_The Offbeat
31. Santogold - icarus


Metal Ninja Sampler 09

Dal gren aka dal G also known as Metal Ninja & walter Mecca
always has those tricks up his sleeve always fresh with the approach
can also check the french special on ASG from beginning of last year
for other french groups i have supported.

Paris strikes Back


devonwho - WaVES 09

Hailing outta Portland and yes another Beat dimensions vol 2 participant
manz been pounding beats like dough for a little digit now.
check out hotness!

Get ya Soulglow



Suff daddy Remix

GIFTED AND BLESSED GB Interpets His Contemporaries 09

Check for earlier releases from GB on Soundincolor.com
and also his other guise The Reflecktor which i put on the Second Reebok Compilation entitled Future sounds for my classic generation

1. GB Interprets Little Dragon - After the Rain
2. GB Interprets Exile - Radio Medley
3. GB Interprets Flying Lotus - Riot
4. GB Interprets Muhsinah - Always
5. GB Interprets A Race of Angels - The Main Attraction
6. GB Interprets the Beach Boys - I Just Wasn't Made for These Times

Konnichiwa Japan

Off to Japan this week so i thought i'd throw these in for good measure with the hope of updating this section with new material from my trip out there on the way back..

Woodblue - "North Source"

Woodblue - "North Letter"


Opgave - "Writing The Silver EP"

Next up is Kenmochi Hidefumi. . The title track "Falliccia" .

Kenmochi Hidefumi - "Falliccia"

Dilla Midnight snack 09



Pudge X Dilla = Dillament 09

My Manz Pudge from L.A as been on the banging for
all too long now making bass heavy cutz & Chops
for the longest also one of my featured guests to
watch out for on the 08 Gilles petersons Beat show
session, not to mention (SHHH!) we have featured him
on the upcoming acclaimed beat Dimensions Vol 2 series
with Honour with a cut entitled reigndancingwithstars*
below you'll find full frequency ruff rugged & raw beat science.

Pudge/dilla Tribute Dj Mix

Afrobeat The connection Rich medina X Bobbito April 09

In my eyes 2 Living Legends, spoken word poet/dj/Producer
and so much more Rich Medina "Daymmn" & Bobbito Garcia "Whoa"
Aka so many.. so what other reason do you need now to cop yours!

Find out more here

Depakote-AAA Lucha Libre Robot 09

Just In!

Depakote-AAA Lucha Libre Robots

01 Intro
02 Octagon
03 El Dandy
04 Xtreme Tiger
05 Super Porky
06 La Parka-Remix
07 Cibernectico
08 El Santo
09 Before
10 Cuije
11 Pirate Morgan
12 AAA
13 Laredo Kid
14 La Parka
15 El Blue Demon
16 La Mascara
17 Baby Your Love

Download Here
Visit Here

Also check

Issac hayes tribute


Scion x Blujemz Present Beat Machine winners

Just to thank the guys that came thru for the Beat machine cd!!
they'll be wheeling their way off to you very soon.


Stay Tuned!!

Onra Pursuit grooves Fatima Tony nwachuku

Onra clears out the beat shelf, as his 1.0.8 LP finally gets an official release on Favourite. In some serious bonus beat business, here’s more proof that when it comes samples, this Parisian one-man powerhouse can chop like Zorro and flip like Daley Thomson: Are You Satisfied, also starring Pursuit Grooves and Fatima...

Recorded at the 2008 Academy in Barcelona, Onra flips a few organ chords on this one, pitching the ground sheet for Fatima and Pursuit Grooves to build a tent big enough for us all to take shelter under. Round it off with some operatic harmonies and you've got a glittering basement gem that half of post-Dilla Detroit would be fricking proud of...

And Onra is currently collecting together more of his esoteric beatrumental grinds, so watch out for projects to come later this year. Big!

Are You Satisfied

Beats : Onra
Keys: Dorian Concept
Rhyme : Pursuit Grooves
Vocals : Fatima
Backing Vocals : Tony Nwachukwu

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Debruit CLÉ DE BRAS EP 2009

Debruit is back and hitting hard!

Following his "COUPE DECALE", Debruit's deadly touch for melody chops,
accelerator grooves and savage synths is a straight slap up on this 5 track EP.
Packing the punch of Oizo, the oomph of a Mantronix 909 and a twisted
multiple personality disorder that would make Madlib jealous.
It's a no holds barred assault through dark Congolese sound systems,
downtown L.A. block party gone wrong, haze filled Kingston recording studios
and freaky Tunisian backstreet souks; of course all powered by that fat hip hop engine. Plus the story teller Daedelus delivers an extra-special remix for "Pouls" Oooophhh!!!

Check the player x tour

Scion x Blujemz Present Beat Machine

The first 5 people to write to me get a free copy of Beat machine
leave a comment with contact email and i'll hit ya up with the goodies

Track Listing
Scion A/V Presents: Blu Jemz Beat Machine
1. O Spindles - Intro (Dark Room)
2. Dorian Concept - Sandwich Terror
3. Bullion - Keep It Tidy
4. Exile - Extra FUNK
5. Flying Lotus - Heat Wave 2
6. Mike Slott - Boxed In (Inst. Mix)
7. Waajeed - Tetris
8. Jay Scarlett - The Jawn
9. Dr. Who Dat? - Viberian Twilight Part 2
10. Samiyam - Rough Copy
11. Karriem Riggins - "12's in 8"
12. Ge-ology - Diurnal Insomnia
13. Blu Jemz - Almost There
14. Onra - Broken Language

J Todd LP Ryzzynynce 2009

Just In from the talented J Tood,Def harmonics, Leo Minor..
as well as being apart of the first Beat dimensions Vol 1
he has thrown down an Ep previous to this release called 'XOXO'.

This is hitting the digital stores in a couple of weeks, so if you enjoy this please pass a word on for me. This is a beat record...all instrumental...similar in format to my last LP 'XOXO'

Artwork is by Mauro Colunga.


J Todd

Check Player


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