ASG X Tinker Beats Mix

Tinker [False Profit, San Francisco] is a Bay Area based DJ/Producer representing some of the freshest beats coming out of the fertile west coast music scene.  Using tools of live sampling and performance within Ableton and her trusty APC, her playful sets have been described as beat-driven, melodic, glitch-y, and experimental. Appropriately nicknamed "galaxy beat girl" and the "mind-and-genres-bender," love of arpeggiation, 8 bit textures, and space age beats, are the hallmarks of Tinker's sound.  She has a captivating presence, earned through years of dance and fire-performance, inspiring audiences to swoon at her lush sonics or dance like mad at her driving beats and bass.  Tinker is the resident laptop mistress of the long-standing and well-respected San Francisco arts collective False Profit. She is a fast-blossoming producer in her own right and is currently working on her debut EP 
Website: tinkerbeats.comsoundcloud.com/tinker-beats 
Special Thx to Take aka Sweatson Klank

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