Ubeat Records Presents Maverick Sessions Vol 1

This is the first of a series of eps that will gladly see the light of day from artists from Italy to Philly, San Diego to Sweden. We've already seen a year that has embraced with open arms the likes of Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawke, Onra, Dorian Concept to name but a few various organizations tapping into this newly seething mass of technological machine crunchers. First up Morpheground hailing from Italy to lead the group into a blast of sound that is anything but be easy on the ear but will definitely find it?s place into your rhythmic sections with twisted unsyncipated glitches & melodies so out there you?d think he was of another dimensional parallel. Next to bang we have Knowledge hailing from Philadelphia home to so many already legendary producers, knowledge comes with his own tinge of home made hi tech soul.Reggie B Planet H Productions has already caused a ripple in the Hi Tech Soul market as a outstanding producer & singer in his own right releasing a string of albums & singles and also guest features on various other projects as well as production credits on Daru & Reggie B Future Music for Circulations (Japan) And also 4 Lux (Rotterdam) as well as featuring on uncountable songs for the innate crew which are a collective of producers rappers & singers which span a few states in the U.S.A members including Miles Bonny, Daru Jones, Leonardo Destroy, C.E.S Cru & John Brewer definitely a talent to watch for in the coming years. Sweden seems to be producing a lot of talent these days always a place with forward think individuals home to groups such as Hearin Aid & Hygher baby, Mello and also our featured guests like Erik L gives us a taste for jazz tinged chopped loops with a sprinkling of his very own melody chops. Busy is one character we guess will go far in this music industry already producing tracks for U.S Soul diva Teisha Marie Unscripted, & raid/light curtain being released on circualtions, other styles seem to run more left of the contemporary set with low 8-bit distorted & filtered chords and drums to lift the tracks towards more Extreme sonically challenged arrangements. Origins France Harrison Blakoldman as already been played by Benji B Deviation1Xtra, which tells you the tracks are hot just releasing his first beat tape, which can be found on his myspace.com/harrisonblakoldman. Ekofield from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania finish off the team with a down tempo piece of electronica soul which slips into filtered territories intricately woven stabs and blips that meld well with the other genres displayed her eon Maverick sessions Vol 1.

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Soul Seduction

Maverick Sessions One Out On March 17th

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