Debruit CLÉ DE BRAS EP 2009

Debruit is back and hitting hard!

Following his "COUPE DECALE", Debruit's deadly touch for melody chops,
accelerator grooves and savage synths is a straight slap up on this 5 track EP.
Packing the punch of Oizo, the oomph of a Mantronix 909 and a twisted
multiple personality disorder that would make Madlib jealous.
It's a no holds barred assault through dark Congolese sound systems,
downtown L.A. block party gone wrong, haze filled Kingston recording studios
and freaky Tunisian backstreet souks; of course all powered by that fat hip hop engine. Plus the story teller Daedelus delivers an extra-special remix for "Pouls" Oooophhh!!!

Check the player x tour

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