Jneiro Jarel - Going Home Feat. Micah Gaugh (Video x Lyrics)

Lyrics Included for the Karaoke Freaks!

From Jneiro Jarel's EP "Android Love Mayhem" released April 13th on Label Who.


I didn't send you an invitation
That doesn't mean that you've been abandoned
Robots in love have
Their complications
Humans who touch will breed temptation
Things related
Are overrated
Bit torn sessions with permutations
Degradation of iron maidens
Education my understatement
Hesitation my own digression
Heavy laden a life is taken
Water stations let's walk in cadence
You're losing patience for subtle pagans wild elation these math equations skin abrasions elevations
Explinations of expectations

I am going home, meet with me at home (repeat)

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