MOODYMATIC - Ampex Frequency EP

GB - Zerrissenheit

Zerrissenheit is a term coined by William James, which he roughly translated as "torn-to-pieces-hood," a state of being broken or in disarray. To be human is to feel fractured and pulled in a dozen different directions at times. It is precisely during these times in our yearning for self-repair that we find ourselves most open to rebirth, growth, and eventually a heightened sense of spirituality we otherwise could not have reached. This begins with confronting and assimilating our shadow selves into our being. Then as we move through our emotions, we can put these pieces back together into a more full life experience, imperfections and all.
released 20 October 2010


Colonel Red - Holla

A Marvin Gaye Cover of a very political song about the state of living in those times and i guess it hasn't changed much but the song definitely has, colonel goes for the simplest bounce with the ability to maximize the statement. watch out for the remixes by Roman rauch & Philta + Om Unit.

<a href="http://colonelred.bandcamp.com/track/holla">HOLLA by Colonel Red</a>


Pete Philly - Une Encore Fois

As a european rapper/Singer I've always adored what pete philly has to offer always very original in his approach to every project he puts together, now planning a solo album heres your chance to stay on top of all his progresses and the websites pretty sauve too!

Check Here

Wax Mantic - Various

This cat hit me up & wanted to share his music with a few singers song writers, so if you that and you into the soul essence then reach out and give him a buzz and get on sumting with him.
Quest by Wax Mantic

Busdriver - Computer Cooties

Here Or Here

COSMOPOLYPHONIC - compilation teaser

Ichiro Huhu Video

HUHU from ICHIRO_ on Vimeo.
""COSMOPOLYPHONIC" compilation teaser" by cosmopolyphonic_radio. 1. RLP / Six feat. Kez YM 2. Devonwho / tradewinds 3. ICHIRO_ / HUHU 4. Fujimoto Tetsuro / Avo... >> Shared via SoundCloud

Plynt records - A Bunch of Cosmics Léfésonor vol​.​1

Léfésonor is a radio show that focused on various types of electronic music and was broadcast on Radio Campus, an independent community FM station in Brussels. For almost 4 years, this weekly programme showcased the work of over 80 local and international musicians, djs and selectors. The artists involved were given carte blanche for an hour and a half, live on air with an unrestricted choice of genres, instruments and styles. The result was a very diverse listening experience which mirrored the scene's vitality, open-mindedness and generosity.

For this first edition of a new series, PLynt and Léfésonor have invited a few artists whose music dances with the stars. "A bunch of cosmics" are those different life forms who pulsate to the same beats and sounds, floating somewhere out there in the milky way, and connecting with us like satellites. This listening trip will go through dark, luminous and infinite space, passing by spiral galaxies and big Quasars, fighting against stellar winds and Supernova explosions to finally reach joyful new dimensions.
<a href="http://plyntrecords.bandcamp.com/album/a-bunch-of-cosmics-l-f-sonor-vol-1-2">&quot;A Bunch of Cosmics&quot;, Léfésonor vol.1 by plynt records</a>


Yoggyone X friends

Just over two years ago, Yoggyone joined the ' Eklektik Records' ranks... 

Shortly after finishing his first release, the 'Preparation EP' (link below), he was working on a serie of collaborations with international artists: 
Josip Klobucar
A Bourke
Hermutt Lobby
The idea was two songs linked by one element. YoggyOne, using (stealing) an element in the track of a friend. (a loop, a melody or just a noise...)    

Saturn Never Sleeps- Live In Basel

[ E V E N T ]
[ N E W S ]
All New kingbritt.com and rucyl.com
[ V I D E O ]

[ P O D C A S T ]
[ A L W A Y S ]


JuSoul - Justrumental v0​.​1: S P ▲ C E

JuSoul Brings that 80's feeling back with a bang, great samples and feature fills with lovely added Bass synths and good use of chops.
<a href="http://jusoul.bandcamp.com/album/justrumental-v01-s-p-c-e">Justrumental v0.1: S P &#9650; C E by JuSoul</a>



La Menuiserie - BIRDS EYES MAPLE Mix

La Menuiserie - Birds Eyes Maple by lamenuiserie
Jai Paul - BTSTU
Clause Four - Be The One
Fur - Friends (Letherette Remix)
Flying Lotus - Clay
Fulgeance - Chopped & Screwed
Pantha Du Prince - Stick to My Side
Machinedrum feat Theophilus London - Late Night Operation (Neon Black remix)
Jimlmy Edgar - One Twenty Detail
Wiley Feat J2k & Jodie Connor - Electric Boogaloo (Hudson Mohawke Remix)

Remy LBO - Umpqua Fire

Rem Text:

Immediately after mixing "Peeling in the Drum", Remy LBO dropped everything and rented a cabin in the middle of the Oregon wilderness.

