Remy LBO - Umpqua Fire

Rem Text:

Immediately after mixing "Peeling in the Drum", Remy LBO dropped everything and rented a cabin in the middle of the Oregon wilderness.

"It was November in Los Angeles, but didn't feel like Winter, you know? At that point, I was pretty sick of that electronic and effects heavy stuff that I was doing. I wanted to prove to myself that I could make a good album with just a few instruments and without using any fancy synths or effects." Remy spent a solitary month recording this album, using just only a Fender Rhodes, Bass Guitar and a few small drums.

"Umpqua Fire" will be released as a limited CD (150) & LP (300) and drops in Late October/Early November.
<a href="http://remylbo.bandcamp.com/album/umpqua-fire">Umpqua Fire by Remy LBO</a>

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