100,000 lovelies x Mara Tk

Ampsoul Exclusive x Mara Tk aka The vocalist from 
(Electric Wire Hustle)
Mara TK_Run (away from th valley of fear)MSTR

I'd like to say thx to everyone that has arrived
here on Ampsoul to either take interest in the posts
or generally just be curious to what goes on here,
i am not much for writing about the artists, more
presenting their material, i think there's a million things
you can add to what things sound like and what people are
but i guess most of the time we could be so far away from
who those people are as people not just the artist we see in them
i think blogs generally repeat them selfs when trying to be
journalistic about their subjects so i like to just post with a couple
of words, anyways thanks for popping by and heres an exclusive!
100,000 clicks later!

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