Metabeats feat. Dubbledge - EyeSeeYou (Official Video)

Associated Minds is something that’s happened because it should. Against all possible odds, the label was started back in 2004 as a way to pour out enthusiasm for good hip-hop, which we think is the best genre of music. Powered by a confidence to break through the barriers that the gatekeepers uphold with what we know and think will push peoples’ buttons, we spew out all kinds of styles.
Inspired by the whole spectrum of hip-hop and music our mission is to try and raise the strength of those styles to be as good as the best in the world. Sharpened by the range of the very different personalities in the camp, we’re aiming to cut the edge in different ways on different days. We’ve spent years bugging out over rap tapes, CDs, internet links and live shows to make life more exciting and have always tried to represent the best talent whether as fans or artists ourselves. We’re repping that underground knowledge and satisfaction you can’t just find anywhere. Making stuff that’s cool.
From bedroom beginnings to critical acclaim, supporting Nas, rocking the Sony B-Boy Championships and being heard on radio worldwide, we achieve things our way. AM is our contribution to the realisation you can’t live without being able to look at yourself in the mirror for something that you do, so we keep passionately pushing ourselves to make quality over quantity. We follow no one and we stay sharp, come and see what we do next.

other Associated Projects By Mudmowth & Meta beats & Crews

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