"It was November in Los Angeles, but didn't feel like Winter, you know? At that point, I was pretty sick of that electronic and effects heavy stuff that I was doing. I wanted to prove to myself that I could make a good album with just a few instruments and without using any fancy synths or effects." Remy spent a solitary month recording this album, using just only a Fender Rhodes, Bass Guitar and a few small drums.

"Umpqua Fire" will be released as a limited CD (150) & LP (300) and drops in Late October/Early November.
<a href="http://remylbo.bandcamp.com/album/umpqua-fire">Umpqua Fire by Remy LBO</a>


Cid Rim - Waiting for Time Two

Clemens Bacher AKA CID RIM (drums/Programmer) one forth of the Jsbl "Jacob's Salty & Bamboozling Ladder" Project along side , Oliver Johnson (Dorian Concept), Paul Movahedi (The Cloniuos), Willi Rosner (fretless bass, low end manipulation) Has just drop this Little teaser of whats to come, i've held on tightly to a few exclusives which has been laced in various mixes around the planet one track in particular "Chop suey" which is a floor stomper of a groove which you can find either on his myspace or on a previous mix up on the Ampsoul mixcloud Session.
Please welcome 25 year old viennese producer Cid Rim on board! The world of Cid circles around the boundless magic and mythical formulas of funk. While startin´ as an enthusiastic sample digger his current works unfold a tempo-independence, a playful and interlaced sound, shifted with deep chords. A hybrid of programmed beats and analogue drum patterns meets razorsharp grooves and monumental power-steps. Watch out for the split EP "Full Nelson" with The Clonious, to be released in November 2011.
 Cid Rim - Waiting for Time Two by affine records

Swedeart Emotion Colors Remixes

Enjoy these musical repaints from standout producers such as TOKiMONSTA (from Flying Lotus' label Brainfeeder), Andreas Saag (Swell Session fame Sweden), San Francisco funkateer B. Bravo and Duktus (Brownswood Records), Vienna turntablist stars Waxolutionists, Aroop Roy (Freestyle Records Japan), Matt Flores (Farside/Compost Germany), Devonwho (All City Records UK), shooting star Kidkanevil (Ninja Tune UK) and many more.

An exclusive pre-release download is now available via tokyodawn.net, three weeks before the official release date! A great opportunity to rediscover Swede:art's original album with a different color scheme applied.

Release date: October 21st 2010
Label catalogue index: TDR10-004
Originally produced and composed by Joachim Prügl
Design by Matt Lyon
Mastering by Fabien Schivre
Copyright © 2010 Tokyo Dawn Records
All rights reserved

Tokyo Player

AFTA-1 - Pronounced Love

AFTA - 1 Latest Compilation of Treats.

1. AFTA-1 – Love Suite 3 Pronounced Love : Unreleased
2. AFTA-1 – Occasional Seed : Life Translations (afta1.bandcamp.com)
3. Gabby Hernandez – This Tea Makes Love To Me : When Love
4. Gabby Hernandez – There Can’t Be More Than This : When Love
5. General Strike – Next Day : Danger In Paradise
6. Oriental Sunshine – Across your life : Dedicated To The Bird We Love
7. Gonja Sufi – Sheep : A Sufi and A Killer
8. Memory Tapes – Swimming Field : Seek Magic
9. Erykah Badu – Gone Baby, Don’t Be Long : New Amerykah, Pt. 2: Return Of The Ankh
10. Dam Funk – Brookside Park : Toeachizown
11. Hudson Mohawke, Robin Hannibal, Myele Manzanza – Ain’t Nobody like You
12. Nikko Gray – Water On The Moon : (nikkogray.bandcamp.com)
13. AFTA-1 – Preparing The Sage : Life Translations (afta1.bandcamp.com)
14. The Advisory Circle – Sundial : Other Channels
15. Bilal – Levels : Airtight’s Revenge
16. GB – Baby Amaia’s Dream About A Spaceship : Healing Tones : Inverted listening
17. King Britt – Soft : Intentions
18. Robin Hannibal – Amends : Bobby EP
19. Ken Barrientos (KenBts.) – Bumps (Dub) : Unreleased
20. Rucyl – Lovebirds : Unreleased
21. GB & A Race Of Angels – Love Is The End : Soundtrack For Sunrise
22. Ken Barrientos (KenBts.) – Gt.R.PM : Unreleased
23. Art – Love Is Real : Supernatural Fairytales
24. AFTA-1 & KenBts. – Radical Center : Unreleased
Love Link


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