D.V.S -Before i sing​.​.​.

D.V.S* is a guitarist/ trip hop dance DJ based out of Colorado.
No stranger to spotlight, he has toured with many acts,
including DJ Logic, Devotchka, Cabaret Diosa, The Motet,
and members of Lotus.

Brian Haas of JFJO says “"The new D.V.S. album, 'Before I Sing',
combines beautiful melodies, super fat beats, jazz guitar power,
and lush horn harmonies into true, relevant psychedelic trip hop.
The vocal samples are tasteful, emotional and spiritual colors that
take the human voice into a melodic fragment world reminiscent
of late Miles Davis trumpet work. The record tells a story from
beginning to end, has a musical arc from first track to last track
and employs real theme and development within each composition.
Very positive sounds from a unique, new voice in modern
music....highly recommended."

Brian Haas, pianist, JFJO


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