Deft X ASG

Royce Wood Junior & Stac - Edge (Shades Of Grey)
heRobust - Frontman Bandwidth (Saturate!)
Dibiase - Driftinoff (Fat City)
Dopamine (Feat. Juliette Sanders) - Soul Heroin (Prod. by Pedestrian)
Deft - Tesla's Machine (Unreleased)
Deft - Thought You'd Fancy It (Chesslo Junior Remix) (WotNot)
BETA2.0 (Sai) - Paralellogram (Soundcloud)
Graham Coxon - What'll It Take (Deft Remix) (EMI)
Deft - Don't Bite The Hand that Feeds You (Unreleased)
Lapalux - Yellow 90's (Brainfeeder)
Gang Colours - Fancy Restaurant (Deft Remix) (Brownswood)
Deft - Loqux & Past (Forthcoming)
Future Cruiser - Guess I'll Have To Drive (Unreleased)
Placeholder - Brother (Space Hardware)
Calvin Harris - Traffic Cops (Sony)
Blacksmif - Microweight (Unreleased)
Squarehead - K.I.M (Bad Taste)
Mau'lin - Starbeast (Disktopia)
Machinedrum - What U Wanted 2 Feel (Pixelord Remix) (index)
Om Unit - Preshah (Tectonic)
Phreshy - Puff Puff Pass (Machinedrum Remix) (Soundcloud)
Desto - Cant Take It (Rwina)
Sipp - CF 2191 (Deft Remix) (Dubporn)
Pixelord - Ninja Clown (Deft Remix)
Manni Dee & Deft - This One, Art Of The Possible (Unreleased)
Deft - Eskilusive (Unreleased)
Slick Shoota - Eye Turn Red (Loose Squares)
Ital Tek - East District (Atom River)
Smokey Joe - Special Request (Recall 2cd)
Plug - Feeling So Special (Ninja Tune)
Schlacthofbronx - Slowine (DB 161)
Dub Phizix & Skeptical - Rags (Exit)
Insta:mental - Watching You (Nonplus)

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