Spaceinvadas Xmas Mixtape

The Acclaimed Steve Spacek & Dj Katalyst
Joint project Space Invadas has been getting
some attension and deservingly so, check out
the mixtape, should tide you over till the 2010
album drops,

Heres a little taste of whats to come from Space Invadas in 2010. Their debut album Soul-Fi will be out in March.....but just so you dont have to wait till then Space Invadas have cooked up a fresh mix tape to keep you going over winter. All unreleased exclusive material form the duo, the mix includes snippets and remixes of album tracks / bonus tracks that wont be on the album / new tunes from Katalyst and Steve Spacek's other projects and lots more good stuff.

Look to the sky and listen.....Space Invadas are coming!!


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