Miguel Atwood-Ferguson – Some Day We’ll All Be Free feat Bilal

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble "Someday We'll All Be Free" feat Bilal from MIguel Atwood-Ferguson on Vimeo.

This track was recorded live in Los Angeles at Grand Performances in the California Plaza.


Miguel Atwood-Ferguson - Sounds Like Love-In Space Remix

from MIguel Atwood​-​Ferguson Ensemble Live In Los Angeles July 23rd, track released 16 August 2010
Produced by: Miguel Atwood-Ferguson
Co-Produced by Andrew Lojero

Recording and Mixing Engineer: Benjamin Tierney

Bilal (vocals)
Flying Lotus (laptop)
Miguel Atwood-Ferguson (violin)
Evan Francis (flute)
Dontae Winslow (trumpet)
Joey Dosik (alto sax)
Kamasi Washington (tenor sax)
Garrett Smith (trombone)
Rebekah Raff (harp)
Marcel Camargo (guitar)
Brandon Coleman (keys)
Stephen 'Thundercat' Bruner (bass)
Chris 'Daddy' Dave (drums)
Nikki Campbell (percussion)

<a href="http://miguelatwood-ferguson.bandcamp.com/track/some-day-well-all-be-free-feat-bilal">Some Day We'll All Be Free feat BILAL by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson</a>

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