Ampsoul Podcast

DVA - Still Born
Maddslinky - Cognative Behaviour
Max Dunbar - Way Down
KRTS - Hold On
Mimosa - Silver Lining
Slugabed - Donky Stomp (Mweslee remix)
Beat Maker Beat - Abstractions
Letherette - The Way
Dark House Family - DODM
Lorn - Automaton
Exile - Sound is God ft ADaD
Kingdom Crumble - Reading The Code
doug & Patty - Offical
Shigeto - Unrelentless Drag (Mike Slott Remix)
Lukid - Child Of The Jago
Krts - Love Or Logic
Booflep - Chipmunk Convention
Bilal - The Dollar
Dels - Trumplump (Paper Tiger Remix)
Subeena - Neurotic (Greymatter Remix)
Aardvark - Heal
Lukid - Through The Teeth
The Othaside - U've Gotta Agree
Cid Rim - Chop Suey Cide Step
Oriol - Coconut Coast (Falty Dl)
Byron Aquarius - Solar Energy
AFTA - 1 - Mansion
Space Invadas ft Jade macrae (Around The Bend)
Monkey Sequence 19 - Plummer Jolly
Kystral Klear - 1 Tried For Love
Erdbeerschnitzel - I Wonder
B Scott - Memory Core (Paul Frick Remix)
San Soda - Track 11
Kay Suzuki Ft Chistophr Richard - Life is Like (Ryo Kawahara Remix)
Makossa & Megablast Ft Hubert Tubbs (Henrik Schwarz Remix)
DVA Ft Fatima - Just Vybe (Soul Power Mix)
Taylor - CMB
Fantastic Mr Fox - Evelyn
Horse Power Productions - Mexican Slayride
Slaughterhouse Rydims - Ghetto
Alby D - Rhohemian Bapsody
Lazord Sword - Fubu
Oriol - Fantasy

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