Ahu - Love

Ahu - To: Love. (Official Video) from One-Handed Music on Vimeo.

Ahu is a genuine polymath who plays a dazzling number of roles in her native Istanbul: she’s variously known as a DJ, radio presenter, TV scriptwriter and yoga instructor. Yet she lives and breaths to sing, and it’s her remarkable tone and songwriting skills that have won her international acclaim. She’s a student of singers and songs who appreciates Duke Ellington and Clifford Brown as she does Serge Gainsbourg, who looks to Matthew Herbert for inspiration and who understands that it’s the feeling that matters, not the form.
Includes Dimlite remix

released 12 September 2010
Lyrics written and performed by Ahu. Produced by Paul White. Tracks 2 & 4 remixed by Dimlite. P&C 2010 One-Handed Music.

<a href="http://ahumusic.bandcamp.com/album/to-love">To: Love. by Ahu</a>

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