Called Understandable Souls - PROLOGUE

Celebrating the summer solstice in Sweden and the upcoming release of our vinyl 12" debut "On Up" on Citywurl, We introduce "PROLOGUE" which by definition is "a separate introductory section of a literary or musical work". With "PROLOGUE", the sound we give you is the official introduction to "On Up" and also as ourselves individuals as being part of the entity Called Understandable Souls*.   Tracklist  1. Epilogue Take 1  2. Epilogue Take 2  3. Colophon Take 1  4. Colophon Take 2   Epilogue Betwixt Take 1 / 2 by produced by Knowledge Qual aka KNWLDG HIGHS. Colophon Take 1 / 2 are produced by RIEL.  *forever 
<a href="http://calledunderstandablesouls.bandcamp.com/album/prologue">Epilogue Betwixt Take 1 by Called Understandable Souls</a>

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